Thursday 29 June 2023



Wodin wants you in your golden years to be of relevance to your family to your Kindred and Nation. He wants you as a grey beard to be honoured, but to evoke honour from the younger members of the Heathen community Wodin obliges you to live honourably. You must not only accumulate years of experiences, but also develop sterling character through those experiences. Those who are Elders must show self control, honesty, be of strong faith and conviction, display courage and wisdom. The Elder Woman likewise must not be of bad character but a woman who is not full of  gossip or slave to drink: they are to teach what is good and so train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be sensible, chaste, domestic, kind, loyal to their husbands and the old way's.

Wodin wants older woman to make themselves teachers of the younger women. Older men of the community ought to do the same for younger men. This cannot happen if the younger don't listen, but neither can it happen if the older don't become Elders and don't teach!

Younger men need the experience and wisdom of their Elders. This requires the Elders to conduct themselves as men of honour and wisdom, willing to take the lead in conversation to pass on lessons life has taught them over the years. Within  the Elders is wisdom and in their length of life understanding. All men over the age of fifty who read this must ask do you see your self this way ? or do you think, I have nothing to teach, even if you have never seen yourself as a spokesmen or leader in the past, seek to align your thinking with Wodin's and serve him. Your mission is to pass on years worth of experiences, wisdom and the story's to inspire. Your mission is to help the next generation to avoid mistakes, to have a better life, and to transmit even more wisdom and lore of our faith to the next generation after them. don't live your final years on the side lines. Don't allow yourself to be isolated. Don't think that because your getting older your experiences are irrelevant.

Seek out the young, ask question's look for ways to introduce them to our faith, even if the first time you mention heathen beliefs and the true god's it is awkward, don't give up ! The greatest gift you can give your children and grandchildren is your Experiences and wisdom. To serve Wodin, you need to keep your mind fresh, never stop learning. Your vision may be dim, walking maybe harder then it once was, but Wodin expects you to continue to grow mentally. Until you travel to Valhalla.

One of the most important lesson's we must all learn is to live the present and not the past, you must show the young by your own example and attitude that ours's is the true path. How you started life is not important any bad things you did before you came to the old gods doesn't count, because they were done in ignorance of Wodin, what's important is how you finish your life. As a Heathen you are judged by what you do now. You can't change the past , but you can change the present by aligning your thoughts and attitudes with Wodin's. Show those around you, of all ages, a life lesson with your words and example. Your smile, your questions, your answers, your encouragement, your laughter can change people's lives, perhaps now more then ever. And with your example in mind for years to come, the next generation will be able to take Heathenism forward to create a Heathen Nation and save England from it's slow death.       

Tuesday 27 June 2023



When Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal was a boy the kali Bein River in India's Punjab region was a beautiful 99 mile tributary of the Beas River full of life and coursing clear water. But beginning around 1960 the combination of population growth and industrialization in Doaba took a heavy toll on the river. Six towns and some 40 villages discharged their sewage and industrial waste into it, and long stretches were reduced to a sludge of thick and toxic filth. Some parts were dried up all together. 

The people living near the river were suffering as a result. Neighbouring farms were enduring severe water shortages. Upstream regions experienced debilitating water logging since the river was no longer draining those lands. The infected effluents, including poisonous chemical waste, were seeping into groundwater reservoirs and causing lethal diseases such as cancer among the Punjab people.

That was the situation in the river in the year 2000 when Seechewal set his sights on the fetid mess that had once been the abundant Kali Bein. Seechewal envisioned the river in it's former glory, sparkling and bountiful. He longed to see it restored to that state. After failing to convince government and municipal bodies to take action, 38 year old Seechewal decided he would devote his life to rejuvenating the river. 

Seechewal began traveling up and down the kali Bein, visiting the towns and villages that were suffering from the polluted river-and were polluting it. He spoke with any one who would listen about the need to revive it and sharing his vision of a clean river. His basic message was: If we work on this together our river can be beautiful, abundant and vibrant once again. 

Some individuals responded to the message right away. People from several villages volunteered to help Seechewal and started raising money to buy sickles, spades and other tools and cleaning equipment. In a short time, he and these volunteers were down in the mud and muck, hard at work.

The team was small and scale of the project was colossal, but Seechewal was not discouraged. undeterred by the mammoth task ahead with his bare hands he started pulling out the weeds and clearing the garbage from the slushy river bed. As the years went by , more and more individuals saw the progress and volunteered to help. Eventually thousands of people were assisting in the great clean up. As they cleared a section of riverbed, natural springs revived. The water rose, filling the riverbanks.

And their work didn't stop with cleaning the riverbed their built embankments and brick sidewalks. Stairways for access to the river, fruit trees and flowering plants. They transformed all 99 miles of the river of this sludgy trickle of filth and trash into a healthy river, the ground water improved and water logging problems solved, underground sewerage system was built. 

What this story shows is how one single man can achieve great things if he has belief. It should also act as example of how nothing is impossible. We face a huge battle to win the English people back to its true roots and true faith. But this story shows how re-birth of Heathenism in England is possible if we work hard enough if we go in to our villages and community's and spread the message of Wodin and Thunor. If Seechewal can save a river from death, we can save England from it's death !         

Monday 26 June 2023


 We live in a world of same sex marriages and transgender toilets, our modern political leaders have challenged and castigated and changed virtually everything that has defined manhood through out human history. In Europe today the strong loving father who provides financially and morally for his family is almost extinct. Families are fragmenting and society is morally and spiritually disintegrating. The relationship between males and females that has existed for virtually all of human history broken. Men today have no purpose, yet few Europeans are upset about it; many even argue that society is better off with the diminishing role of white men in the world.

This devastating revolution has been a disaster for society, we witness every day Politician's who act like children and rule like women. we see our sports stars and role models who are immature, effeminate and worse ? Our world cries out for real men of strong character, untarnished fidelity and decisive leadership. Society needs men with spines.

