Wednesday 26 April 2023



 Fyrdsidu is built around nature one of our goals is to protect and live in harmony with the natural world. Our survival on this Earth depends on not only the followers of Heathen but all mankind putting nature and the environment before own self interest's.  

To ensure our survival to protect nature we have know exactly how we are harming it. In 1820's Charles Darwin spent a summer collecting crucifix Beatles on the fens of North Cambridge. Today there are no Crucifix Beatles anywhere in the UK, they became extinct in the early 1950's due to the pesticides used at that time. Today in UK more then thirty Beatles are classified as in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and pollution from pesticides and fertilizers used on farms and emissions from our factory's and city's. 

Over the past hundred years three species of Beatle have become extinct in the UK.  A report on BBC website claimed 35 out of 283 species of  Leaf Beatles are now of concern, Natural England believes seven are in critically endangered and 3 more are on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Tansy Beatle which eats a herb called Tansy, is now only found in two spots in Britain. On the banks of the River Ouse in Yorkshire and the other on Wicken Fen in East Anglia. The stoneflies are aquatic insects that are found in fresh water, pollution in our rivers and streams means 8 of 34 species of Stonefly are already extinct and another is critically endangered. A survey of insects over 40 years across the globe, alarming conclusion was 40% of insects worldwide are now in danger of extinction within thirty years, with Butterfly's and Dung Beatles most infected. Insects are the base of our plants ecosystem the repercussions  and consequences if these insects become extinct will be catastrophic. 

Note: Heathenism is the old English  faith before Christianity came. It is built on the love of the old gods and all things English. 

Tuesday 25 April 2023



What is the point of setting carbon emission levels and agonising over plastic in the worlds oceans, if population growth is the main cause of pollution. Yet the Left run a mile from discussing this or how it can be halted, they know it will be impossible to feed the expanding population's of Africa and Asia, while reducing  the impact on the environment.  Yet offer no solutions, refuse to admit there's a problem.  

The Worlds population will reach Nine Billion by 2050 this should be treated as an emergency not a forbidden subject. Only a quarter of the Earth is arable, half this land is uncultivated bringing it under cultivation will not only require investment but also the loss of the World's Jungles, Heathlands and Forests. What will happen when the World can not feed the growing Millions ? I can answer that with confidence, to avoid starvation Europe will face large scale migration, Tens of Millions of Asians and Africans people will seek to enter Europe. What worry's me, is Millions of these people will try to enter the UK. 

Our population in England could already increase over next ten years by five Million, could England cope with Ten Million more ?  Twenty Million more ? Our countryside is already being destroyed at an explosive rate. Thousands of cheaply built houses are being built across Kent and other County's in the South. We are losing our green fields Woods and Farms to house the millions of new people. There are too many people in England already and yet no politician has the guts to say so. London is a prime example of how people deteriorate when forced to live on top of each other When I was a boy London population was several million less then today as the population has risen so has the crime levels. I always say if we look to Nature we can learn all we need to know, two examples of animals living in overcrowded over populated colony's will highlight the danger of over population to man.  In the 1950's in Russia, Scientists discovered that Rats when crowded into cages too small for their number their social structure collapsed and they began to rape and murder each other. When Rabbits in Australia reached plague proportions they under went a similar transformation and became frenzied killers. Man is no different, if we allow our population to keep growing un-checked it will destroy our nation. 


Monday 24 April 2023



Gail Bradbrook the middle class, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion was over the weekend branded a hypocrite after she was exposed for buying plastic wrapped fruit shipped across the world in Waitrose and driving a gas guzzling diesel Citroen Picasso for a short ride. I was not surprised the Marxist doom cult of road blocking vandals leadership are being exposed as hypocites.   

Last year we saw the idiots of `insulate' blocking road ways and bridges and turning thousands of people against the environmental movement. One group of fat women which included a Vicar from the church of England even blocked a ambulance from getting to an emergency call. Roger Hallam the leader of Extinction Rebellion was interviewed and admitted he didn't care if he blocked ambulances when he protested ! 

