Thursday 30 March 2023



 Every year we spend 850 million pounds to fight terrorism in the UK. In past twenty years less then 200 people have died in terrorist incidents, in contrast between 3,500 and 4,000 people are killed by Heroin every year. Most of these deaths are from overdoses accidental and deliberate but many  victims of Heroin are addicts whose bodies simply succumb to years of abuse. Then there is the collateral damage the victims of countless muggings robbery's committed so the junkies can get their next fix. In London we also have over 200 murders a year by members of black drug gangs, who kill as many in one year, as terrorism does in twenty years. There are 15 times more women killed in domestic violence each year, then are killed by terrorists. Many of these women are attacked because of partners using drugs. Thirty tons of heroin sold on the streets of Britain every year, which wreaks far more damage then any terrorist plot or attack. Yet, our elected officials accept it, they have no real desire to deal with the drug lords and deaths they cause. The threat of terrorism is played up to make sure MI5 and Scotland Yard get their funding raised. While funding to help the victims of domestic violence is cut, help for addicts trying to break their habit is cut. The political leadership of our country have no answers to the crimes caused by drugs or domestic violence. They can't deal with any of the present problems caused by unlawful behaviour, for two reasons. The leadership is hampered by political correct thinking and it has no moral standards which means it has no understanding of the difference between right and wrong.   

Our country is broken, Heathenism offers a path that will solve these problems, save our country. It's time to return to our roots and the old wisdom.           

Wednesday 29 March 2023



Chalk streams are streams that flow through chalk hills towards the sea. They are typically wide and shallow, due to the filtering effect of chalk the waters are Alkaline and very clear. Sadly the chalk streams across the southern counties are in a shocking state, because the environmental agency has allowed greedy water companies to over abstract water. Causing a low flow and in some cases streams to completely dry up. Feargal Sharkey the Undertones frontman, summed up my beliefs perfectly recently, when he told The Times " What hypocrisy that, as this country is chastising Brazil over forest fires in the Amazonian rainforest and criticising Indonesia about deforestation the British Government is destroying a globally rare resource in their own backyard". For me Fergal is 100% spot on, the chalk streams are England's version, of the rainforest and need protecting from the water company's. The chalk streams are home to Brown Trout, Water Voles, king Fishers and a rich variety of invertebrate life, 85% of the habitat found in the chalk streams only occurs in England.  This fact surprised me there are now only, 210 chalk streams left in the whole world, 160 of these streams are in England.

One of my, favorite walks in May is along the Nailbourne chalk stream. Which bubbles up under Saint Ethelburgha's Well in the centre of Lyminage village and flows out of the village through the Elham valley to Little Bourne where it becomes the Little Stour. According to local legends in the valley it was St Augustine who performed a miracle to bring the water to the Elham valley. When theres a drought and the stream runs dry, it is because of Woden and Thunor who were worshipped here before Augustine came and are displeased with his work.

Lyminage is in East Kent and lies five miles from Folkestone, it was once the Royal centre of Kingdom of Kent. In 1953 workmen discovered 44 Jutish heathen graves in Lyminage, full of high status jewellery and weapons such as swords spear heads and shields. sixty years later the foundations of the Royal feasting hall were discovered under the village green, I guess our Jutish ancestors would have feasted in that hall and around the fires told the same stories of Wodin and Thunor that we tell today. When you walk through the villages of the valley you feel your in an England that is unchanged in many ways over the last thousand years. But the Nailbourne like many of our other Chalk streams is under threat with a local water treatment company, seeking to pump sewage into the Nailbourne.

Note: Berserkr press was established to promote Heathenism & Love of all things English   


Tuesday 28 March 2023



Last year an EU report issued a warning that people living in some of Europe's biggest cities are at risk of life threatening air pollution due to the number of cars in the cities. the report claimed poor air quality caused 412,000 premature deaths in Europe  in 2016. it is recommended European countries reduce the number of cars to lower the nitrogen dioxide levels which cause the air pollution. Almost half a million people die each year and there is no out cry ? 

Yet to stop the same number of deaths, due to Covid 19. They locked down the whole of Europe, think about it.