In the English heathen community, a strong man is seen as a blessing to his wife and family. He provides security, attentive engagement, successful leadership, firm guidance, emotional stability and real love. Our belief in true men is unpopular and makes us targets for attacks but as heathens we live our lives built around our faith. To be a good man a strong man you need to eschew the pastimes that weaken men. we must avoid the addictions that eat away at men's minds, blackens their consciences and destroys their confidence. A heathen man must seek to stoke the flames of ambition in his life, he must aim high and equip himself to become an able leader of our faith and his family.  He must become a builder of our faith, family and society.

Note: The heathen community in England is built on folk, faith and family.  

Thursday 22 June 2023



The village of  Lyminge sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Kent Downs. I want to tell you all about Lyminge and the people who live in the village, because to turn this nation around we need to educate people to see the positive side of their heritage and ethnic roots and I think Lyminge has set an example of how it should be done.

Tayne Field in centre of Lyminge

In 2013 the 7th Century feasting hall of the Jute Royal family was excavated on Tayne field in the centre of the village. The hall was built many believe by king Hermenric son of Octa who claimed a direct line to Wodin. The dig discovered the foundations of the long hall which measured 20 meters by 8.5 meters. The dig also found Anglo Saxon spear heads and a broach of a Raven, Wodin's bird. Since the dig ended local ladies have created a Lyminge tapestry using wool on cotton depicting life in the village during the 7th century showing ploughing, fishing, cooking etc, everything on the tapestry is based on artefacts and evidence found during the dig. The village has really embraced its Anglo Saxon history and culture each year now hold an Anglo Saxon festival.

In the 6th and 7th Century's, Kent was politically and economically linked to the Frankish kingdom across the channel, after King Ethelberht married the Frankish Queen Bertha sister of Charibert King of Paris. It was Bertha who brought the poison of the Catholic faith into England. Ethelberht was bribed into accepting the arrival of Augustine in 597 and converting to the faith. It wasn't long afterwards that the Frankish priest's arrived  and were allowed a free hand to burn and destroy heathen sites in Kent by Ethelbert. There is now growing evidence that the priests forced the Jutish people under the threats of death to convert and forget their gods.

Lyminge church is 1,000 years old but this church was built on the site of an old Saxon wooden church which was it self built on a heathen spring dedicated to the old goddess of water . The Saxon church was built by Queen Ethelberga daughter of Ethelberht and his Frankish Queen. Ethelberga was the widow of Edwin king of Northumberland and retired to Lyminge as Abbess after his death.  

Until 1898 Lyminge church was called St Mary and St Eadburg.   Eadburg was Abbess of Minister in Thanet upon her death around 800 A.D. her bones were buried at Lyminage, until 1085 when Eadburg and Ethelberga bones were dug up and taken to Canterbury. When the Papist priests came many heathen sites were Christianised through their association with a local saint. In Lyminge the heathen spring became a Christian one dedicated to Eadburg. For all heathens water has a major role in our beliefs because water gives you access to the spirit world. In 1899 a wooden structure was built over the spring which feeds the Nailbourne chalk stream, and re-named after Ethelberga . The spring was one of the few sources of water in the Downs and is probably why Lyminge was settled by the Jutes. It remained the villages only source of water until mains water arrived in 1905. 

What happened in Lyminge is important it demonstrates the violence the Catholics used to destroy our English faith our culture and connection to nature. We don't know how many were killed by the Catholics in Kent during the decades after Augustine's arrival but from what we know of how the Franks massacred our fellow Saxons in Europe it was likely thousands of people. We know the spring was once a heathen centre of worship and feasting that was adopted by the Catholic church.

Lyminge is a nice friendly beautiful village and the way it celebrates it's Anglo Saxon past in such a positive English way, is an example of how we should promote our culture and faith. 

Wednesday 21 June 2023



A young man lost his Grandfathers pocket watch while he was working on a building site. all he knew was it had fallen from his pocket, he got on his hands and knees and searched. The more he searched more frantic he became. It was a treasured gift couldn't bear the thought that it was lost. suddenly he had an idea, he stopped searching and stood still quietly and listened. In the silence he heard the watch ticking. 

The lesson of this story is if you want to find Wodin and the truth then your search must be with your heart. If you want to find Wodin he is there but to find him you need to silence your hearts and black out the noise of arrogance and self seeking. 

Tuesday 20 June 2023



The English people can no longer trust our police, the courts, the politicians. The English Church no longer cares for the common people, who have lost all faith in the myth of Jesus, its now just another part of the liberal establishment which has failed us all. V.E. DAY has just gone while many celebrated, I think many felt what did those young men die for ? the greatest generation Boris Johnson called the people born between 1930 and 1955. While I admire the courage of those who fought in the war and the Londoners who went through the blitz,  the politicians church leaders business leaders who led this greatest generation are the same people who watched the Londoners who went through the blitz be pushed out of the city, who have allowed the drug problem to fester and grow each year, who have allowed our forests to be cut down, our farm land be raped, our rivers become polluted, our wildlife to be driven to the edge of extinction, and our children to be  poisoned with pesticides and chemicals. Should a generation whose leaders are responsible for such horrific crimes against the English nation be called great ?  or as people who betrayed the men who died in the war by allowing such things to occur.

I wrote about this in earlier posts that to survive our nation has to change and those that have led and caused these problems, promises and  words can not be trusted their lack of morals make them unworthy of respect .This is why, I urge you to join our Heathen Revolution to bring order back to our nation. Heathenism is a faith of wisdom and cosmic order, it's a religion of the English spirit, soul and mind. It's England's true faith and path, one every Englishmen needs to follow.   

