Thursday 21 March 2024




 A question I am Often asked ` Is  the worship of Freyr, open to anyone regardless of race gender etc ?' 

The Answer is this, I like my children better then my cousins my cousins better then my neighbours, my neighbours better then strangers and strangers better then my enemies. A person of good Teutonic stock but who is unaware of Freyr and his blood link to the point he or she marries an alien, is of no use to Freyr nor is the person whose mind is full of Christian prejudices and hatred. A person of alien blood who believes he or she is heathen is of no use to Freyr either, for a person with alien roots will misinterpret the troth and bring in alien wonts and thinking. The two legs to serving Freyr are Teutonic ancestry and a deep awareness of truth. Our kindred is like a big family, we look after our own. Our kindred is the only true English family left. If you fit in to that your welcome. 

Wednesday 20 March 2024



Our nation today is challenged by many problem's the English now have very little to unite or define them as a people. Christianity and its message of meekness and woke is rejected by the majority of the young people in England. The church's history of child abuse and treatment of females is so shocking and disgusting hundreds of thousands have left the established church in last decade. Last month the Archbishop of York, described the Lords prayer as problematic, due to its oppressively patriarchal reference to our father. The opening words of the prayer has been central art of Christian liturgy for two thousand years. But now the word father is viewed as divisive and negative. The church is in turmoil and offers the people nothing. More and more people are repudiating their Christian inheritance, seeking different answers. The lies are no longer being feed to the next generation who seek answers in nature not science or a god that seeks to threaten and punish its follower.

Christianity for over a thousand years sought to destroy our faith, it has caused the death of millions of our ancestors in the North. Many Christians believe that the god Freyr died back in the sixth century. This might be true, if we could say that the Saxon's, Danes, North men are dead, but they live. Are we Englishmen, Norwegian, Dane, Swede and Vinlander, today not the full blooded ancestors of these ancient tribes. whether we own to it or not, we are blood of their blood and mind of their mind.

Christians are so arrogant that they dismiss us as a fringe group of pagans they don’t take us seriously. Freyr may mean nothing to the alien in Europe, nothing to the Christian, but he is the pith and marrow of our folk. And while we survive as a folk he will live. The blindness of the Christian leaders will be their downfall. There cannot be two sons in the sky nor two kings on the throne The clock is ticking towards our victory.

Monday 18 March 2024



In the beginning there was a vast space and emptiness called Ginnunga – gap, length it had, and breadth immeasurable and there was depth beyond all understanding. There was no shore no sea no earth or heaven this was the beginning of all things.

First of all things formed was Nifel-heim in the far north the home of mist and ice next Muspel-heim the land of heat in the south. In the midst of Nifel-heim burst forth a great fountain `Hvegelmet' from it flow 12 rivers called Elivagar from which all waters flow and return.

It was in Muspel that the great clay giant Ymer was formed rough and ungainly was Ymer when he began to move he was tortured by great pangs of hunger, but there was yet no substance he could eat until he found a gigantic cow named Audhumly `void darkness,' Ymer saw her standing by a block of ice with milk running from her teats greedily he drank until he filled the seed of life and was satisfied. Then a great heaviness came over Ymer and he lay down and fell into a deep sleep a dreamless slumber warmth and strength possessed him, and sweat formed in his armpit from which a son was formed named Mimir who name means mind and memory a. daughter was also born from his sweat she was named Bestila .From Mimir were descended all the Vanier gods including Freyr.


Sunday 17 March 2024



I am an old grey beard and a follower of the old ways, I am very excited to have the opportunity to edit the Berserkr press, because I believe it is my destiny is to awaken the English people to glory of Freyr. My aim over the next year, is to publish 64 posts on the ideas, beliefs and rules of the Teutonic troth of Freyr and explain it, so it not only lodges in the heart of those who read this blog, but will destroy the lies that the Christians have invented to enslave our minds.

The power of the Freyr and the Vanier gods was forgotten for over a thousand years until the end of the 19th century when the German folkish groups led by men like Gudio Von List, began to reawaken the knowledge and magic of the God's. I've carried on that work promoting Freyr and his worship for past thirty years. Freyr worship is the most important of all the heathen sects because Freyr is the fertility god that gives us the harvest that feeds us the blessing of children and brings the new life each spring. This does not mean that those who make Freyr their personal supreme deity ever with hold their love and devotion from Odin or Thor or any of the other gods. It is just we place Freyr first because he is the most wise of all the gods.



 I've been publishing the Berserkr press blog for just over a year now, after a slow start those reading the blog has increased each month for the past ten months. However, I realise I don't have the time to work full time, write the blog and work on my main project publishing new heathen titles by the Berserkr press. I don't want it to be like so many blogs where they have nothing to say or write and struggle to post anything for months in the first year we posted 108 pages and I would like to keep up. So, after much soul searching; I am passing the blog onto someone else for the next 12 months. Thor Waddle, Is someone ive known for thirty years and he has agreed to edit the blog for the next 12 months. For those of you who don't know Thor Waddle, he is devoted to the god Freyr and the mystical worship of the Vanier god's. Waddle is widely recognised as the voice of Freyr in Europe and has a large following, he also supports my views about the evilness of Christianity and will continue to expose the corruption and crimes waged on Europe by the church.


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