Thursday 19 October 2023


 Information is power as heathens we need to be awake to the government plots and shadow of globalism. As English/Saxon's who identify as heathens it is crucial we stay true to our ancestors values of freedom. We need to arm our selves with knowledge and become informed about political moves and government overreach. 

We must embrace personal freedom and take charge of our life, we must avoid blindly confirming to societal norms and government mandates that undermine individual rights. By asserting your autonomy, you strengthen the foundation of your freedom. Protect your privacy, by using encrypted  communication, secure internet connections and being mindful of online data sharing. maintain digital privacy.

In conclusion, living a fulfilling life outside the world of the globalist is possible through knowledge and positive action. Such as connecting with fellow Saxon's/heathens who share our concerns and values. Use this blog to engage in comment box with your Saxon kin, engage in meaningful discussions share your knowledge and support each other. Embrace the old ways of our people and worship of our goddess Frieg the mother of England. Together we can build a community that respects freedom rejects the tyranny of globalism in all it's forms.

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