Monday 19 June 2023



`If anyone plants at least one tree, then he will be able to stay in the heaven of Indra for thirty tho years'....From the Hindu text Matsya Purana wrote 1600 years ago

At end of the War in 45 up until 1980's there was a huge destruction of landscape in southern England, the worst destruction was done by modern agriculture and forestry followed by new urban development roads, quarrying. In 1950's the largest lake outside of the lake district was drained not one person protested. A few years ago there was a fashion amongst the people in charge of our Forests to plant conifers on ancient woodland, all across England the forestry commission started poisoning woods and destroying the native trees and replacing them with Conifers. By doing this the forestry bureaucrat's not only destroyed the native trees but also the plants, fungi and wildlife that depends on the wood lands to live. At same time in County's like Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire hundreds of acres of woodland were grubbed out to create new farmland. 

Near my home on the North downs several acres of ancient woodland was destroyed and replaced with Beech plantation which has now been totally neglected. The big problem, we have in England is professional conservation is all about getting the public taxes to fund their projects, it's all about those in charge earning money, when the money runs out the conservation work ends. Because government funding is often short lived and untrustworthy for any long term conservation project there is never a long term plan. Every time we get a new government the funding changes. The government is currently making all sorts of promises, but in two years we will have a different plan and more government clap trap. To put this simply, we cant trust the big commercial foresters the conservation bodies who are funded by these big commercial foresters or the politicians to save our planet. The prime minster and his conservation advisors are talking about planting thousands of new trees, what they mean by this is they will plant thousands of year old whips or twigs, the mortality rate among whips planted in their thousands like government wants is very high because they are often planted in wrong places at wrong time and under the wrong conditions. After their are planted they are abandoned and left to die because the big foresters who get these contracts get paid to plant them not care for them, they only care about money.   

For Heathens who follow the old faith and seek harmony with the natural world. Those who abuse our countryside those who seek to capitalise out of the Earths pain are criminals. Our English land is more important then money, its time we all stood up and said `enough.'  We need  the people of England to awake to the threat and work towards saving our ancient woodlands, if a wood near you is threatened with destruction we want to hear from you, if you own a woodland and your reaching an age where you can no longer care for it yourself but would like to see it retained as woodland and managed correctly contact us and we will help. We need to demand our elected officials stop allowing big building company's from concreating over Southern England.  

This is very simple if your English and you love this nation its time you stepped up and fought for it just like your grandfathers did in two World Wars because todays threat is a greater threat then our nation faced in both World Wars. If you don't the England we love  will die and become a huge concreate estate just so a few of the Tory party's billionaire donors can becoming even richer.       


Saturday 17 June 2023



The Sun is in a changed state it is brighter and stronger now, then any time in the past thousand years and this brightness started in the 1960's. The average temperature since the 1960's has increased by 0.2 deg Celsius and this is causing new extremes in weather patterns. 

A study by Swiss and German Scientists at the Max Planch Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, into the Sun's energy was ignored by the Worlds leaders and Environmental groups. The Gottingen Institute compared data from ice samples taken in Greenland in 1991, these samples contained the lowest recorded levels of Beryllium 10 for more then 1,000 years. Beryllium 10 is a particle created by Cosmic rays that decrease in the earth's atmosphere as the magnetic energy from the Sun increases. Scientists can trace Beryllium 10 back for 1,500 years. 

Yet when this evidence was produced at the Koyto Conference in 1997 it was totally ignored .The following year 18,000 Scientists signed the Oregon Petition which criticised the flawed research that was supported in Koyto. The koyto Protocol was a disaster for real Environmentalists and has failed in all its aims. Consider this, for the cost of implementing the Koyto protocol over a nine month period you could have provided clean water to every human being on Earth. Instead millions of pounds has been wasted and huge sums have disappeared in to the pockets of corrupt officials. what happened at Koyto, was the first sign of how the global elite were hijacking the green movement to profit themselves. Since then any research that challenges their control and plans is dismissed. No one knows why the Sun is burning brighter now or how long the cycle will last, but to understand why the earth is getting warmer you have to acknowledge the Sun's power.. 

Friday 16 June 2023



Any Astronomer or history buff, can tell you that Europe used to be two degrees warmer then it is now. During the medieval period vines were grown in the North East and Greenland was settled by the Vikings. This period was followed by an Ice Age that lasted until 1880.Now the climate is warming up again and if you believe the Left-wingers who dominate the environmental movement its caused by humans burning fossil fuels which increase the levels of carbon dioxide (i.e. Green House gases) into the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to heat up. The left-wingers spokesmen of the Environment movement back up their arguments by claiming all scientists agree with them, Only their don't !

The Sun is burning more brightly then at any time in past 1,000 years. This has caused the Worlds global temperature to rise and in turn warm the oceans. Warmer Oceans absorb less carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so a warmer Earth has more greenhouse gases. Recent research has proven that the magnetic flux from the Sun has doubled this solar magnetation is closely linked with sunspot activity and the strength of sunlight reaching earth increasing. This view of an increasingly energetic sun has been supported by Scientists at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory in Oxford, who produced evidence a few years back that since 1964 the interplanetary magnetic field has increased in strength by 40%. The Magnetic field is caused by solar wind a storm of particles given off by the Sun which fills the solar system. Further evidence suggests that the magnetic field is 2.3 times stronger then it was in 1901.   

Despite this Scientific evidence that the Sun plays a major part in why our climate is warming up, World leaders and policy makers routinely denigrate and ignore the evidence. they continue to devote all their resources to dealing with human activities. Why ?, because their propaganda of doom and death is all about an elite gaining more control and enriching themselves. 

Note: We in the English Fyrnsidu community reject the greed and lies of the political class and capitalism. We follow a path of love of nature, truth and community spirit. If you share these values please contact us and attended one of our events. Everyone whose heart is filled with love for the old ways of England is welcome.   

