Wednesday 22 May 2024

When the tribe is strong


Today, I believe the majority of people in England have lost who we truly are and what it means to be a Saxon. We have lost touch with our Saxon lore and history. we have been wrenched away from our ancestral heritage and our faith in the old god's which are our link to our own roots. The modern world seeks to destroy our family's, faith, our role as parents even our gender. We need to look back to way our people used to live. Until Christianity came along our people thrived, before Christianity living in connection with nature and the four seasons with the transit of the heavens. 

Before writing and the internet we got our knowledge about how to survive   and how to treat each other,  from our elders. They may not have been  able to weald a spear, but they held in their minds the tribal wisdom & lore the stories reminded us to how to hunt  fish trap and gather. They could tell us, which herb and fungi could be used for healing, which to avoid. The elders were once the font of all our knowledge, they earnt respect. Today the old are given no respect they are locked up in care homes ignored. The younger generations are too arrogant to ask for advice or seek wisdom. This attitude towards the older members of our people comes from the political class, the swamp.  nothing is sacred to the our political rulers as long as we pay our taxes mortgages and credit cards.

In the  old times, the elders were our connection to life itself to the natural world. It is from our elders songs and stories were learnt and passed down around the fires. It was the elders who told us where we came from and our the creation of the world the gods. Today we have no tales, we have a society a giant faceless unaccountable entity. that cares for non of us. 

Our heathen faith is built on community on respect for all members of the community but especially to the older members, our kindreds,  are built on family's and  offer security and shelter substance and support life and laughter. So remember, when the kindred is strong it's members are strong when members are strong the kindred is strong. 


Thursday 2 May 2024



Yesterday was Mayday, across Europe the far-left held their Socialist parades. In hundreds of remote places in Ireland and the Celtic areas of the British isles, fires were lit to welcome the Sun. 

Beltaine Fires in Ireland

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30th 1945 and his body was given to the Beltaine flames, April 30th is of course on the eve of ancient feast of Beltaine held on Mayday. Fire always played an important art in pre Christian rituals of the sun, the fire festival of the ancient  Celts across Europe was held on May day. This Spring fire festival was held to encourage and celebrate the rebirth of the Sun. It is my belief, Hitler choose this day to sacrifice his body to fire and the Aryan fire god Agni, as a signal that he will one day be re-born.   

To the Celts Mayday and October 31st mark the bisection of the new year into two halves at the beginning of May and November and date from a time, when the British were still followers of the old pagan god's. Beltaine was the greatest festival of our Celtic forebears, when they advanced towards the night with firebrands to liberate the sun from the bondage of its winter death the food at Betaine was Fish, Goose and Boar drawn respectively from the spheres of Water, Air and  Earth.

Wednesday 1 May 2024



Don't expect this blog or a book to make you wise, you need to see for yourself what is true , because that is the only way you can learn anything. This is how you gain wisdom in life.

Faith in Freyr should be a thing not only of the mind but also of the heart, if you want to really experience our gods it's important you get out in the countryside remember our gods are nature the twitter of a bird the leaves rustling on the trees, the sound of water in a stream. Everything in nature is part of the gods and the noises and signs in the countryside are the ways our gods reach out to us as the materialised thoughts of the gods and earth spirits. Visiting ancient sites connected to our faith is therefore very important. 

In the church yard of All Saints Ullcombe church in Kent, grows a  giant magical Yew that pagans call `Heimir’ it’s is one of the oldest trees in southern England. A Plaque in the church yard claims the tree is 2,000 year old, but it could be century's older. The pagans who visit and care for the tree claim, when the immortal gods of Asgard banished the giant race from middle earth and the black sun shone this yew was already old.

The Yew which was mentioned in Doomsday book, was the burial site for wodens kin before church was built. Six Jutish kings were buried here including Hengist and his son Oisic, who ruled kent for 24 years, from 488 to 516 after Hengists death were both buried at Ullcombe. Those who travel there and tie a offering on the tree that is old in years but wise and cunning do so to embrace it's power, by seeing, touch and feeling it. While those who only read about it on this blog can't and will never understand its power.



