Wednesday 31 May 2023


 A few years ago, former President Barack Obama advised politicians to be more underhanded in their attempts to transform America. Looking at what's happening in the USA from England it is amazing how easily journalists, politicians and other figures in the main stream media are deceived by the radical left and Democratic party blatant lies, like the Russian collusion hoax. The American press from day one were unwilling to challenge Obama when he became President, which allowed him to silence dissent, much of what Obama believed before he was elected was unknown because the American press didn't vet him. These same journalists who acted like teenage girls and swooned over Obama, viewed everything Trump did as evil and corrupt. Throughout the Trump years they displayed rank bias and utter blindness. 

On February 21st last year the Washington Post reported that officials from the former Obama administration such as John Kerry and Obama's Chief Iran deal negotiator were in regular talks with Iran, while Trump was in Office and were conducting a clandestine foreign policy - actively colluding with the enemy of the United States. This was TREASON in my mind. But of course there was no FBI investigation no out cry from CNN or MBC News. To the radical Democrats there was no limit to what they would say or do to attack Trump and undermine his term as president. representative Schiff suggested Trump might offer Alaska to Russia in exchange for support in the 2020 election. of course there was no evidence to support such a crazy statement. the radical left are casting aside the very foundations of law in the USA and there is no longer a free and truthful media in the USA to hold them to accountant.

 Make no mistake about it, the Democratic party are the enemy of all Anglo Saxon's here in the UK and those in the USA, they despise us. They hate England and hate our heathen beliefs Their corrupt and sick mindset seeks to destroy everything we hold and value, they look to destroy all religions, all cultures they disagree with. They represent every evil idea in the world today.

Note: As followers of Anglo Saxon heathen faith, we believe it is important we speak out against evil in this world. We will not let any attacks on our English faith, culture or god's go unanswered. If you share this view you need to support us. Every time one of you supports our work it makes us stronger and our power grows.   

Tuesday 30 May 2023



 In the Fyrnsidu faith we respect and honour and worship many gods and goddess. After Wodin none is more important then Frigg, the Queen of the Aesir. As Wodin's wife Frigg under her old English name of Frieg, she gives her name to Friday and is the patron of love and marriage. She is a secret goddess who gives death a form, a goddess of outcasts and the lawless (even bad men need a goddess.)  The catholic church condemned her worship and called her a witch but  many today on fringes of society, seek her protection others seek her visitation of harm on others. This cult to Frieg has grown in secret over last ten years amongst English Heathens who call on her to restore fertility to earth.      

To followers of old ways pilgrimages to sacred sites are important because they help to rouse assist kindle the minds of the faithful to love the gods more devoutly.  Frieg is beautiful golden haired goddess of love most closely associated with sexuality and water. Most sites associated with Frieg are by rivers or marshes and in ancient times spears and swords would be thrown into sacred waters as an offering to Frieg.  

In Anglo Saxon heathenry we seek to formulate a kinder gentler heathen rhetoric not corrupted into building a faith based on violence. To influence our minds in the right direction. Every year on the Spring Bank holiday in England we travel to a small wood near the Kent Coast sacred to Frieg and hold a ceremony in her honour. when you enter the wood you leave behind all your problems and cares and pass into a different world. a journey back 1,500 years to middle earth of our ancestors, a mysterious awe inspiring world in which we can feel our gods again. We entered the wood in the early morning as a mist rose from the surface and like a company of phantoms we drifted through the mist and entered the wood. Walking with me on this Pilgrimage to Frieg's wood were Kent's outcasts, several Wiccans and a couple of criminal misfits who I have recruited too the Heathen faith hoping to use its power to change their lives give them a purpose. Now banded together under the White Horse banner of Kent, we found Frieg's tree in the wood decorated with ribbons and cloth tied to its branches. You don't need a degree or a dog collar to contact our gods all you need is faith and love and as we called on Frieg the great earth mother we all felt something which I cant explain. This wood and tree are a spiritual place and our minds and thoughts will enter the cosmos and attract Frieg's attention. This is open invitation to anyone who reads this blog to join us next May our pilgrimage to Frieg's tree and feel for your self the Frieg's woods power.  

Hail to thee, Earth mother, mother of men Hail.  