Thursday 15 June 2023


 One of my aims as a Elder of  Anglo Saxon heathenism  for writing Berserkr blog is for it to be a guide to all Heathen's who want to do things right. I want this blog to offer a wealth of instruction on how to organise and govern a Heathen kindred, how those who follow our faith should conduct themselves, I hope the blog gives readers a practical blue print for building the heathen faith. In this post I want to touch on a few things we should all consider, if our kindreds are to be happy.  

A Heathen Kindred should be an environment where members come and talk about something on their minds, a concern, an achievement, or what ever else it may be. It is important that leaders of Kindreds and smaller groups  take the time to listen with genuine interest to what each member has to say.  Being a member of the heathen faith is about commitment, it means  valuing each other above our own needs and desires. There is tremendous power in commitment and showing your in your kindred for the long haul, this power and bond is what holds a kindred together during difficult times, those that don't have the commitment from its members are weak and fall apart when trouble comes. Too often members of some heathen/Asatru faith focus on the negative and fail to see things that are praise worthy. Heathen gatherings should never be environments of negativity. Be aware of the danger of constant, hard criticism, of arguing and belittling. Talk positively about each other, both inside and out of heathen gatherings and festivals, don't tear each other down. 

This last point is most important, the ultimate goal of all Heathens is to live in harmony with nature to achieve this you need to live a life based on the `HAVAMAL' the holy text of all true Heathens, If your kindreds wants to be strong it must be built around nature and the circle of life. All fathers must impart the wisdom of the `HAVAMAL' and respect for nature to their children because it gives them a moral frame to build their lives on. The power of the Gods must flow through you and your kindred and how its possible to live with nature must be seen and felt by everyone you encounter. Let us be examples to the World how to live good lives.      


Wednesday 14 June 2023



As a follower of the old ways, the value we place on truth is central to our community character, it's the difference between thinking like a Heathen  and the way those outside our faith think. Look at how normal lying is to most people today, the way our political leaders lie, the lies by businesses, way truth is censored by the British media and big tech companies, with leftist causes promoted in spite of the facts. There is a lot of deceit in our nation today. England today is suffering because it's people are encouraged to indulge in lies and hypocrisies. One of most dangerous types of lying is hypocrisy: pretending to be something you are not

Most forms of private vice and public wrong doing, is kindled and sustained by lies. Acts of adultery and other personal betrayals, financial fraud, government corruption, murder all require a willingness to lie. When you lie to your friends even with flattery makes them ignorant to part of reality, harming them in ways we cannot anticipate and treating them less then they deserve. When we presume to lie for the benefit of others, When we decide we are best judges of how much they should know about own lives, how they look, their reputation or their prospects. It is an extraordinary stance to adopt towards other people. We shouldn't  go out of our way to criticize others, sometimes it is best to decline to share information we have, and yes' being truthful can lead to confrontation. But pretending not to notice someone making a bad decision or being self destructive shows no love. when you avoid awkward conversation by lying to some one it can lead to big problems.  

When you adopt the Heathen Faith and lifestyle you are committing yourself to be honest with every one, your purpose in telling the truth is never to offend people you simply want them to have the information you have, and want them to have if you were in their position. When you put the  Hammer around your neck and pledge your life to Wodin and the Asir you commit to the way of truth, to be someone who means what he says, whose word can be trusted, who walks what he talks, who can deliver tactful, honest criticism, and who speaks the truth in love. 

Tuesday 13 June 2023



Almost every man I know over the age of forty is on Satins. Prescribed because their Cholesterol levels were to high. Why don't, Doctor's suggest a change of diet or exercise to bring Cholesterol levels down instead of Satins. Which have many bad side effects. Doctor's are encouraged to prescribe Satins because, millions of men taking Satins daily, earn Millions for the pharmaceutical company's. It's a con, something we should all question.  

Your brain requires a constant supply of fuel supplied by food. What is in that fuel directly affects the structure and function of your brain. Rather then being filled with nutrients, minerals and healthy fats, many everyday foods are filled with sugar and dangerous fats. Research has linked these ingredients to impatience and aggression. But a healthy diet will boost your mood and even stave off dark feelings. 

The increased consumption of highly processed foods is leading to physical weakness and illness among the public. Food can change your brain's structure, chemistry and physiology, hyper processed foods can increase anxiety because they suppress good bacteria and influence pathogenic gut infections such as candidiasis. Liquids can also affect our health caffeine is known to increase anxiety and depression, water will impair your concentration and lead to head aches if the daily intake is not sufficient. Sugary drinks are another concern and are known to cause mood swings, and weight gain. Eating rough chewy old fashioned food was rejected by our parents and grandparents, brown bread was replaced with white sponge bread with no goodness. our bacon and sausages were once full of fat, but are now made from pig's who have been injected with water to put weight on. The result is bacon and sausage  in frying pan produce a white scum instead of fat. Our fruit is full of chemicals and water with no nourishment or goodness. Yes, I know people live longer today but are they feeling better ?   

As Heathens we ae rediscovering the strong ethnic roots of our people and reinventing old values. We promote the use of herbs to heal instead of mass produced drugs that often have bad side effects. nature via herbs provides man with a natural way to prevent most illness. There are dozens of garden and wild herbs that can be used to prevent illness or control many common health problems. When you have never used herbs for your personal health it will mean you have to adopt a new way of thinking and approach every problem in a new way based on the old simple health concepts of your ancestors. By doing this you are thinking like a true Follower of the old gods in touch with nature. Before the 1960's it was common practice to take a Spring cure to flush and clean the body after a hard Winter, a practice ignored by the modern World. This has caused thousands each year to suffer from bloating and gut problems. Not claiming every illness can be cured by herbs and modern medicine has no benefit at all but a lot of common sense and wisdom has been lost in the last few decades. 

