Saturday 13 May 2023



The modern world has given us many technological advantages but its also disconnected us from nature and thus ourselves. Modern man is programmed to see the world as a dead realm, while followers of old faith of heathenism  understand everything on Earth is alive, that we live in a Web that connects us to each other, to plants, trees, animals of this world. In the Heathen faith, we believe all parts of nature are alive, intelligent, aware and connected to us. For years this belief was laughed at but slowly science is discovering  our beliefs are right. Christianity has brainwashed the people of England into believing only man has a mind and soul, this belief underpins their faith.  Now, this Christian Anti-Nature propaganda is being blown apart. It's smashing one of the foundation stones upon which Christianity is built. Plants, Trees and Animals like Humans have their own intelligence. The Science and religious leaders who reject this truth are liars, it is their lies which have led us to the brink of social economic and environmental disaster. However by acknowledging the old faith is right, they have been wrong for two thousand years they undermine their whole Hebrew mythology .

There is increasing evidence that Trees have their own unique  intelligence that modern science has not  understood until recently, but has been taught by those who follow the heathen Faith for decades. Scientific experiments are proving what we always knew that Plants and Trees are able to retain sensory information and respond to changes in their environment. Peter Wohlleben's wonderful book, `The Hidden Life of Trees' explained to the World, how Trees communicate to each other via complex network of fungi. 

More people are opening their eyes and minds and accepting the truth of what we believe, It's a truth that allows men to to perceive Trees and Plants in a different way. Our faith allows people to formulate a new way of living in harmony with natural world and avoid the path to environmental self destruction so many walk today. 

England is a unique country with a unique culture and a unique identity, but today saying or holding this belief is seen as racist. England fifty years ago was still a Anglo-Saxon nation, mass immigration has threatened this, many people who argue or support mass immigration are people with a political agenda to change our unique culture, identity and traditions. Our English or Anglo - Saxon values are things we should be proud of freedom of assembly, freedom of trade, equality of all men, rule of law and limited government all had their genesis in our heathen roots. The foundation of England in the 5th Century was a dark time violent and unchronicled but from our ancestors of this period came the ideas that transformed mankind. The idea of collective decisions being made by a representative who are answerable to the community as a whole has its roots in our ancient tribal moots. The conception of law that both King and poor were bound by comes from our tribal ancestors, the property rights of all men comes from our Heathen faith not Christianity who always supported the rich and privileged.  These Anglo-Saxon Heathen values were carried to the New World, Thomas Jefferson wanted to have an image of Hengist and Horsa on one side of the great seal of the United States because he understood the importance of their laws and values. When radical leftists and liberal dim wits attack our culture when they seek to blot out our traditions and ancient faith through vicious bigoted political attacks, they are not really attacking racism nor defending equal opportunity, liberty or justice. They are attacking England, the English people the reality of England and her ancient roots they are attacking our faith itself in the Gods of  Asagard. 

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