Monday 29 May 2023



 The Aesir Gods were a large family headed by Wodin the god of Kings and ruler of men , yet according to Adam of Bremen Thunor was the mightiest of the gods in the Uppsala Temple not Wodin. Old Thunor ruled the air and storms, he governed thunder and lighting, the winds and rains, fair weather and crops. Thunor was the son of Wodin and Frieg but had a very different nature to Wodin, he was down to earth and reliable. He represented physical strength and fought evil, symbolised by the giants and the World serpent. A popular story tells of how Thunor fought the world serpent a symbol of chaos and destruction to our ancestors.

Thunor drove a chariot pulled by two giant goats and his weapon was the mighty hammer Mjolnir, for thousands of years he was worshipped all over Europe under many names the Belgic tribes a mixture of Teutons and Celts called him Taranis, The Slav's call him Perkunas, the Germanic name was Donar, the Vikings called him Thor. The worship of Thunor was closely associated with the Oak trees and many believe he may have been the Druid's god. The Vikings and Anglo Saxons wore hammer pendant's around their necks to show their devotion to Thunor, today thousands of Europeans are again wearing Hammer pendant's. Unlike Wodin whose name does not form a part of personal names and there is no record as far as I know of his name being invoked on Rune Stones, Thunor is evoked on numerous Rune Stones scalds made poetry in his honour and his name is an element in many personal names which are still used.  

For thousand's of years the cult of Thunor or Thor was always a vigorous one in the North. His worship was wide spread by the those who were independent and attracted to independence. the Vikings while loyal to their kindred were always resentful of authority of Kings this led to the settlements of Dublin Waterford and Iceland by the followers of Thor.   Thunor disappeared when the Christian's cut down his sacred Oaks and began persecution of any one who remained loyal to him.

Today Old Thunor the red bearded god of thunder storms and war has awoke like a volcano . In parts of civilized modern godless Europe which has for decades been throwing off all it's links to the Christian faith, he has come back to life, after 1,500 years of sleep he has been awoke. Under a dozen sacred Oaks across the English nation sheep have been sacrificed this year to him, the blood spilt in his name is an announcement of the new dawn and our growing numbers.

Note: This blog promotes heathenism and the ancient ways of the Anglo Saxon's and we honour Thunor in rituals through out the year 

Thursday 25 May 2023



 Our Planet is experiencing a increase in wild fires, Canada, California and Oregon have just had worst fires in living memory. In UK wildfires are getting worse each year. 2017 was a dark year a record 1.2 million hectares went up in flames in Europe, 800,000 in Portugal, Italy and Spain alone. In Australia 2020 wildfires destroyed a area larger then Syria and killed over a billion insects animals and birds. In Siberia a fire caused a smoke cloud larger then all EU countries combined, remember Siberia is a one of coldest places on earth. even Artic fires were raging in 2019 .

So what's causing these wildfires, according to our western leaders and the current political and scientific dogma, the wildfires are the result of human activities. They totally ignore the fact that  since the sun shifted to a higher position in the magnetic field it's strength has more then doubled, worryingly as the sun continues to spiralling up it's strength will increase. The increase in cosmic rays as a result of the changing Sun is what causes wild fires. cosmic rays trigger lighting in thunderstorms especially dry thunderstorms and lighting in thunderstorms ignites wildfires.

Lighting is an unsolved mystery that physics can not explain, lighting flashes on earth over a hundred times a second but what trigger lighting in thunderstorms is not understood. Research into electric fields within the thunderclouds has established they don't have the power to spark a lighting bolt and left Science unable to answer what causes lighting. Each year lighting strikes are increasing across the Globe, in 2019 when dozens of lighting strikes hit the north pole scientists were puzzled, I don't know why because the cosmic rays bombarding the earths surface is always strongest at the poles. Since 2019 lighting strikes have increased six fold. in New Zealand on one day there were 300,000 lighting strikes in one day, 872,000 over one weekend in December. the increase has nothing to do with human made climate changes, the increased power of the sun is causing the lighting which is igniting our planet. Many scientists are now acknowledging most wildfires are caused by lighting but will still not acknowledge lighting is caused by cosmic rays from the sun. I hope every one especially the Odinist who read this will look at the facts and agree the Sun is a power we still do not understand but the burning Earth is another sign of Ragnaroks approach.     

Wednesday 24 May 2023



The Oxford dictionary defines dehumanization as the process of depriving a person or group of positive human qualities. It means ignoring a people's natural rights, thoughts, emotions to consider them no better then animals.