Monday 27 March 2023


 One of the problems behind the floods this winter, were caused because the planners don't understand the importance of tree cover on the hills. we need to restore the tree cover to fix the soil to prevent the quick run off. They also need to plant trees of mixed species with different shaped roots, so soil is fixed at different levels. The leaf fall and humus on floors of woods acts as a natural sponge to stop quick run off after a storm. In my view another problem causing the floods is the way these planners have tried to straighten the rivers. A river needs to flow naturally with bends and narrows. In doing this, rivers flow like blood in our arteries, with it's inward rotation tension and relaxation. By trying to make Rivers flow in a straight line your opposing nature and inviting trouble.   

Sunday 26 March 2023



A recent newspaper report claimed half of young adults in Scotland, want people aged over seventy, barred from voting on Scotland's future. In England 47% of those in the 16-34 age bracket, think pensioners shouldn't get a say on issues like Brexit. In our Heathen faith, we take a different view we respect our Elders and the wisdom and experience they have gained over a life-time. In the 14 codes of Aryan Ethic by David Lane, Code 9 states `Respect the wisdom of your Elders, as every moment of your lives links the infinite past to the infinite future'. When a community rejects, the leadership of Elders over young hot heads it is doomed.

Note: This blog promotes the Anglo Saxon path of heathenism, which is built on our blood link to our ancestors and honouring the wisdom of the past.  

Thursday 23 March 2023



Everyone who works with the soil for a living or hobby, grows to love the old nature gods of England once they are introduced to them. The Asir gods, command the sunshine and rain that allows our crops and gardens to grow, for us nature is like a holy experience where we meet and understand our gods. The more you connect to the Heathen faith of England, the greater your love of England becomes. So I was very sad when I read, a high court judge had ruled the biggest destruction of old Wessex can go ahead. Justice Jonathan Swift, ruled that there was no legal basis to overturn council approved permission to build 750 homes and business park in an area of outstanding beauty near Bridport in West Dorset. This was another sign, of a lack of respect by the planning authority's for area's designated A.O.N.B.

This destruction of England's, green fields and farmlands will grow as the population increases, unless we act. The English countryside is just as important as the rain forests of the world and must be protected. I have tried to highlight how corrupt our leaders are in my previous posts, why we can't trust them. If anyone reading this blog, is trying to stop housing or roads being built near them, please contact me. If we unite against the destruction of our countryside we can stop it, peacefully and legally

Note:This blog promotes the Anglo Saxon Heathen faith whose core belief is a love of England

Wednesday 22 March 2023



As a Heathen and someone who works in conservation, I find it weird that the very mega-corporations and billionaires, behind the globalisation of the worlds economy in recent decades, whose greed has caused so much damage to our environment in both Europe and the third world nations, are now leading backers of environmental protests from Sweden Germany and USA . I think its important we all us understand and question who is promoting the climate protests and if they have a sinister agenda to financialise the environment.

In December 2015 the Bank of International Settlements and Financial Stability Board (FSB) chaired by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England created, the task force on climate relief and financial disclosure  (TCFD), to advise investors lenders and insurance about climate related risk. When I read this I thought it was  a bizarre move for the big bankers.

The following year, the real motive behind this became clear to me. When the TCFD, along with the City of London corporation and the UK government, initiated the green finance initiative, with the aim of channelling trillions of dollars to `Green' investments. The central bankers of the FSB nominated 31 people to form the TCFD. The TCFD was chaired by Michael Bloomberg the New York billionaire he was joined by bankers from J.P Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, China's ICBC bank and key men from Dow Chemical, Tata steel,  the oil Company ENI, mining giant BHP, Black Rock the worlds biggest asset managers with almost seven trillion dollars. Also on the list was ex- Goldman Sachs banker and partner of Al Gore, David Blood. So Billionaires, bankers from HSBC, who have been fined several times for helping drug lords and corrupt politicians launder money, mining and oil company directors, these are the people behind the TFCD, the people whose real agenda is to reorganise the worlds economy in their favour and create trillions of dollars of new wealth for those at the head of the global banks and financial giants using the climate change to convince us

In September 26th 2018, at a `One Planet' summit, the EU  agreed with the World Bank and Bloomberg foundation and World Economic Forum to spend a quartier of EU budget each year on action to mitigate climate change. The following month the EU signed a memorandum of understanding with `Break Through Energy Europe`, being given preferential access to any funds. So who are the people to be given preferential access to billions of Euros, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, George Soros. The corruption, lies, greed really makes me sick, a man who steals a car goes to prison, a man who gets on a train with out a ticket gets a fine, yet these people never face justice, their crimes against the planet are huge. These EU agreements have nothing to do with the environment, it just another scheme to make the rich even richer, at our expense and nothing to do with saving the Earth or climate change.

