Thursday 19 October 2023


 Information is power as heathens we need to be awake to the government plots and shadow of globalism. As English/Saxon's who identify as heathens it is crucial we stay true to our ancestors values of freedom. We need to arm our selves with knowledge and become informed about political moves and government overreach. 

We must embrace personal freedom and take charge of our life, we must avoid blindly confirming to societal norms and government mandates that undermine individual rights. By asserting your autonomy, you strengthen the foundation of your freedom. Protect your privacy, by using encrypted  communication, secure internet connections and being mindful of online data sharing. maintain digital privacy.

In conclusion, living a fulfilling life outside the world of the globalist is possible through knowledge and positive action. Such as connecting with fellow Saxon's/heathens who share our concerns and values. Use this blog to engage in comment box with your Saxon kin, engage in meaningful discussions share your knowledge and support each other. Embrace the old ways of our people and worship of our goddess Frieg the mother of England. Together we can build a community that respects freedom rejects the tyranny of globalism in all it's forms.

Sunday 15 October 2023


When we won our freedom and voted Brexit, most of us expected the government to support the peoples will. For me as a heathen, I trusted the Tory's would set very high environmental standards that would protect our wildlife and countryside. They lied, the UK has failed to ban thirty six pesticides, despite experts calling for action. The Tory government have used emergency legislation to allow the use of these chemicals which are banned in the EU.  Thirteen of these chemicals are highly dangerous, four are highly toxic to Bees. What's worse they can interfere with human hormones, cause fertility and respiratory problems. Our UK bee population's are in decline and our rivers have never been so polluted and I have no doubt the government are to blame for allowing the toxic syrup of chemical's to be sprayed on crops. I wrote several times, we can't trust the word of those seek power. They don't care about England or the damage to it's peoples health or the countryside and wildlife, only the money they can pocket from lobbyists for the chemical industry. 
 In 1992 at the UNCED conference, the trading of carbon credits was announced. A Rothschild Bank was launched to handle the credits(debt) at the same UNCED event. Last year the global carbon market was worth $851 Billion. The basis of carbon credits, is based on fraudulent carbon science produced by scientists in the pay of those earning millions from dealing in carbon credits ?  It's another con by the ruling establishment to enrich themselves.

We cant allow our children's futures to be left in their hands, until we get organised and wrest it from their hands and take it in to our own, our children don't have a future. I dare not think how bad thinks could be in ten years unless things change. This summer we have seen floods, storms and extreme temperatures; our climate is changing but I don't believe its caused by man alone. We can't trust the politician's, we can't trust the globalist's who are enriching themselves and we  can't trust the scientist in their pay. I don't believe joining,  Just Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion two groups whose real agenda is to bring about a Marxist state is any answer. Each of us can make a difference by changing how we live, each one of us needs to educate themselves and spread the truth on why the climates changing. 

Many of us decided we can't change the system, we can't stop the corruption it's to deeply imbedded  in our political system. The Heathen faith was our only hope, each week new people join our faith, which means weekly we grow stronger. If your English reading this, What are you waiting for ? Give up the worship of the Middle East god's and join the heathen revolt  against the corruption and rape of nature.     

Friday 6 October 2023


 The UK is now multi cultural nation, with dozen's of different faiths and ethnic community's. It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not. It's how it is and nothing is going to change it. We the English/Anglo-Saxon's who founded this nation are now one of many community's. It is time we woke up and understood this, it's time we got ourselves organised.

Years ago I lived on a South london council estate. On our estate in Lambeth, we had four community centres. A  centre for Vietnamese community in Lambeth, a Turkish , Caribbean  and a Somalia community centre. The estate was 75% white English but we had no community centre. in fact there was no white community centre for white English anywhere in Lambeth, and none in any of the other London boroughs. The reason for  this was we had no spokesmen who spoke up for us, thirty years later we still don't.

Every other ethnic group, every religious community in England has groups and individuals campaigning for them to get funding from the government, EU, the national lottery etc. We English have no one, so we always miss out. Our politicians don't have to bother fighting for us to get sports pitch's for our kids or funding for our OAP's, because they know we are not united so we will not vote them out, if he doesn't help us. For example The politicians know if they don't deliver for the Sikhs or Hindu community they will not vote for him. This is not me having a rant, its how it works and every working class Englishman knows this is true.

Our Anglo Saxon heathenry is more then a faith, it's a link to our ancestors, it's our culture. but more important its the glue to unite the ancient folk of England, who are ethnically Saxon's. I believe as heathen's we must start calling ourselves Saxon again to separate ourselves from those who are not Anglo-Saxon but have stole our name and culture and call themselves English. We were betrayed by our politicians by the Anglican church and by the establishment We have been lied to and ignored every time we sought to legally protest against the changes they imposed upon us. Our England is a wonderful place, but I fear for its future if we don't act. Our rivers are being polluted our coastal waters have sewage pumped into it daily. Our ancient woodland's are being felled our farmland covered by housing and our villages turned into holiday parks for the rich. 

It's our fault this happened because we didn't stand together we didn't unite we just watched it all happen. The old English whose family's for over a thousand years have fought and died for this country. Who feel it in their bones what it means to be part of England, because they are linked to England's past by their blood, must become united and speak with one voice. If we don't do this everything that makes England unique will be lost. We must set an example to the world how a society  can live with nature in peace. I believe strongly that if we do this,   the way we help and support each other is what will attract others to us. Everything about our heathen community must be a positive experience for people. My one warning is we must be careful not to fall into the trap of being negative hateful or abusive to anyone. Our faith and we heathen's are better then that. 