Last year Extinction Rebellion joined forces with Antifa to counter protest a Brexit demo in Croydon, what has this got to do with the environment ? nothing but Extinction aim is not to save the environment its to create a left wing soviet state in the UK. It's just so sad these left wing loons are hijacking the green movement. In USA the Sun Rise group is another group hijacking the green movement pushing false stories. Like Extinction in England the Sun Rise movement is funded by rich men who hide in the shadows and pull the strings. The Sun Rise movement has 100,000 members and its secret backer has paid for it to open 240 offices across the U.S.A. the reason his doing it ? yep he hopes to earn millions and millions from the `Green New Deal' the left are calling for.

In Germany locals are opposing wind farms, these people are not left wing activists funded by big tech giants but just normal people. they are not people who deny climate change but are people like myself who see wind farms and other things pushed by the left as wrong solution to a real problem. wind farms cause a lot of damage to both people and nature. the health hazards and infrasound emissions are making people ill. Birds of prey are prune to be killed by turbines giant blades , forests are being destroyed to make room for the Wind farms and that destroys all the nature that live in a forest. The biggest argument against wind farms is without government subsides they are too costly to run and only work when the wind blows. Over 100,000 citizens initiatives like save Brandenburg have sprung up in  Germany to campaign against the wind farms these groups contain people with knowledge on all topics carbon sequestration, ground water reduction rates, negative market prices , export statistics and efficiency percentages. They are winning the war over wind farms. The German Green party promote the wind farms but when it was discovered one ex green party MP was now working as a lobbyist for the wind farmers and vast sums of money by those involved in the wind farm industry was being donated to the greens it weakens their case. There are better alternatives to wind farms and its great to see people across Europe are waking up to the fact these left-wingers who have sought to hijack the whole environmental debate are being exposed for their links to the Bankers and Tech Giants they claim to oppose. 

Sunday 23 April 2023



In England which is one of the  richest nations on Earth, Rushi and the Tory's are building HS2 a high speed rail project to link the North with London. This 50 Billion Rail project is a prime example of the lack of respect and understanding our leaders really have for Nature. The first stage of HS2 is the London to Birmingham, the government claimed woodland on the route would be protected. Yet on this first stage of HS2, 32 ancient woods were destroyed and a further 29 were badly damaged. The Woodland Trust claim a further 23 woods could be destroyed bring the number to 72. While the Tory Party continue to lie to cover up the destruction, Environmental groups have evidence a further 108 woods are under threat of total destruction or damage as the project moves to stage two of its construction. Most of these woods can be found on maps printed before Elizabeth 1, was on the throne and are vital habitat for Animals, Birds, Bats, Moths and Butterfly's. In Cubbington Woods near Leamington Spa, there used to be a wild Pear tree the largest in England,  it was young during the French Revolution, last year I was told it had been cut down by HS2 contractors. Trees like this are part of our nations heritage, a natural equivalent to St Paul's cathedral, they are living historical monuments that must be protected.   The Tory Party and Billionaires funding HS2 supported by certain Charity's who earn millions from their Re-forestation work, justify the Old Oaks and woods being destroyed by speaking about the new trees being planted to off set the loss of the older trees. It's like the actors and celebrity's who claim to be Green Friendly like Emma Thompson and Elton John, who fly ever where and make no real effort to live a better life. Then use some of their millions to buy a few year old saplings and some one on a minimum wage to plant them, to offset their carbon foot print. It's fake, It's lies, It's something that has to stop. A thousand young trees will not support the insect life that a hundred year Oak does, they will not feed the Birds nor store the Carbon. To save the Earth we need to save the old woods of England. The people concerned with getting to Birmingham 20 minutes quicker, don't care about nature, will never understand our mindset. We see a Oak that took 200 years to mature  as a wonder a treasure they see a tree. We must all do our bit to educate our workmates, friends and family, about the importance of old Woods. Since the 1930's England has lost half of it's Woodland, this destruction must stop.   