Greta Thunberg whose being professionally marketed and used by financial giants, behind the current climate agenda. Thunberg is a youth advisor and trustee of Swedish NGO `we don't have time', founded by Ingmar Rentzhog, `we don't have time' is a partner of Al Gores `climate reality project'. One of leaders of `climate change project' is Rentzhog. therefore, Rentzhog and Thunberg are working for Al Gore the wealthy climate profiteer whose partner David Blood is a member of TCFD. I hope this highlights how these groups are linked and controlled by the bankers out to profit from the climate chaos, their greed created. It is important you understand this because they want to control and direct all protests to their benefit. There is a real need for deep change in the structure of our present society and how we are governed. This change will not come from bankers or those they finance. The Anglo Saxon Heathenry offers you a new path.  A way of life that will heal the world if enough of you take it up.

Note;Our Anglo Saxon heathen faith seeks harmony with nature and rejects the present corrupt system

Monday 20 March 2023



A year ago, TV presenter Chris Packham lost his High Court bid, to stop the destruction by the HS2 project of the ancient woodlands of Warwickshire. No major news channel in the UK reported it and most of the newspapers only gave it a few lines. Highlighting the sad fact that most people simply don't care or feel the outrage they should.

I find it crazy that people still fail to realize the importance of preserving trees. Mankind has a bad record as forest destroyers cutting and burning recklessly destroying the built up fertility that has accumulated over centuries. The Romans created a dust bowl in almost two million square miles of North Africa, by cutting down the trees to grow wheat. The Romans were followed by the Arabs with their flocks of goats, the Arabs continued cutting down the trees and the goats stopped the trees regenerating. The result was North Africa lost it's soil protecting trees and became a desert. The lesson that if you fell the trees, you are sowing the seeds of future deserts has not been learnt.

Back in the late 1950's, Kensington Broadwalk in London used to be the home of the Great Elms of Kensington, loved by every true Londoner. The local council decided to fell them all, because several were hollow and were deemed dangerous. Despite, 800 residents holding a meeting in Kensington Town Hall, to protest against the councils plans. Any fool knows a hollow tree is not a danger ,as long as it's still growing adding layer upon layer yet, the  Great Elms were cut down. In the following years, Hyde Park lost several thousand Elms thanks to the same, so called expert advice. I am telling you this because the attacks on England's trees has been going on for decades. If we keep cutting Trees down, Keeping allowing the government, to destroy our ancient woodlands on the HS2 line, we are sowing the seeds of doom. 

Sunday 19 March 2023


The German people have a mythical and spiritual identification with forests that stretches back to the dawn of time. Yet now Germany's great forests are under threat from a catastrophe combination of heat, drought, fires, fungi blight and beetle plagues. Last year an area of forests equal to 2,000,000 football fields has been destroyed. Over half of the woodland in Germany is privately owned, in the forests the owners have been encouraged to plant non-native trees. Which are an ecological risk, because they cannot cope with the changes in temperature, like the native trees do. As I preach in  each post, trees are one of most effective ways for us to filter air, reduce CO-2 and stop the world over heating. The forests offer a space for conservation and human relaxation. As a follower of Heathen faith, the German forests are special too me, it is where our faith began and our gods, first appeared, it is in the forests that Thor's magic created the first man and whose seed became the Teutonic tribes. 