Deprive a foe of his status as a human and it becomes easier to persecute him, history shows that dehumanization is often the first step towards violence against your foes. In the UK today there is a growing tendency to dehumanize people, this is evident in the vile statements put out on social media. For many today politics today is no longer about challenging your opponent's arguments, but about destroying your opponent, politically, financially, socially. The goal is no longer to win a argument but to crush your opponent. Several of our political leaders especially those on the left, now generally believe any one on the right is evil.  British celebrity's on TV panel shows, daily deploy language of hatred and violence against those on the right. If this spirit of hatred remains unchecked, it is hard not see it ending in violence. The left's growing hatred of any one on the right will grow,  the demonization of Nigel Farage and UKIP during Brexit and the attacks on the actor Lawrence Fox both demonstrate this hatred. The vile remarks made by some of our music stars against English football supporters who opposed Black Live Matter demo's was also another example of this growing hatred. The vile language of the left needs to stop they have no respect for the law of our nation, no respect for anyone who disagrees with their woke world view. It is not a exaggeration to say that they have contempt for any group or person who promote patriotism or hold a different  political stance to them. They also have a contempt for any one who holds a faith especially those who follow Wodin and don't conform to their values. To save England from the radical left, to protect those being dehumanized we must turn a bright spotlight on the people using social media to attack our friends family's and fellow citizens or it will end in a bad way. It's important we all take a stand against any group or individual who abuses anyone because of their faith or beliefs. 

Note: This blog promotes the Anglo Saxon heathen faith, which is built on our love of the gods and our English nation and people. Those who hate the Anglo Saxon's and blame us for everything wrong in the world please note our love is stronger then your hate.   

Tuesday 23 May 2023



American debt in 2011 was 95% of it's annual economic output. Since then it's continued borrowing instead of trying to bring the debt down. It was 105% in 2018, but is now a lot higher somewhere between 120% and 122% .Harvard economic Professors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff have concluded that any debt over 90% of it's annual economic output is dangerous. Which means America's debt is a bomb that is waiting to explode, its only a matter of when it will happen.

In April 2020, Boris Johnson's government ordered the British people to stay at home. Overnight Restaurants, Pubs, Cinema's, were all forced to close. public gatherings stopped, travel ceased. Firms throughout the UK faced going bust, millions faced unemployment. Having created this crisis Johnsons Chancellor Rishi Sunak then volunteered to pay for it. On march 20th 2020, when he unveiled a huge  spending plan, those who couldn't work government paid 80% of their wages up to a cap of £ 2,500 a month. In making this commitment  Rishi admitted that he had no idea what it would cost. In effect half the country became government employees and the Tory's had adopted Socialism. Company's of all sizes began demanding government cash, The problem this created was with each new hand out someone somewhere wanted more. Once they receive handouts people expect them to keep coming. When UK economy last went into such a drastic course it took from 1939 to Thatcher's 2nd term in 1980's to sort it out. It will take longer this time, what happens if we have another crisis ? are we going to print more money create more debt ? how long before government financial currency collapse ?

The English used to look to their own resources 100 years ago our grandparents would never have expected the government to save them. But now we are weaker and fragile and expect the government to care for us. If we are unemployed or sick, to bail out banks, to fund the arts and sport. In UK we pay about a lot in tax, yet even such a hefty level of taxation is not enough to survive. The 2008 financial crisis the UK had to borrow heavily. and spent billions bailing out the banks in 2008.  Brexit coming the government didn't want to borrow huge amounts so it looked at another way. The Bank of England started quantitative easing and printed 236 billion pounds, which means it created money from nothing. Our currency was once backed by gold in the vaults of the Bank of England but Gordan Brown sold it off. quantitative easing can be dangerous because it could lead to hyper inflation that renders a currency basically worthless. 

The British financial system is now sitting on a foundation of debt. We are now in a cycle, where the government manages the economy by encouraging people to borrow when crisis hits it lowers interest rates so people  borrow more and spend more with no savings the people cant afford to look after themselves in times of trouble and must seek government help, government borrows more money the cycle builds up a huge debt, which is unsustainable little by little step by step we are creating conditions for a economic crash.

Our present financial practices are unsustainable England needs a real solution. some of the smartest minds in the City of London have now admitted our current system is broke, it needs more then a tweak of interest rates or a different way to print money. It needs something entirely new. 

The foundations of a English community based on the the heathen faith can offer that. We must start the work on building a foundation upon which we can establish a fair stable prosperous system where all men can sit under his apple and pear tree and enjoy the fruit, a place we can plant our crops and be prosperous were we can sing and celebrate our culture and faith freely. The coming financial hardships will help bring thousands of our English brothers and sisters to listen to our beliefs allow many to choose to join us. Wodin is leading us and as we grow so does his power.  