Note: If you love England, then why are you not involved in Anglo Saxon heathenism ?    

Thursday 20 April 2023



As a Heathen, I try to live my life with nature and spend over 50 hours each week out in the open air  in my local Woodland. In past few years I've started to notice changes in the Wood. In England for the last century we've been clearing Woodland, burning Coal, Oil and Gas, pouring carbon dioxide and other heat trapping Gases into the atmosphere, faster then the Tree's and Sea can soak them up. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now higher then it's ever been. Yet our elected officials take no notice they carry on building houses, roads and cutting down tree's. We've created a damaged sick environment for our Children and Grandchildren to live in. I've noticed for the last two years a decline in Swallow numbers around our village. I don't know if it's a local problem or an omen of what's coming ?

The current warming is not just another natural change in our climate, the Sun's heating up the Earth and pollution is getting worse. The news items about global warming on our TV screens can make it seem too remote to worry about.  Those of us who work in the countryside however, can vouch that England climate is changing. The Horse Chestnut Tree has now been classified as vulnerable to extinction. The Horse Chestnut is one Tree among 400 native European Trees now at risk, about half face disappearing from natural landscape within ten years. Yet our Political Masters just make empty promises and ignore the threat to Nature. Each Man Woman in England needs ask themselves if they are going to sit back and watch our Nations destruction or are they going to help save England by embracing the Heathen path  Which is the only hope England now has.

Wednesday 19 April 2023



Last year the school kids in England, organised a day of green protest, it was covered on all major news channels. While it was great to see children showing how much they cared about the Earth, the protests were hijacked by elements of the extreme left. At every rally the main speeches were made by Trade Union officials linked to extremist groups or teachers active in Labour Party's hard left. Most of the speeches were attacks on the Tory Party or Trump, had very little about stopping the damage being done to the Earth. The Extinction protests last year were  another example of the hard left seeking to win support by  hijacking protests and setting a Marxist agenda. When I wrote a post about this several weeks ago some claimed Extinction were non political. In recent years both Telegraph & Times have published articles on how Marxists are dictating the Extinction agenda. 

Last month Extinction attacked a Sainsburys super market, stole food which they then gave away to shoppers, while the Police looked on. The following day, Extinction announced they were now a Political Party and would be standing in London Elections.  I can predict now that once the public understand the truth about Extinction and people start looking at whose backing them, support will fade very quickly. The battle to save the Earth shouldn't be a left or right argument, to win the battle, we need everyone to put aside differences, we need to organise demonstrations were everyone whose concerned about the planet can attend and feel welcome. This is impossible when the Extremists are in control and seek to divide people into groups who they like or dislike, and who seek to silence people who expose those funding and seeking to exploit the protests.   

Young Communist League 2020

The main Marxist grouping within Extinction come from the Young Communist League, the violent extremists who also organise ANTIFA in UK. In 2020 the Young Communists had infiltrated Extinction at every level and were controlling the group.  

Note: The heathen community in England reject all calls for violence and is opposed to those who seek to create division and hatred. Our ways are based on the love we have for our gods, England  and our Anglo Saxon people. Marxism has no love for our gods our ways or England only hatred.   

Tuesday 18 April 2023



This blog has a singular purpose to reconnect the people of England with the natural world and to celebrate our unique Anglo Saxon culture history and faith in the Asa gods. As a follower of the old way's, trees have always fascinated me. I spend several hours each week staring at them watching the birds and insects in them, listening to the leaves make music as the wind blows through them.

Sadly I have an embarrassing and horrifying fact, England is now one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Modern farming has had a major impact on our wildlife as has the house building taking place all over the south east. But most of the blame lies with our political class who promise to protect the earth but in reality don't. At present only 13% of UK is covered in woodland, the  government want to increase this to 19% by 2050. Sadly council's all over the country are still killing thousands of mature trees each year.     