Saturday 18 March 2023



It's over forty years since I realised that no political movement offered a solution to the environmental damage being inflicted on the World. I looked into all the religions only the Heathenism of pre-Christian England offered the answers I sought. Since the early 1980's I've worn the hammer of Thor, around my neck. A few years ago, the Telegraph published an editorial, which attacked Woden's Folk and called Odinism a dead faith. The Odinist/Heathen faith is based on nature and the Telegraph would have done well to think about that. A tree can be attacked with an axe or chainsaw, it can loose it's trunk or branches, but if it's roots are deep in the soil, the tree will rejuvenate itself it will regrow. The Heathen/Asatru faith has it's roots deep in the English soil, deep in the English mindset. In the 6th and 7th century's our faith across the northern world was attacked by the Roman Catholic Church, it's servants persecuted, killed and destroyed the holy sites and followers of Odin and the Asir gods. Like the Ash tree when it's been coppiced our faith seemed dead ,but like the Ash tree which rejuvenates itself our faith is re-growing, rejuvenating itself in every part of England, every week more people are turning to the old faith, this is something the Telegraph failed to understand

Note: Heathenism is the old faith or way of the English. 

Friday 17 March 2023


England is a natural paradise no other land is so green and fertile, yet England today is threatened. Monsanto's `ROUND UP' is just one of several hundred chemicals poisoning our island paradise. Farmers are encouraged to spray, thousands of acres a year with herbicides and insecticides, that kill our Bees, wash through the soil into our drinking water, end up in our food and cause illness in our children. I just wish, the idiots in Extinction Rebellion would protest and disrupt the big corporations, that put their profit over the health of our nation, instead of disrupting the lives of working people.

 Last year a survey discovered Worm's have vanished from almost two in every five fields across England. Worm's are vital part of the eco-system and for healthy crops. The Worms are dying because of the Chemicals and the  modern farming methods, which are over cultivating the soil. A different study found 42 per cent of England's farmlands fields had few or no deep burrowing worms. To respect and protect the England's soil we need to campaign and champion, the old fashioned organic farming methods of our forefathers. We need to outlaw the use of chemicals on our land, we need to protect the trees of our nation so our children and grandchildren will be able enjoy and see the English woodlands. We need to change the way we live our lives, our lives should be built around the yearly rhythms and circles of nature. If we lived like this as our ancestors did we would again be in harmony with the world of nature and we wouldn't allow the violence and rape inflicted on our nations countryside. We English heathens believe that England's blood & soil is sacred and defending both is what our faith is built around.  

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Extinction Rebellion the truth

When French President Macron said, making driving more expensive, was a price worth paying for the climate, he sparked the yellow vest protest. Under Macrons plans the Rich would of course still be able to drive, it would be the poor who suffered. What Macron, the Rothschild Banker turned politician fails to understand is the only way any action on climate will succeed is if it has public support. Like Macron, Extinction Anarchists may have the support of most environmentalists but their actions, have upset many people they need to win support from. Many environmentalists have supported Extinction and attended their protests in London, because they have mistaken them for a mainstream voice with legitimate demands. Everyone needs to understand Extinctions goal has nothing to do with stopping global warming, this Anarchist rabble true motivation is Marxist Revolution. Extinction Rebellion is a radical leftist group, who are hijacking the environmental movement and seeking to whip up environmental panic as a means to bring about a Violent Revolution that will destroy the English nation. I watched their demo in London last summer, shocked at way they had a licence to defy the law and inflict hardship on Londoners trying to get to work. Two year's ago, the two demos in London cost the Metropolitan Police (or us the taxpayers) £39 million, this figure is likely to rise, by another £5million as the cost of holiday pay to the police and hotel bills are added. The Met spokesmen claimed they cannot afford to pay for another demo. What angered me the most, was when the activists in Extinction Rebellion left the camp site they set up in marble Arch, was the photos of rubbish they left including plastic bottles and carrier bags. Their plan, to fly drones over Heathrow Airport, causing chaos and thousands to have their holidays  ruined, was another example of the groups childishness. For me instead of halting traffic in London, it would have been much better to see those thousands of people volunteer to collect plastic and rubbish on a beach or along the Thames.

Even though I am an environmentalist, I don't support the work of Extinction Rebellion, whose motives I believe are dishonest. They are demanding the Worlds governments meet carbon levels they know are impossible to meet and for Europe to open its borders to environmental refugees, which would see millions enter Europe and cause chaos. If their demands are not meet, the plan is to set up unelected citizen assembly's made up of trade union leaders, students and members of the radical left to launch Hong Kong style revolts by their young brainwashed idiots to try and overthrow the Western governments. I noticed the high level of funding this group was receiving and I've spent last few weeks seeking to find out whose funding this group. I was not surprised, to find one of the  main backers behind Extinction, whose secretly funding it, via his various front groups is Mr George Soros !  

