Sunday 26 November 2023


 The Tory's liberal's labour political party's, the Anglican and Catholic church's and every big corporate  and social media giant agree with the liberal woke agenda. Those who disagree have very few options. Some so called heathens are attempting to justify and support this corrupt system by dividing us. Most of these people are followers of wiccan and satanic cults, ignore such people don't let their negativity infect you. We know the system is cunning and  that the state has infiltrated many of the spiritual and groups of truth seekers. Those who call themselves Folkish, are seen as a threat. So it seems they have created and control the entire woke Asatru universal movement. Which was created to divide, delude and deceive those who seek to follow the old ways. 

There is one thing no matter how much they try that they cannot control, and that is you. If you want this country to change course stop it's slid into anarchy you need to be part of the change. Don't wait for the right time because that time is now, this moment.  As a freeborn Saxon you don't need permission you have authority over your life. Don't wait for a leader to emerge to follow, you must become that leader. Our enemies want you to do nothing to sit back and just watch old England die. They fear you because they understand That the Saxon's are slow to awake to take action but when they are aroused they are unbeatable. 

We Saxon's are a stubborn peaceful folk, not angry and quick to protest and riot that is not our way. Nor do we speak aloud of what we all know, but that doesn't mean, we not fighters when we are pushed into a corner. There is vast corrupt sick political system that we need to dismantle. We don't need any Lords bishops or failed politicians or any parasites that feed of us. We need to create a community based on our pre Christian  tribal customs. That is, totally different with totally different values to the one we want to break free from. The present system is held up by myths and lies, by illusions, it is built on a structure of false beliefs and held together by dark magic. Most of it is not real. By shinning a light on their lies we will destroy the illusions they have created. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE. 

I need every Englishmen and every heathen living in Europe or USA, who is not defeated or brainwashed to support me. I can't do this on my own. Read this blog every Wednesday browse the  previous posts encourage your own friends and followers to support this blog and post up links on your social media.

The next few years it is likely to get ugly as state seeks to criminalise all who refuse to bow down and scare them into taking the path to enslavement'. So it is important we focus on the gods and connecting to nature. It is your choice if you take the path of enslavement or the path of love. This the secret I want to share, Love is the antidote to what the enemies of our gods are dong. Focus on our love of our nation, our folk,  and the gods and spread that love every day and live your life by following the nine noble truth's.

Thursday 16 November 2023


 This weekend we marked Armistice day, a day we British people of all faiths hold sacred. This year was different from previous years, I don't think I've ever known so much hatred to fill our streets. Boy Scouts, were told not to wear their uniforms, supporters of Hamas attacked poppy sellers. All across the British isles there were reports of people wearing poppy's or union jack badges  being attacked by left-wing/ pro-Hamas demonstrators. The police were very eager to attack any Englishmen who dared protest against the pro Palestine march's. Over 15,000 patriots gathered to protect the Cenotaph from an attack by the Hamas supporters and were attacked by the police displaying the different tiers of policing we now have in the UK. 

For me its no wonder that there is this level of hatred because, the leftists who run our education system constantly tell us history is of no value when history is taught it has an anti British Anti-Empire stance. Our children no longer know the reasons our ancestors died fighting for this country. Which I believe is being done to cut our ties to our ancestors.

A few years ago year The Assistant Chief Constable of British Transport Police by the name of O' Callaghan banned his officers from wearing poppy's in case it caused offence to other charity's. The poppy appeal is totally unlike any other charity, O' Callaghan clearly needs to spend some time understanding what those men went through for our nation, what tens of thousands died for. This was the same week Cambridge students union voted to remove all mention of British war veteran's and poppies from any planned memorial. These students have no knowledge of history, no respect for the men who fought for their freedom.

 An  Astronaut from U.S.A. Scott Kelly was forced to apologise for quoting Winston Churchill a man regarded as the greatest Britain ever. A vile mob of trolls on social media attacked Kelly and Churchill and forced Kelly to tweet he was sorry that he had caused offence and that he would educate himself on Churchill atrocities and racist views. 


The following day a student union president Emily Davies an American from the State of Virginia sparked real anger and a back lash from the people of Britain after she vowed to paint over or remove a 102 year old painting at the university of Southampton. the mural  by Sir William Rothstein stands at 10ft by 4ft wide was donated to the university in 1959, it honoured the students who were killed in the Great War, so were unable to collect their degrees. It depicted an Academic Professor and the conferring of a degree on an unknown solider. Davies comments provoked a on line backlash, Ms Davies who initially defended her views saying it should be covered up because all the figures depicted were white. she then backed down apologised and resigned after 20,000 people signed a petition against her.

The British Army has always been fighting since 1890 the British army has more or less continuous action, during this period we have lost a few battles but never a war. While Ms Davies vile comments were made ahead of a campus debate on `all things black'  part of a series of events to celebrate Black History Month. As an American unaware of the history of our islands and the involvement of Black and Asian soldiers who fought for king and Empire against tyranny. Ms Davies vile statement and views are just another example of growing pressure on university's to decolonise their curriculum. this is a campaign being waged by non British students with Marxist sympathy's who disrespected our war dead their relatives.

As heathens we believe our minds and souls are linked to our ancestors, therefore we should respect all those who died fighting for this country. Our grandfathers can't defend themselves so it is up to us, to step forward and defend their actions and honour. We must demand our politicians take steps to protect their legacy. 

Tuesday 7 November 2023


England is finished some one said to me in the pub few nights ago, No it's not. there are 24 million Saxon's in the UK , we are a huge community when we get organised we will be the power in this country again. I promote the worship of the goddess frieg on this blog and every thing she represents love, peace wisdom healing and  but its also about building a foundation upon which we can build our community (it's more a culture then a faith) its about our culture our heritage it's about fighting for our rights.

If you agree with my belief and agree (please read my post `Voice of the Asier on earth') that we need to identify as a separate people and build a Saxon community. we need to demand our political leaders listen to our concerns our beliefs or face our wrath at the polls
This is not going to be easy to do to change thousands of peoples view of themselves. But as Anglo Saxon culture and our worship of our gods will only survive if, we are united as a group and stand up for ourselves just as every other ethnic group in this world does.

We don't need a political party or any populist who seeks to use us. We need a community built around our faith and worship of frieg the mother of our people. This is only blog that promotes that, so please engage by leaving your ideas views in comment box's every one of you has something to say that we will all be able to learn and grow from. This blog is trying to do something unique it will only succeed if you support it in numbers. please post links up to the different post's on your twitter feeds , support this blog and log on as a follower, visit the blog each week to keep up dated. Any form you are asked to fill out identify as a Saxon not British, as a Heathen not Pagan. 

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