In Kent the garden of England where I live, over 3,600 trees were felled in last three years according to official figures .In West Sussex the 2nd most wooded county 3,800 old mature trees were lost and replaced with 3,200 maiden one year old whips. In Norfolk a few years ago 7,900 trees were felled to make way for a 12 mile road north of Norwich. A county council official, tried to justified this by stating that 40,000 new trees will be planted along the side of the new road. The environment minister at the time Owen Paterson suggested you can off set the destruction of ancient woodland by planting twice as many new trees. You cant, a young sapling hosts no wild, life a mature tree does. Tree expert  Oliver Rackman had this to say to Paterson's claim `10,000 Centurion Oaks are not a substitute for one 500 year old Oak.'

Our political leaders have no concerns about the impact on our wildlife by felling so many trees each year. Why our woodlands matter, is not rocket science even small children understand things our local council's don't. Trees and woodland's are critical to help control pollution air quality, because trees take carbon out of the air. It's simple to understand when councils ignore it they show us they really don't care and only say they do, to win your support at election's. 

Each of us has an individual and collective responsibility to protect the English countryside and our trees. Heathenism all about protecting the earth for our children and grandchildren, by reaching out and protecting our mother earth who needs our love. We need to all do this because our government and councils can not be trusted to save or protect rural England. When it's a choice between money or nature, greed always wins with these people. 

We urgently need to protect our English wood's, help those wood's that have been harmed by giving them time to regenerate. The only way I believe to save our woodlands and our countryside from being destroyed and turned into housing estates or car parks is to  connect our selves back our ancient roots and the wisdom of trees through our Heathen faith. We know, if we stand up to the town hall tyrants allowing this destruction, hold them to accountant, we can make changes and stop the destruction. Are you with us ? 


Monday 17 April 2023


 Ethiopia is a poor country, yet last year the government of Ethiopia organised a huge conservation programme . In just one day the people of Ethiopia planted 350 million trees. It was an amazing achievement to plant millions of trees to fight de-forestation and climate change. However in the environmental world things which seem great often have a dark side.  This work was carried out with money supplied by western Governments, to plant trees at a low cost as a high impact solution to climate change, because trees have enormous potential to soak up and store carbon. Ethiopia was just one of forty third world nations who signed up to initiatives like the Bonn Challenge whose aim is to restore 350 million Hectares of degraded and deforested land by 2030. The forty nations who signed up all received payments to plant the trees. Now here's the problem 80% of the trees planted by these country's are either in a plantation full of one species or in a limited number of trees, that produce fruit or rubber. In Chile for example Landowners ripped up and cut down forests full of native trees replaced them with new tree plantations because of the tax cuts and grants being given out by the UN and Western Governments. Native forests full of different species and trees of old age are rich in biodiversity and store much more carbon then newly planted forests. its mind boggling that millions of pounds of aid to fight de forestation is being wasted because no one in charge of handing out the grants understands this. So my point is it is better to preserve our old forests then plant a new one, if we are serious about  stopping pollution .

Sunday 16 April 2023



No one can control or direct nature, if the world's to survive, we all need to make sacrifices in the way we live our lives. We need to seek a different way to organise our society's. our's is a heathen path of peace and love that offers us all the chance to do this, by following traditional values and respecting nature. The wisdom of our faith stretches back to the Vedic age, and teaches us about the interconnectedness of all beings. This belief allows us to put great emphasises on the moral responsibility of  each one of us towards the surrounding world. We learn via our holy texts that human thoughts, feelings and activity magically influence the world around us. Therefore we all have the power to affirm or disrupt natural harmony. When a man is full of love he is radiant and full of good energy, this energy reflects into the people around him into plants trees it creates life and growth. If a man is full of anger and hatred his radiance is dark. It will not penetrate into nature but will fester and bring destruction. Each day try to be  happy and full of love seek to show kindness to your friends family and honour the traditions of England and our Gods and your notice the world seems a better place.