I want to promote in this blog, a quieter, non violent approach to action needed to save the Earth. One based on living in harmony with nature of demonstrating real love and care for the Earth. I believe it's important, we all demonstrate peacefully against pollution, de-forestation and other acts of vandalism against the Earth. I also believe all demonstrations or protests must be legal and be done to win support of the public, not upset them. We can't change minds and society without the publics support.

In Medway, the Council wants to build twenty new houses in Twydall, the problem is to build the houses they have to cut down twenty five trees planted in 1977, as part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations. A group of old age lady pensioners, on the Twydall estate are opposing this and are campaigning for the houses, to be built around the trees. For me, these ladies actions are what being an environmentalist is all about, not dressing up as a carrot standing in front of a bus or gluing yourself to a electric train that produces no carbon, neither is it about, seeking the violent overthrow of England and the West.  


Tuesday 14 March 2023


A few years ago, Emmanuel  Macron the French President and former Rothschild banker, tweeted `Our house is on Fire', during the G-7 meeting at Biarritz. Over the weekend the worlds leaders called for action and announced they would help Brazil. The seven richest countries in the world agreed to act on the fires and offered Brazil, twenty million dollars (Jim Carey got same amount for the Cable Guy film twenty years ago). I think the small amount offered shows how much our politicians really care. 

Brazil, is not a poor country, while the left and some political leaders at the G-7 played politics blaming Bolsonaro, and focusing the worlds eyes on the Amazon. Angola and the DRC between them suffered 6,902 fires compared to the 2,127 fires in the Amazon, while the G-7 met. The Congo Basin is equally as important as the Amazon, yet African nations who need financial help are ignored by the G-7. Because, certain European corporations and financial institutions, want to constrain Africa's  economic growth. The world's rainforests must be protected not only from effects of global warming but also from those with a hidden agenda, who seek to steal the natural wealth of Africa and Brazil.

The Amazon and the rain forests in Africa need protection the rich countries should pay for it. They need to pay for the reforestation of the Amazon and Congo Basin. They need to align their environmental and trade polices, currently they don't. For example, the UK spends a few million a year on overseas conservation, most of which is wasted by management and bureaucracy of the NGO who receive most of this money. At the same time the Tory government, promotes billions of pounds worth of trade in Beef, Soy and Timber all the products that undermine, the Amazon's protection efforts. While the British Government, lectures Brazil and African nations about their forests, it is planning to destroy hundreds of acres of ancient woodland in England to make way for HS2 train line which will be the biggest destruction of ancient trees ever in England. which I guess highlights how little the Tory party really cares about the environment.

Monday 13 March 2023



Although, trees are unable to move, do not have brains or feelings, the Anglo-Saxons have always regarded trees as a source of wisdom. Our ancestors also held many trees to be sacred, possibly it's because of their size and strength or the seasonal cycle of life, death  and re-birth that trees under go, that we hold these feelings and beliefs. Maybe it's just the longevity of some trees. what I do know is the English love trees like no other nation. Yet our Ancient woodland is being destroyed daily in every part of our nation, and it needs to stop.

Wednesday 8 March 2023



Greta Thunberg loves to tell us all, science supports her view. It's a lie ! It's fake news ! little Greta is a puppet, programmed to push the agenda of big business. Science shows that the Sun is the biggest factor regarding climate change not CO-2. Sadly, corporate and military interests have hijacked science research, they drip feed think tanks and select educational institutions with cherry picked data to fit their agendas, none of which have our welfare or the planets in mind. Watch how little Greta and other puppets working for Al Gore and George Soros think tanks declare ` All scientists agree on climate change' when they don't ..It's a lie.   

Climate forecasting is done on data, as is the impact on the climate of CO-2 caused by humans. Yet the data before 1980 is untrustworthy, because it was only after this date that the world was observed by satellites  before 1980 only a small part of the world could be observed in detail. The data used, covers too short a time span to be of any value. The present system used to look at changes in the climate, also ignores  the Sun or claims the Suns power remains the same which is absurd. We simply don't know if the incoming solar energy will grow weaker or stronger in the coming decades. 