Heathenism teaches us that our bodies need forty nutrient each day to stay healthy. To achieve this we promote a traditional diet that includes more vegetables, fruits and unprocessed grains, meat and seafood, with a good amount of fermented and pickled foods. Healthy whole grains are high in fibre and antioxidants boost brain power and concentration and create a calmer feeling. Those who join our ranks and follow the traditional diet understand it not only prevents common diseases but also inhibits mental disorders. It's important that we as a faith promote a healthy life style and healthy food, so that we are living examples of how mankind should live. 



What do Nike, Pepsi, Lego, Disney, L'Oreal, KFC, Pfizer, FedEx, Google, Starbucks, Papa John's, Coca Cola, Morgan Stanley all have in common ? They are giant, hard to ignore businesses. What's more: They have all supported Black Lives Matter, the LBGT movement or both. 

Meanwhile their executives travel the world in private jets, lecturing people about the dangers of climate change. Organizations such as Davos and the World Economic Forum promote Marxist ideas and Billionaires donate to radical leftist movements.

The reason for this support of the Left by big business is self interest. In general businesses try to appeal to the relatively young. Most young members of the public across the western world tend to lean to the left. So it's no coincidence, then, that businesses that have shifted furthest to the left have the youngest customers. For example, people under the age of 34 make up 43 per cent of Nike's business; 89 per cent of Starbuck's customers are under 40.  Business tend to appeal to urban consumers. Those in big cities visit Starbucks more often. Big cities in the West today are multi racial and tend to elect Politicians on the Left. So Business understands political involvement is important to their profits. The radical Left are working hard to politicize the market place, aggressively targeting businesses' that transgress their standards. Big Business seeks to appease the left, they aren't keen on lefts ideas for higher taxation, so they promote the ideas that don't hurt them. They believe by support the left on progressive social causes will blunt the calls to tax or regulate them to heavily.

If you think I am being too cynical consider the left wing causes big business supports. When did you last see one of these companies stand up for LGBT rights in Iran ? or Saudi Arabia ? or to speak against slavery in China or the Middle East ? Speaking out against China would hurt their supply chains. So Nike, Apple and Coca Cola lobbied Congress in U.S.A to allow them to use Chinese concentration camp inmates. Pharmaceutical giant Gilead sponsors Gay Pride parades, while charging thousands a month for anti HIV drug. Signalling their support for the Gay Community is much cheaper then lowering the price of a drug that would predominantly help those in that community. 

Many of these Democratic supporting billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, are attempting to engage in social engineering by using their wealth and  resources to artificially change the structure of society to what they think it should be. E-bay owner and major donor to the Democratic party, Pierrre Omidyar is a clone of George Soros and  funds a huge network of left-wing groups such as Democracy fund, Healthy Democracy, Mc Arthur foundation and Sunrise Movement which seeks to influence elections by amplifying some voices (those with leftist views) and drowning out ones he dislikes. Many of these billionaires also fund research groups that describe themselves as `independent' or non profit but which are really propaganda out lets promoting a liberal view point. I read one of these reports produced by one of these research groups funded by Jonathon Soros (Georges son) on `fake news.' The report recommended an independent fact checker website to support its research. When I checked it turned out the fact checker was also funded by Jonathon Soros ! a fact it does not mention. The desire to reshape the world has one aim to make the billionaires, trillionaires to make them richer, this is not a crazy conspiracy it is openly spoke about by the super rich they call it the GREAT RESET. These people own governments and spend millions on propaganda and use their wealth to silence and ban any one or group that opposes them.   

 This I hope is just another example of why I repeat again and again the system is rotten its corrupt and it doesn't work for the common man.  The left and the worlds Billionaires are promoting ideas that are dangerous to the world. If I look at the Right wing they have no answers and many of the leaders are as corrupt as those on the left.  Only heathenism which rejects all political wings has a vision to take us forward, only heathenism has an answer to globalisation, only heathenism has nature at its heart and is able to save this planet. The first stage of this vision is to build a heathen community in England that will work with nature work for the benefit of all these in the community and act as an example to the nation on how it's possible to opt out of the system and thrive. The old faith of our ancestors is the glue that will bind us together every time someone take that huge step to change his life and how he lives by joining us we become stronger. The stronger we become the harder it will be for the billionaires to enrich themselves and force us into debt slavery.       

Monday 12 June 2023



Nye Bevan the founder of Britain's welfare state disclosed a great secret about the National Insurance Fund; there is no fund.

This week National Insurance Contribution (NIC) deducted from your wages are used to pay next weeks pensions. this kind of accountancy has a name, `It's called fraud.'  in the private sector no independent insurance company would be allowed to get away with this. The truth is Britain's state pension is nothing more then a Ponzi scheme, even the dumbest person in Britain knows all Ponzi schemes collapses sooner or later. When the flow of money from new investors proves insufficient to honour promises issued.

That's why most of us are forced to pay into a company pension scheme on top of paying taxes to pay for our state pension. The whole system is corrupt and rotten and why, I seek a different path, based on truth and wisdom. The path of Anglo Saxon heathenry.


Sunday 11 June 2023



Last Saturday I hiked from Sittingbourne in Kent 3 miles to the village of Tonge. Most of you will never have heard of Tonge but its an important place in England's history, that is hidden and forgotten it's also the birth place of our heathen faith in England so is also a holy site. 