Note:The Berserkr blog promotes love and rejects the woke politics of disunity and hatred of the present political system

Friday 14 April 2023



In this post I want to talk about the Great Northern Boreal Forest. The Boreal is the Forest the Ecologist and Green Peace etc forget, while all the media focus is on the tropical forests of the Amazon, very few journalists or members of the public look north to the Boreal yet  it makes up one third of the worlds wooded land. Russia has half the Boreal forest, while Canada has a third and Alaska and Scandinavia the rest. If the tropical forest of Amazon and Central Africa are one of the worlds lungs the Boreal is the other. The Boreal has a vital role in regulating the climate and filtering out billions of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases during photosynthesis, storing the carbon in trees roots and soil. The Boreal  also contains the largest area of wet lands in the world, with over two million lakes and ponds which are a vital breeding ground for millions of birds. 

The Forest is named after Boreas the Greek god of the North Wind. The Boreal begins where the woods of Oak and Maple end and continues North into the Artic World of cold winter and short cool summers. The Boreal has far less biodiversity then the tropical rain forests or temperate woods and is made up of a few key tree species Spruce, Pine, Fir, Larch and Aspen. Over half the Boreal remains untouched but that will change Oil, Gas, drilling, flooding from Hydropower dams are eating away eradicating the forest and it's wildlife.

The Russian forests are being cut to feed the Global paper appetite which chews up the trees at an alarming rate, destroying the habitat of endangered wildlife like the Siberian Tigers., eroding the traditional way of life for the indigenous people. Far-Eastern conglomerates have bought up most of Siberian forests, one Malaysian based group `Rimbunan Hijao' own over 900,000 acres alone to log. Thousands of square miles of forest have been polluted thousands of trees damaged by oil spills or killed by highway construction by these foreign conglomerates. It's been estimated that up too 40% of trees felled are left on the ground which is not only wasteful and un professional but it makes fuel for forest fires.

In Canada over two million acres of the forest are cut down each year to save the wildlife we need to see a dramatic expansion of the protected area before its too late. When I was born in the 1960's,  96 % of the Forests in Alberta province in Canada were wilderness. Sixty years later the Oil and Timber company's have stripped the province of its natural resources and less then 10% of the forest still exists in very small patch's all less then a few miles from the roads and pipe lines that criss cross the province. This has caused a huge decline in bird numbers, big mammals almost disappeared. Over the last sixty years in the swan hill region of Alberta the grizzly bear population has dropped from 400 to 30, herds of Caribou are on the verge of disappearing .All thanks to the greed of man.

Its not all doom, Russia needs to be praised, the Government of Mr Putin so often  attacked in the West and by myself in previous posts, has stepped forward to try and stop the destruction by creating the kostomukshskig Nature Reserve a 117,600 acres of Pine wood and wet land. Which have been set aside to flourish, with only Scientists and Visitors with special permits allowed too enter. The Reserve since it was set up has witness Moose, Reindeer's, Otters, Bears, Eagles and Swan population flourish. In the Yakutiya Republic in Siberia, Putin has passed laws to protect 270,000 square miles of forest, which is half the size of Alaska. The Russians have also set up schemes to regenerate forests  that were damaged in the chaos that followed the fall of the Soviet Union. Forests are strong if they are allowed to recover they will come back to life, Nature works on circles of death and rebirth but they need our help. while this is only a small step in stopping the attacks and protecting the Boreal ,it shows what governments can do when they put nature before greed.

Thursday 13 April 2023


I am not against the Russian people nor against Russia's culture. I have how ever took a strong stance and supported Ukraine in the war. My biggest reason for this stance is Putin and his billionaire cronies are parasites who have stole billions from the Russian people. We can all see this corruption has left the army with out of date field rations, malfunctioning weapons and a lack of drones. London has for years been full of Russians, spending and hiding the money they have stolen from the Russian people. The details of Russian war crimes is broadcast weekly on on our TV stations. I will welcome the day the Russians overthrow the parasites and are led by true Russian patriots. 

