Wednesday 20 March 2024



Our nation today is challenged by many problem's the English now have very little to unite or define them as a people. Christianity and its message of meekness and woke is rejected by the majority of the young people in England. The church's history of child abuse and treatment of females is so shocking and disgusting hundreds of thousands have left the established church in last decade. Last month the Archbishop of York, described the Lords prayer as problematic, due to its oppressively patriarchal reference to our father. The opening words of the prayer has been central art of Christian liturgy for two thousand years. But now the word father is viewed as divisive and negative. The church is in turmoil and offers the people nothing. More and more people are repudiating their Christian inheritance, seeking different answers. The lies are no longer being feed to the next generation who seek answers in nature not science or a god that seeks to threaten and punish its follower.

Christianity for over a thousand years sought to destroy our faith, it has caused the death of millions of our ancestors in the North. Many Christians believe that the god Freyr died back in the sixth century. This might be true, if we could say that the Saxon's, Danes, North men are dead, but they live. Are we Englishmen, Norwegian, Dane, Swede and Vinlander, today not the full blooded ancestors of these ancient tribes. whether we own to it or not, we are blood of their blood and mind of their mind.

Christians are so arrogant that they dismiss us as a fringe group of pagans they don’t take us seriously. Freyr may mean nothing to the alien in Europe, nothing to the Christian, but he is the pith and marrow of our folk. And while we survive as a folk he will live. The blindness of the Christian leaders will be their downfall. There cannot be two sons in the sky nor two kings on the throne The clock is ticking towards our victory.

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