In the 5th century, when the Roman Empire collapsed our islands were left in chaos, warfare existed across the island of Britain. To defend his kingdom from the Picts. The British  King Votergern, hired Hengist the Jutish hero to defeat the Picts and save his Kingdom. When the large army of the Picts were defeated in the north of England by Hengist and his Jute warriors. Votergern wanted to reward Hengist, who requested a pledge of the kings affection only as much land as an ox hide could surround. When this was granted, Hengist rowed south with his warriors and landed at Ypinesfleot and claimed the land for Wodin. Hengist led his followers in shore and at the village of Tonge he cut the whole  Ox hide into thongs (strips of thin leather) and enclosed within them a space of ground that was large enough to build a fortress .Thwang Ceastre (thong Castle)

I had hoped to see the earth banks of the fortress which lies behind the old mill pond but its been fenced off so despite its importance to Anglo Saxons. We can not access this historical and holy site. The earth ramparts are overgrown with trees but the Norman Motte and Baily which was built on Thwang Ceastre can just be made out. On the old Saxon earth works built by Hengist are two large Elms, the trees occupy an elevated position overlooking the mill pond. Elms are the Ents, the giants of the woods and can easily reach 140ft in height. Sadly they are very rare today due to the ascomycete fungus spread by the Elm bark beetle. I spoke to one local who told me at a nearby farm was an ancient yew 2,000 years old.

Hengist had gained his fame for avenging the murder of his father when he killed Finn Folwaleding king of the Frisians. Hengist sword Hnaef  which drank the blood of Finn King of the Frisians was forged by the giant smith Weland, upon its hilt he engraved Runes telling of the ancient strife between the gods and giants. 

The ancient church in Tonge

When Christians came from France and forced the Jutes of Kent to become Christians one of the first places they built a church was at Tonge . This is evidence that Tonge was still an important sight for our ancestors two hundred years after Hengist built his First camp here. I walked down to St Giles church, there in the church yard surrounded by a ring of old yew trees I meet the church warden she explained to me the present church was built by the Normans on top of the old Saxon church, before the battle of Hastings the village was owned by a Saxon noble called Oswald but William the bastard had given the village to his brother Odo bishop of Bayeux who built the Church and the Norman Motte and Baily Castle. The Church warden went on to explain the 12th century Church has a major structural problem, but Canterbury will not pay for its repair. She also explained that the congregation was now so small, most Sundays only six people attend of whom, she is the youngest; she was in her late 70's. There are many causes for the decline of the Church's power in the English countryside but the seeds of decay were sown by the last four Archbishops of Canterbury and their liberal politics that have allowed the clergy to become infested with corruption, negligence and sexual immorality. They preach Marxism from the pulpit and lack confidence in their faith. This portrays itself to the public as being weak and in decline.

I cant prove it but I believe the original Saxon Church which stands in a ring of Yews was built on a former heathen temple. The choice of St Giles as the saint is also of interest and points to this possibly being a site dedicated to Weland. As heathens we need to re-claim this holy village for our faith and for the English Nation. 

Note: We promote the Anglo Saxon heathen faith  which is built on a love of the old Gods and ways of England. We oppose all those on the left who seek to hijack our our faith to promote any form of hatred and division. We welcome everyone who shares our love for this beautiful island and the old ways

Wednesday 7 June 2023



The so called experts all blame the extreme weather conditions over the past few years on man made global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. They refuse to even consider the Sun's role in global warming, base all their conclusions on biased science. The primary tools climate scientists use to make predictions are computer models. But these models oversimplify the earth's climate system, even to the point of ignoring the basic fact that the heating effects of carbon dioxide are not linear. The first twenty parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produce more warming than the next 400 parts per million. This means that carbon dioxide has already warmed the atmosphere almost as much as it can. These simulations also ignore many of the Earth's climate systems that mitigate rising carbon dioxide levels, such as increased plant growth. As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise, plant growth increases. As plant growth increases, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels fall. The physical processes in the atmosphere are not well understood, scientists make guesses about values of the variables in the equations they use, such as when they are predicting storms. this is why weather predictions made more than two weeks in advance are often hopelessly inaccurate. It is also why climate scientists cannot decide whether warmer ocean surface temperatures increase or decrease the frequency of hurricanes.

From a heathen view point, the extreme weather is a sign that the present Christian age is coming to it's end. The chaos will get worse as we enter the final years of this age circle. We all need to prepare for the coming chaos & battle's  which will be fought between good and evil. 

Tuesday 6 June 2023



It's not easy to know what's in our food today, as it was thirty years ago, when most of it came from local family run farms. Today the huge multi national corporations grow and distribute most of what we eat. Such large scale production has lowered cost but also brought risks. Most of us don't realise it, but we have been eating genetically engineered  foods since the 1990's. Bread, Cereal, Pizza, Chips, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Dressings all contain ingredients from engineered foods. The pesticides and drugs that underpin the mass production of food has effected the health of thousands in the UK.

I believe genetic engineered crops are a Pandora's box, across the Globe we now have millions of acres planted with such crops. By doing this we have released an uncontrollable force into the environment. Modified crops spreading their genes to wild relatives and altering organisms which science will struggle to control in the future. The Genes from the engineered crops will jump via the Wind, Bees and other pollinators into other nearby relatives. Many farmers worry these Genes will infect weeds allow them to grow stronger. 

Not enough research has been done, Allison Snow a plant Ecologist at Ohio State University believes engineered crops are being developed too quickly and released on millions of acres of farmland before they have been adequately tested for possible long term ecological impact. The big Multi National 's and their paid politicians tell us these things can't happen, people like me are scaremongering. In the late 1990's it was discovered Corn pollen had infected Milkweed that grows around Cornfields, the Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars that feed on the leaves of Milkweed became stunted or died after they ate the leaves. This one story was enough proof for me that GM crops can be dangerous to wildlife and man.

It's widely believed that some of pesticides being sprayed on our food has not only effected the health  of our children (Methyl Parathion was banned in Europe after it was discovered to attack children's nervous systems) but also caused Bee populations to be wiped out. Yet our Government does nothing.  As some insects are becoming resistant to the pesticides new more deadly toxins are being used, no one is looking at what long term effect of this will be. There is now such a build up of Toxins in the soil it's having a negative effect on the soil eco -systems and is killing the Earth.