There's a very simple reason why Russia is committing rape and murder in Ukraine city's, and it goes back to 1945. British historian Anthony Beevor in his book on fall of Stalingrad detailed how two million German women were raped by Red Army in final few weeks of the war. Many later killed themselves. Stalin murdered millions of his own people during the war , yet at end of war the corrupt Marxist leaders of  Russia were not held to accountant for these crimes the west ignored them. The Nuremberg War trails were never about justice they were about revenge on German nationalist leaders. No one can argue the Nuremberg trails were about justice when Russia's war crimes were ignored. It's because our Western leaders turned a blind eye to Russia,  committing rapes murder and looting in 1945 that it doesn't fear doing the same crimes in the Ukraine today. When I was 18, I read a book called `The Gruesome Harvest' about Russia's atrocities during 1945, it is not a pleasant read but one all Anti Communists should read. 

I first saw the corruption one sided justice and political bias of the international  courts and justice, at Hague and Brussels back in 1990's. After the break up of Yugoslavia, when the Bosnian Serbs fought to defend their homeland from a Islamic jihad. If you go to Bosnia today your soon see its on a knifes edge again, adverts and street signs are no longer written in Latin but in Cyrillic as support for Russia grows. To the Bosnian Serbs, Russia is seen as protector of Serbian culture. 

Following the war in Bosnia, the West arrested dozens of  Serb's, for war crimes. including Serbian leader Milosevic who died while on trial at the Hague. Karadzic and Mladic are still serving life for war crimes and genocide. their convictions did not bring peace. In Banja Luka, home to the parliament of Srpska Republic (the Bosnian Serb majority territory )  there's anger at how Muslims guilty of rape and murder of children have remained free yet their leaders were dragged to the Hague in cuffs and put on trial by the Americans. Ratko Mladic head of the Bosnian Serb army, is still a hero to the people and T-shirts with Mladic are openly sold, on the bridge over the river in Banja Luka are portraits painted of Mladic. American sanctions on the Bosnian Serb's have not worked and there is a hatred of America. Milorad Dodik a Serb nationalist has had sanctions placed on him by the Biden administration for saying the Truce was forced on his people by the Americans at Dayton Ohio, Dodik has vowed to take over the judiciary and armed forces in the Serb controlled areas due to  the corruption and crimes of those who worked with the west. 

More and more evidence is coming to light that casts doubt on the Wests claims that in 1995, 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica were massacred. Dodik claims the evidence was fabricated, a myth. The Muslims  were killed in battle and their bones and bodies were moved there to justify the war on the Serbs. I've read some of the evidence put forward by Dodik and there is now a big question mark about what happened in Srebrenica. Lets all remember, when people seek to cancel or stop an opposing argument there is usually a reason why ? it's usually because there's truth in the counter argument.

Most Heathens are open minded and are able to view World events on facts not propaganda from the swamp of Westminster. We the heathen community in England are proud to stand up for truth in this world no matter who it offends. 

Wednesday 12 April 2023



A hundred years ago, most English family's used home remedies. They were used to control small medical problems, prevent minor ailments from developing into chronic problems. Family Doctors, would also use a variety of plant and water remedies to cure illness, Barks, Roots, Berries, Resins, Twigs and Flowers were all used by the English to cure illness for over a thousand years.

This all changed when in the years leading up to the Great War of 1914-18, Scientists discovered Petro chemicals and the ability to create all kinds of chemicals from oil. In 1907 for example they created the plastic `Bakelite', Scientists also discovered many pharmaceutical drugs could be made from oil. John D Rockefeller who was an oil magnate and Americas first Billionaire saw this as a chance not only to monopolize the oil and chemical industry but to also the medical industry. At this time Rockefeller controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the USA. His oil company Standard Oil was later broken up into several smaller companies Chevron, Exxon and Mobil. Rockefeller saw that if he could patent petrochemicals he could sell them for a huge profit. But the big problem was in USA and Europe natural / herbal medicines were popular and trusted. He solved the problem by using his wealth and influence to mock and demonise homeopathy and natural medicines, he also gave 100 million dollars, a huge amount before the Great War to colleges and hospitals to support his work. In a few years, all medical students in USA were learning that natural medicines were outdated and of no use. For this generation of doctors, medicine was all about buying Rockefeller patented drugs. Scientists received huge grans to study how plants cured diseases and find drugs that would mimic these property's in plants.