Put your faith in the Gods and the custom's of England, live your life correctly, show kindness to your family and friends, respect all nature. Don't seek richness in material goods, but in the friendship and love of those close to you. This is the way to heal the planet and our broken nation, by our own lives and behaviour being an example to others on how to live the right way.

Note: Anglo Saxon Heathenism is the old faith or old way  of the English  

Tuesday 7 March 2023


 The Anglo-Saxon Folk of this Island have a unique link to the forest's of Germany it's where our god's and faith were born. For English heathens the German forests are sacred, so this story seems very personal to me. Hambach Forest, located near Buir in West Germany between Cologne and Aachen  is one of Europe's oldest forest's of Oak and Hornbeam trees, some over 500 years old, with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The forest once offered a habitat to a multitude of species including Dormice, Tawny Owls and Bech Steins Bat. Since 1970, Hambach has been owned by Germany's second biggest energy company RWE. They destroyed the forest and turned it in to the largest open pit lignite coal mine in Germany producing over 4 million tons of lignite a year which is burnt in three nearby power stations. To get the coal the trees are felled, ripped and torn from the earth leaving large gashes of open earth. This policy means only 10% of the forest's 13,500 acres are now left. The huge destruction caused to Hambach by the mining company has shocked everyone whose seen it. To save the last remaining part of the forest, young climate activists created a fairy tale like community of tree houses and tents hosting workshops for curious visitors from across the world. The camp soon become an international symbol of resistance against fossil fuel extraction and burning. On October 2018, 50,000 attended a demonstration to stop the forests total destruction. The problem is, coal is an important part of Germany's economic success and provides thousands of jobs and 31% of the country's power. So Mrs Merkel's Government has ignored the numbers who demonstrated to save the forest, they have ignored their commitments on the international stage to climate change and the fact that the mine is the biggest source of CO-2 in Europe today, instead in league with the coal industry they have sought to make an economic case for why this forest has to be destroyed and sought to crush the protests to save Hambach. In 2018, 4,000 riot police, were sent in to end the six year occupation of the forest by 100 young people, supported by helicopters, drones and water cannons  the riot police attacked the climate camp and used chainsaws to cut down the tree houses. The UK media hardly mentioned this struggle despite its international importance. If we allow big corporations like RWE to destroy a 12,000 year old forest like Hambach, we are in trouble. When a forest is damaged, we are damaged because we are part of the same e co-system. We can't afford to ignore what is happening to Forest's in different parts of Europe because the knock on effect will effect us all. The future of Europe's forests are in our hands we must view each tree felled as an attack on our heathen culture and demonstrate as loudly and as much as can that this must stop ! the young are waking up to the crimes of the worlds governments and big corporations against our planet and we must demonstrate that Anglo Saxon Heathenism  offers them a different way, a different lifestyle to follow. 

Note:Heathenism is the old faith or old way of the English    

Monday 6 March 2023


The present neo-liberal system is killing us. It destroys nature, it destroys the atmosphere, it's destroying the planet. Under this system people don't matter, profit is all that concerns the Global Liberal Elite. They pay lip service to our concerns about the Planet, they claim to be eco-friendly but really the Global Elites that control our lives are the enemies of the Planet whose greed has caused the present emergency. It's clear to me that we can't carry on living as we have been, we need to change the way we live, so our lives are in harmony with nature. Such change will only be possible if we reject Globalism, reject the politics of the left and right wing, reject the values of greed. We need to return to our roots, rebuild our culture a new, around nature and the yearly circles. For me that means the old Heathen faith of the English must be foundation stone upon which we build a new society.   


 When it comes to global warming, I don't trust the scientists whose views are often motivated by gaining more funds, nor do I trust anything our British politicians say, nor do I trust the reporting independence of our National news papers and TV channels like the BBC; but I do trust what my own eyes are seeing. In Kent where I live plants are flowering sooner, the birds are nesting earlier, temperatures are changing. The Winter has lost it's bite, the Springs arriving earlier, the Autumn coming later. In other parts of England droughts, flooding and fires on the moors are all more extreme; so there's little doubt in my mind that carbon emissions released by big industry; agriculture; cars and planes are helping to change the climate of England. However I also believe the Sun is growing stronger and this is main reason behind the extreme weather, yet it's ignored by science and our political leaders who use global warming to enrich themselves and control the people. 

When the tribe is strong

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