To protect our Children and our selves, we all need to look into ways we can avoid the use of GM crops and food that's been sprayed with dangerous pesticides. The best way we can do that is by growing our own food. Fruit and Vegetables that are free of any chemicals.  

Monday 5 June 2023



In March last year thousands of Red Star fans displayed banners in response to the hypocrisy of west over its sanctions on Russia. The banners listed twenty country's overthrown or invaded by the USA . While I support the Ukraine's in their fight for freedom, the banners did highlight the double standards of the USA. 

Fans celebrate bond between two clubs

Back in 1990's I  attended several Red Star games, with some Greek skinhead who supported Olympiacos. Red Star and Olympiacos are brother clubs whose supporters  both clubs play in red and white, both sets of fans share Christian orthodox faith and nationalist views.  My old friend Arkan the leader of the far right Tigers during the war in the 1990's recruited all his men from the Red Star fans.  A few years ago when Dynamo Zagreb played Olympiacos in champions league game in Athens. Three hundred members of the `Delije' Red Stars ultras flew into Athens to support Olympiacos. In an underpass in front of Athens airport the Dynamo hooligans known as the `Blue Boys' and `Delije' clashed both sides were armed with poles chains knives the fierce battle lasted almost twenty minutes, 19 of the Dynamo fans needed hospital treatment another dozen to badly hurt to attend the game. But I think it highlights the bond between the two football clubs.

Red Star fans 

 One of the best Red Star matches I watched was the Belgrade derby. it's the biggest event in the Serbian sporting calendar I can only describe the atmosphere inside Red Stars stadium known as the MaracanĂ£ of the Balkans, as like a Celtic Rangers game on steroid's it's MENTAL !.The fans of the two clubs have historically been  divided into those who follow the orthodox faith Red Star and those who wear the Black and white of Partisan and follow the old communist party. After the match we were took to a restaurant and  I was introduced to one of the Red Star supporters uncle's, who was in the military, his name was General Radislav Kestic. 

A few years later, General Radislav kestic who was chief of staff of Drina corps of Bosnian Serb army  was indicted for war crimes in connection with the genocide of 8,000 Muslim prisoners in Srebrenica. The Bosnian Serb General was first person convicted of genocide since 1945.He was convicted of genocide of 8,100 men at the international court of the Hague in 2001 and sentenced to 45 years in prison an appeal reduced the conviction to aiding and abetting genocide and his sentence was cut to 35 years. In 2004 he was transferred to UK, to Frankland prison in county Durham. In 2009 he was moved to Wakefield.

General Kestic at Hague

In the Yorkshire prison Kestic was the victim of a revenge attack by three convicted murders, all who were practising Muslims, who entered his cell at top security Wakefield prison. General Kestic who has a false lower right leg having lost his leg when he stepped on a mine, was pinned down by one man while the other two cut and slashed him with home made knives, in revenge for his role in Yugoslavian war. They left him unconscious in his cell and his life was only saved thanks to another inmate . The General suffered several injuries including a 12” slash across his neck, done in an attempt to cut the vital vessels in his throat to kill him. Three men were arrested for the attack Indrit krasniqi an Albanian, who killed Mary Ann Kelly a school girl in Reading. Krasniqi was born in Afghanistan but came to UK as a kosovan orphan (?) In May 2000 with several other refugees he kidnapped and raped two 16 year old school girls. Kelly Ann, was stabbed to death by the group her friend was shoot but survived to help convict him.  Iliyas Khalid Originally called Christopher Braithwaite  he was given 28 years for the sexual assault and murder of a 33 year old woman. In prison he converted to Islam and took the name Iliyas Khalid.and Quam Qgumbibyi a Nigerian national Stabbed a man to death in Hackney.

Scum who attacked the General

In February 2011 all three were cleared of attempted murder at Leeds crown court but were convicted of wounding with intent to cause GBH. How cowardly to attack a 62 year old man with a false leg, after the attack he was transferred to Holland then on to Poland. In 2019, he was refused early release by the Hague court. After his conviction, we corresponded for many years. So I can say truthful the General is a patriot and good man. Over coming weeks I will be campaigning to have the General released and seeking new evidence that will help overturn the illegal convictions of Karadzic and Mladric.  As heathens we are a people who hold truth and justice very highly and it's important we support anyone whose suffering an injustice no matter what faith they hold. Any help readers of the blog can offer please contact me.

Sunday 4 June 2023



The image above is the Village sign of Finglesham in Kent and is based on an Anglo-Saxon gold belt buckle discovered in the village. The figure cast on the buckle is of a naked Wodin, wearing a horned helmet  holding two spears. and is known as Finglesham man. The village takes its name from old English `Pengles Ham' meaning Princes Ham or Princes Manor.  

This is not the only village in Kent which features Wodin on it's village sign. Woodnesborough situated a mile from sandwich also features Wodin. In the Domesday survey, the village was called Wanesberge. Woodnesborough village centre is the Woden Hill, whence its name is derived. This hill is a very high mound, Edward Hasted, the 18th century Kentish topographer suggested, the hill was a burial site  raised over those who fell in the battle between Ceoldred, king of Mercia and Ina king of Wessex in 715 A.D. 

Some claim Votimer the British king who died in 457 is buried there. And the village is the woodnesbeorb of the Anglo Saxon chronicle which says Vortimer desired to be buried near where the Saxons used to land being persuaded that his bones would deter them. One of streets in the village is called `Cold Friday street' and certainly derives from the Saxon words Cola and Friga the latter the name of the Queen of the gods Frieg. Near the village is  Ringleton Wood which  is sacred to Frieg.