By the 1920's only the fruits of science were of any use. The English country people relinquished a thousand years of knowledge and wisdom. The result was more and more people became alienated from their English ethnic roots and lost their sense of self sufficiency and self esteem.  One hundred years on doctors across the globe know nothing about the benefits of natural cures. The old health concepts based on simple observation have vanished. The English once knew the value of being under the sun in the open air, but now they are ashamed to promote such simple values. We are now slaves to the medical companies when it comes to our health. I've wrote about living with nature this  means rediscovering the medicines in nature that the gods gave us. It means using nature to make ourselves healthy and strong.                          

Monday 3 April 2023


 In past two years the Met Police under Mayor Khans leadership have suffered one scandal after another, few weeks ago the Casey report was published. the report found the Met was institutional racist and systematic racism existed at all levels. I was surprised at the findings, while I do believe the Met needs better leadership then offered by Mayor Khan. I don't believe it's racist like it was thirty years ago.  
The Police in 1980's were a totally different body,  a lot of off duty officers who were stationed in East London would attend BNP meetings. I can still remember years ago a house in New Cross going up in a blaze and a dozen young men all black being burned alive. There was a lot of publicity over it at the time. The rumour at the time amongst the far right was it was caused by a skinhead in the BM who fired a small flare through the window. I don't know if the police ever looked into this or not ? The BM skinheads drank in a pub on same road owned by a former wrestler in Deptford. He later bought the Albany pub just around corner in Deptford and allowed BM to hold music concerts there. I was told one of skinheads aunt Jackie was part of investigating team and had covered up the skinheads involvement. Now, I don't know if that was true but everyone in far right believed it because the police supported the right wing and allowed us a lot of freedom. Today that is no longer the truth police are very much opposed and bias against all Nationalists and not as openly racist as they once were.  

Most Police forces regard Nationalism as illegal and use the terrorist label to outlaw, ban and stop Nationalism. Dozens of Nationalist's are serving time in this crackdown which is really no different to how the governments of China and Russia deal with dissidents. Yet strangely the `racist right wing police,'  in no part of England have arrested any left wingers activists, no left wing groups are banned or denied a right to protest. Which clearly demonstrates how  wrong the Casey report is. The Met, like any other big organisation no doubt has members who are racist but it's clear police forces across the nation are led by woke liberal chief constables and most of its recruits are now from university's and educated to be woke liberal's and anti-white.     

Sunday 2 April 2023


In the first official portrait of King Charles he's wearing a bracelet given him by an Amazon Indian chief. Charles claims he wears it to  symbolise his advocacy on climate change. However I found it odd that this eco friendly Christian king had his State Bentley transported to Germany for his visit to Berlin this week. Transporting a Bentley on a plane to Berlin and back is a big carbon footprint in my view and shows the King claim about Climate change is fake. 




In the Holy Edda's, we are told about the greed of the giant wolf Fenrir, which knew no bounds and how Tiw, lost his hand as part of a deal with the monstrous wolf. The story in brief starts with the demon Loki and the giantess Angrboda, who sired three monstrous offspring the most terrible was the wolf Fenrir. When the gods heard about Fenrir it filled them with alarm, so they brought him to their home Asgard. Where they could keep a watch on him, at first he was no different from any other wolf but each day he grew larger. The Aesir observed the growing size of the young Fenrir with horror, he became so menacing as he grew that the Gods wanted him bound, because they had been warned that he would continue to grow and would eventually cause havoc on the world  Successive attempts to bind him with a chain all failed. So Wodin made a journey to  the under world and sought the help of the magical dwarf smith's, who were weapon makers to the Hero's and gods, to forge a unbreakable chain. The dwarfs guided by Wodin's magic created a magical rope to bind the wolf, made from six magical ingredients the sound of a cats foot fall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, a bears sinews, a fish's breath and birds spittle. When the dwarfs finished the rope they named it Gleipnir.