Our faith and ancestors make us different from the other ethnic community's on this island Lets promote that difference with pride and build a movement/community that is a beacon of light and goodness. We are the voice of old England the voice of our ancestors is spoken by us, we are the voice of the Saxon's and the future  We are the seed's of the god's and their voice on this earth. We demand, we are heard.

Wednesday 4 October 2023


We hear weekly about the far right threat to the UK. This week the annual concert for Ian Stuart former singer of Skrewdriver didn't take place. The reason why it didn't take place was the Blood & Honour leadership are awaiting a trial for terrorist charges (they sold CD's with bad lyrics.)  The National Front have less then 100 members in UK, The British Movement, after fifty years still don't own a printing press building or  land. The BM have three members in London and in their national strong hold of Kent their monthly meeting attract ten people all over fifty. In my view the White Nationalist movement is a joke not a threat.
This is the hard truth if you have any sense your listen to me .I was a supporter of far right groups for over thirty years and I am not going to get into personality attacks on individuals. There are good people in nationalism but for every good person there's two bad that's a fact I learned the hard way. corruption is rife in all nationalist party's I've ever known. The far right no longer has any public support and will never re build it self as a force in the UK. The far right has become stale boring it offers nothing new only ideas that failed in the past. It's riddled with informers and agents of the security services that are entrapping young men into terrorist plots. Here's what the Right does offer a prison sentence for nothing, when you go to prison there will be no support no money for canteen your be forgotten slandered and if your really lucky your family will stand by you. But from what I know most of those who have been inside lose their kids, wife & girl friends. White Nationalism is defeated its been knocked cold and counted out and it's never recovering. 

Because of their negativity and lack of courage. and I fear such beliefs will poison our worship, I would advise everyone to distance themselves from anyone active in a far right group. With the far right beaten the left  increasing their attack's on heathen's who reject the modern world view.  In coming years they will be seeking to portray us as terrorists and get us outlawed. This is really important listen to my words, we must not fall into the traps the State and left lay for us, we must never use violence against our enemy's, never make threats, never use abusive language on social media. If any one on social media or in the pub starts speaking about violence or any other type of madness cut them off end the contact. Let the left spout the abuse and threats, we are better then that, the English are a calm people we need to keep calm keep our thoughts to ourselves. It's sad but, if one of us gets convicted for saying anything silly they will use that as evidence our whole faith should be outlawed. So be respectful to every one, set an example to everyone that you are a good person. Be true to the god's, loyal to your kindred. We are the last hope for England and the English people. We cant fail because one of us acted stupidly.  



Monday 2 October 2023


Frieg is Queen of the Asier god's a goddess of the heavens, maternity, wisdom love and celestial glory. She is the Earth mother who gives life to all creation. We are conceived in the womb of the mother and when we die we return our earthly bodies to mother earth. Germany the fatherland was ruled by Woden, Thor, and Tiw. England the motherland was the realm of Frieg the Queen of the Asier.  Frieg has always been loved by the common folk of England. Her temple in the Fen's was said to be greater then the temple of Uppsala, before it's destruction, unlike the other god's and goddess who demanded blood sacrifices Frieg asked for silver and bread (cakes.) 

To Frieg belongs the expanses of the Earth and havens on her the universe rests for Frieg is the giver of natural law which all god's and humans must obey She is the essence of all things and the natural rhythm (harmony) which synchronise our being and gives it balance and harmony. She has 12 companions/guardians who serve her and represent the moons of the year and the cosmic order.  She is wife of Wodin, when he sets off on far away journeys she would weep golden tears that fall as amber on earth. Because she was unable to stand the pain of separation. In Scandinavia she is often called Freya which means lady, some heathens and writers are confused believe them to be separate goddess. Her shrines are located near springs and marshes from which flowed the life giving waters of rivers . At times of war she was called upon to protect warriors in battle and is therefore called a war goddess.        
While the ruling class were bribed into accepting Christianity the common folk were Christianity's greatest opponents. When Saeberht King of East Saxons converted, his people refused to turn against Frieg and accept Christ, his heir expelled the Christians from Essex . In Wessex too the Gewisse people were resistant to Christianity and it took decades to force them to stop their worship of Frieg, Thunor and Woden. Among the modern heathens of England the cult of Frieg is again growing. 


Sunday 1 October 2023


The Heathen awaking is under way, the up rising of the Saxon folk of England is already happening, it is manifesting within each of us. It is in your mind, that you will find the truth and wisdom of the old heathen faith of England. It will burn inside you, if you believe in it's truth. What dies at Ragnarok is not the god's, that is not what Ragnarok means. Ragnarok means the judgement of the gods.  Our god's are real, but if you deny them they will die. So what dies at Ragnarok is man's faith, the bridge that links man to the god's is shattered and the gods begin to die. Because they are severed from the fire of man's worship. 

Under our present system and state education we receive from the age of five, we are trained like dog's to wait for some one in authority to meet our needs and give us permission to act. The heathen faith say's FCK that, we don't need permission of anyone. When you take the decision to identify as a free born Englishman, not a citizen of multi cultural woke UK , you don't need to wait for any top down solution. The awaking, of who we are and where you come from is the spark that will ignite the fire within you as a Englishman to reclaim your ancient rights and faith. If your struggling to accept the truth of the gods existence and the path of the old ways. Ask yourself, what kind of world  do you want to live in ? One based on blood & kinship of living free with nature, that is positive and full of love, or the dark dangerous, negative world that seeks to enslave you in debt. This present age circle is coming to an end. The ruling elite know this and will seek to cling to power but the system is going to fall, we will build a new Middle earth  on it's rubble.     

When the tribe is strong

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