At The heart of our faith is a simple wisdom or common sense a practical path of how we should live our lives and behave. It's about examining and explaining the basic questions of life. It's about questioning your experience, your beliefs, your traditions with a free mind to see the truth .To find the truth we must not be afraid to examine anything including our own agenda. It is not about accepting what I write or say, its the opposite; it's about examining the world and carefully testing idea's. Freyr dwells within us he sees through our eyes throbs through our limbs breathes through our lungs and roams unendingly in our fields of both the hard earth beneath us the world of the star world above our forefathers he is with us. But this truth can only be experienced if your heart has accepted Freyr.

Thursday 21 March 2024




 A question I am Often asked ` Is  the worship of Freyr, open to anyone regardless of race gender etc ?' 

The Answer is this, I like my children better then my cousins my cousins better then my neighbours, my neighbours better then strangers and strangers better then my enemies. A person of good Teutonic stock but who is unaware of Freyr and his blood link to the point he or she marries an alien, is of no use to Freyr nor is the person whose mind is full of Christian prejudices and hatred. A person of alien blood who believes he or she is heathen is of no use to Freyr either, for a person with alien roots will misinterpret the troth and bring in alien wonts and thinking. The two legs to serving Freyr are Teutonic ancestry and a deep awareness of truth. Our kindred is like a big family, we look after our own. Our kindred is the only true English family left. If you fit in to that your welcome. 

Wednesday 20 March 2024



Our nation today is challenged by many problem's the English now have very little to unite or define them as a people. Christianity and its message of meekness and woke is rejected by the majority of the young people in England. The church's history of child abuse and treatment of females is so shocking and disgusting hundreds of thousands have left the established church in last decade. Last month the Archbishop of York, described the Lords prayer as problematic, due to its oppressively patriarchal reference to our father. The opening words of the prayer has been central art of Christian liturgy for two thousand years. But now the word father is viewed as divisive and negative. The church is in turmoil and offers the people nothing. More and more people are repudiating their Christian inheritance, seeking different answers. The lies are no longer being feed to the next generation who seek answers in nature not science or a god that seeks to threaten and punish its follower.

Christianity for over a thousand years sought to destroy our faith, it has caused the death of millions of our ancestors in the North. Many Christians believe that the god Freyr died back in the sixth century. This might be true, if we could say that the Saxon's, Danes, North men are dead, but they live. Are we Englishmen, Norwegian, Dane, Swede and Vinlander, today not the full blooded ancestors of these ancient tribes. whether we own to it or not, we are blood of their blood and mind of their mind.

Christians are so arrogant that they dismiss us as a fringe group of pagans they don’t take us seriously. Freyr may mean nothing to the alien in Europe, nothing to the Christian, but he is the pith and marrow of our folk. And while we survive as a folk he will live. The blindness of the Christian leaders will be their downfall. There cannot be two sons in the sky nor two kings on the throne The clock is ticking towards our victory.

Monday 18 March 2024



In the beginning there was a vast space and emptiness called Ginnunga – gap, length it had, and breadth immeasurable and there was depth beyond all understanding. There was no shore no sea no earth or heaven this was the beginning of all things.

First of all things formed was Nifel-heim in the far north the home of mist and ice next Muspel-heim the land of heat in the south. In the midst of Nifel-heim burst forth a great fountain `Hvegelmet' from it flow 12 rivers called Elivagar from which all waters flow and return.

It was in Muspel that the great clay giant Ymer was formed rough and ungainly was Ymer when he began to move he was tortured by great pangs of hunger, but there was yet no substance he could eat until he found a gigantic cow named Audhumly `void darkness,' Ymer saw her standing by a block of ice with milk running from her teats greedily he drank until he filled the seed of life and was satisfied. Then a great heaviness came over Ymer and he lay down and fell into a deep sleep a dreamless slumber warmth and strength possessed him, and sweat formed in his armpit from which a son was formed named Mimir who name means mind and memory a. daughter was also born from his sweat she was named Bestila .From Mimir were descended all the Vanier gods including Freyr.


When the tribe is strong

FREYR: FEO: 6 Today, I believe the majority of people in England have lost who we truly are and what it means to be a Saxon. We have lost to...