The gods challenged Fenrir to be bound with the rope, to test if he could break free and promised if he couldn't they would release him. Fenrir viewed the rope with suspicion and at first refused to be bound by the rope. Fenrir probably believed he would escape the rope as he had the other chains and finally agreed to allow himself to be bound by the magical rope, but only if one of the Asir would place their right hand in his mouth as surety that he would be freed. Tiw known for his courage volunteered and put his hand in the Wolfs mouth. After the gods, had bound Fenrir with the rope and he found he could not escape, the gods all laughed at how they had tricked him, but Tiw lost his hand which Fenrir bit off . Tiw sacrificing his hand to save the world, was an act of true courage.

This ancient tale is of great importance today, Fenrir is like the big corporations and banks who are monsters growing so large that they will destroy the earth. every time we try to stop or limit their growth with laws and regulations they escape like Fenrir did from his chains and carry on with their destruction in the name of profit. like the Asier, we will need to bind them to stop their growth, stop their greed. If we don't, they will like Fenrir cause havoc and destroy the world. To achieve this we will need the courage of Tiw and be willing to make sacrifices  that will allow us to contain those whose greed is harming Mother Earth. I think the lesson of the story is when things get too powerful or large they cause an unbalance.  

Note: This blog promotes heathenism the old faith of the English, I call on all English  patriots to honour your English gods and culture by supporting this blog.   


Saturday 1 April 2023



Anglo Saxon Heathenry is a religion that believes in the ancient Germanic gods of Fertility, Earth and Water. It was officially recreated in the late 1970's, but it's roots go back thousands of years to the creation of Europe. In the UK we call the old faith Heathenism or Odinism, but Asatru is the name most commonly used now in Northern Europe. The name Asatru was first used by Edvard Grieg in his 1870 Opera`Olaf Tragvason' and comes from two old Norse words ASA = the northern Gods and TRU= faith, thus Asatru means religion of the ASA. The ASA are the Nature gods of the Germanic nations, which includes England. Asatru is built on the Viking culture and saga's, and is great for those in the Norse nations or America. We are English our culture and heathen traditions are just as rich and powerful as those of our Norse brothers & sisters. Anglo Saxon Heathenry honour's the old gods and is built around the yearly circle of life and the festivals that celebrate nature throughout the year.    

I use the image of the Tiw Rune on this blog, because it represents not only strength and power but also re-birth. The Rune  belongs to the Germanic war god Tiw, the great god of the Teutonic tribes, a god of magic and mystery, a god of the Sky. Tiw fathered the first man Mann-asc. One of the beliefs English Heathen's, is that the  Anglo-Saxon's are descendant's of Mann-asc and his seeds the race of Ingve, and therefore the god Tiw. This bloodline makes the English a sacred people. In the same way the Jewish people claim to be a chosen race of their desert god. if you 're English and have never heard this before you should question why this knowledge or belief about your inheritance has been hidden from you by the Christian church for their own purposes. Anglo Saxon Heathenry is a faith full of mystery and wonder which helps connect people to nature like no other faith. We believe nature is the reflection of how things should be, therefore the purpose of following the Heathen lifestyle and faith, is to create harmony between mankind and the gods, harmony with nature, because the gods are nature.

Spring provides us with a great insight into nature and the power of rebirth, if you listened to some environmentalists its all doom, no future, no one should every fly or have children again. When  Spring arrives it provides us with a different view of nature, the rebirth and natures strength and hope for the future. For me heathenism is all about rebirth of our faith ,of our nation and of the world around us. It's a faith of hope and our future. 

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