The truth of our old faith in the true gods is hidden every where in England. All Anglo Saxon heathens should support our English customs and ways rather then seek answers by following the Icelandic version of  our faith called Asatru. Anglo Saxon heathenry a faith/path that comes from our English soil and connects us to our ancestors. We are Angles and Saxon's let's all rejoice in that and be proud of our own ways. Just as the Icelandic folk rejoice in their history and roots.   

Saturday 3 June 2023



In March 2020 W.H.O. director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a Marxist from Ethiopia with no medical experience declared Covid 19 a global pandemic. Across Europe medical experts supported by those on the left began saying the disease was spreading so fast that Europe's health care system would be over run with sick patients. Something drastic needed to be done to flatten the curve. In the UK the government ordered a shut down, almost overnight travel ceased public gatherings were stopped even church's closed. Business across the UK found themselves at risk of going bust, millions faced being made unemployed.

To counter this Boris Johnson unveiled a huge 350 billion pound spending plan, this included paying 80% of the wages those laid off work due to the lock down. This was the most extensive intervention in our economy ever made. One Rishi Sunak the Chancellor at the time admitted his no idea what this would cost ? The trouble is the road  Johnson & Sunak took was hard to reverse, we  saw every company and every sector of business banging on the governments door asking for more money.  

What worried me most about this was what happens if we have another emergency next year ? Will the government borrow massively again ? Will the Bank of England print more money ? How long before the government finances, the currency and our economy collapse entirely ?

Britain's whole financial system is now in a tough position, I understand if government hadn't done what it did lot of pain for people but by adopting them I believe they have pushed that pain into the future and guarantee that when it hits it will be a lot worse.  The problem we now have is our entire economic system rest on a foundation of debt. Over the last decade the government managed the economy by encouraging us to borrow it  lowered interest rates so people borrow more and spend more. It dis-encourages people from saving this means in a crisis people have no savings and must turn to the government. But when we had a crisis the government couldn't help without borrowing more, so we continued on a  cycle continually building up more debt. The government during the covid crisis created conditions that will guarantee an economic crash in the future.

When this happens the English people will be looking for guidance and some wise advice, it will need a faith it can trust. The political party's and leaders of these groups offer nothing but more lies more corruption, during the lock down the poor got poorer and the rich got richer, the Tory's paid almost one third of the money handed out to big corporations who pocketed the money. The other party's are no different all they can offer is the same answers that has caused the chaos. The future is in our hands the heathen faith can offer a new way, but only if it gets organised.

Friday 2 June 2023



Globalisation was the central policy of Britain and USA governments under Bush, Blair, Clinton and Cameroon, we were all told how great globalisation was. In truth it was a lie, an illusion, it was just a word to cover up the western nations surrendering their manufacturing capacity to China. Remember  Bill and Hilary and Obama boasting about the NAFTA and how China being admitted into the World Trade Organisation was going to open markets of Mexico and China to American goods , Clinton and Obama knew it was untrue, as did the mutli - nationals and lobbyists in the swamp who supported their policy. Their goal from the beginning was to transfer production from American soil, to country's were they could take advantage of foreign low wages and foreign government subsides. The elites of Britain and USA used globalisation to get rich by selling out our nations manufacturing capacity, intellectual property, real estate even our university's to China and Middle Eastern investors. This shift in production from the West to Asia has been a disaster for the West it has lowed the living standards for millions of workers in the west, turned  parts of the west into ghetto's of poverty, all for the benefit of a few Billionaires. For me globalisation has been nothing but a looting of our nations. It took our two nations, two hundred years to build our industrial base, the liberal globalists have destroyed that in twenty years. Its been the biggest act of treason ever, yet no one speaks about it.

Over the past two decades America has wasted 5 trillion dollars on its Middle-East adventures and indebted itself to China in the process with nothing to show for it. It's National debt is now over 25 trillion dollars. America is heading towards its death, it cant survive, its debts are too large. When America falls and we are watching the start now the West will  be in chaos for decades. The collapse of the USA will turn  Britain upside down.

We need to prepare for this coming chaos, which has a name `RAGNAROK'. The recent protests and Covid virus are both signs, warnings of the present age ending. The battle of `RAGNAROK' that will erupt between the followers of the Asir  and the dark forces of the World. As I've wrote in earlier posts the ending of the Christian age and the full rebirth of our faith, will not be something that will happen over a short period it will be a slow gradual change over a decade or more. The hard times and chaos when it ends will bring a new society a new World one based on LOVE, BALANCE and NATURE. Not Hate, Greed and Globalization.

Thursday 1 June 2023



This Organization, the Catholic Church , must be dissolved and banned. No other association, company, structure, would not be dissolved, dismantled after such crimes' 

The above quote was posted on line on the day a independent inquiry  by CIASE in France reported that since 1950 over 330,000 children, 80% of whom were boys aged between 8 and 13 had been sexually abused by members of catholic Church in France. The report named over 3,000 paedophile priests in France. A week ago a report in Scotland claimed 20,000 boys had been abused by members of the Catholic church in past two decades. From Australia to the USA were thousands of paedophile priests are known to have been active. From Germany to Belgium we have in last twenty years read about boys being abused by members of the Roman Catholic faith. In Africa the Church has taken no action despite thousands of complaints about the sexual abuse of boys by the white priests sent there. I have spoken in several posts about the crimes of the Catholics on our heathen faith and culture. It's time the church paid for its crimes and time a government banned this vile organization. Yet no one in government, in the Church of England or any other arm of the establishment speaks out against the Church of Rome. 

I've wrote several times about the Christian crimes against people of other faiths. The Berserkr press supports the call to out law, the Catholic Church. We also call for talks about compensation for the crimes carried out against our faith and people. 

Note: We are one of the few Heathen blogs that speaks out against child abuse and sexual crimes against women across the globe. Why other blogs who are quick to sign petitions against AFA and Stephen mc Nallen yet remain silent on these subjects is strange.

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