Monday 22 May 2023



Worms Hill is a small village near Maidstone in Kent on the top of the North Downs with a small population of just 200. It's a place where time has stood still and the fields and hedges remain as they were under the reign of Elizabeth the first 500 years ago. The village sits within the Kent Downs an area of outstanding beauty, to the North West of the village lies Bickner and to the east is Frinsted village. There are three farms in the village, Yew Tree farm a dairy farm, Norwood Farm a working fruit farm and Home farm which is no longer a working Farm. The Blacksmiths arms is the local village pub and dates back to the 17th century.  The village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 as Godselle `Gods Hill',  but the village is much older and derives it's name from Woden.  All the Jute Kings of Kent worshipped here when it was called Wodens Hill. The whole village is a site of mystery and undoubtedly a meeting point of powerful leys, which you feel as you enter the village.

The village stands on an elevated and exposed part of the North Downs and when I first got there I couldn't understand what was special about this village until I walked to St Giles Church and the Ash tree opposite the church that hundreds of Heathens visit every year to worship at. The view is out of this world, its amazing you have to go there to see what I am talking about on a clear day. 

St Giles church

Trees hold a particular role in all heathen systems and mythology's both as individual trees or sacred groves dedicated to one of the gods. Tacitus stated in his writings that the Germans worshiped in groves of trees not temples . I believe St Giles was built on site of where the Jutes would make sacrifices to Wodin and was part of a sacred grove. The Jutes like the Vikings worshipped their Gods in sacred woods or groves. We know Brian Bora the king of Ireland burned a grove dedicated to Thor called Coill Tomair outside Dublin that was so large it burnt for a month. The destruction of the sacred grove on Wodens hill and building a church there is another example of Catholic Church stealing our holy sites  trying  and destroy our culture. Sacrifices have always been an important part in the worship of Woden and in 1968 a notorious man in occult circles Johnny Stewart of the Anglo Saxon Church of Woden was caught killing a horse with an axe in nearby Trundle woods as a sacrifice to Woden.

Trundle wood lies north west of the village, in 1994 ancient flint tools dating back to the stone age were found in Trundle woods The woods are not well known but Trundle Woods has its own Occult and secret history. The Jutes worshipped Woden in this wood which once stretched back to St Giles Church and beyond and made up part of the sacred grove. The association between trees and the supernatural has proven to be deep rooted many still believe this wood to be inhabited with earth spirits. On November Solstice secret occult society's still gather in Trundle to worship Woden and show honour to the earth spirits. As Wodens stock his Kin we need to adopt our lives to the rhythms of the seasons the Wind and Rain, Sun and Moon we need to take time to honour him and the Earth Spirits. 

Wodens Hill is now a forgotten occult site soaked in folk lore and linked with the Germanic wisdom of the Jutes .But to the Jutes it was Wodens hill, it was the dwelling place of Woden it was here his spirit lived, apart from Wodin it was home to the Nine. The Waelcyrges  (Valkyries) the sharped toothed maidens who serve woden. I  hope after reading this post your be inspired by the Hills fascinating myth and history to visit this mysterious hill in Kent and fill it power for yourself.   



 `Odinism is a warrior religion that will spread across England like a fire unless it's extinguished.' 

quote from Benny Goldman Anti Nationalist Campaigner

The daft Benny Goldman quote above, shows the left wing don't understand our faith or what we believe. So I felt I should briefly in this post explain what real Heathens like me believe. To cross the rainbow bridge or shinning path that leads to Asgard and the truth you need to understand and follow a true Heathen life style. I say this because the truth can not be reached without knowing the physical reality of our cosmos and re-connecting with the spiritual flow of nature.  

Ours is not the same heathen faith practised by our ancestors, It's a new faith built on old wisdom that is still evolving still growing. We no longer wage war with swords or spears, war gods were needed in those brutal days, now we live in a world where the wisdom and courage of the nature gods is more important. I try to promote in this blog non violence towards all things, To be truly in harmony with nature, we should protect our Trees, Rivers and Oceans from pollution and abuse. I like many other Heathens, in order to be respectful to all forms of life have adopted a vegetarian diet. I seek to promote traditional values not wrong values of modern western lifestyle, this means I believe Males and Females are different and should be raised differently according to their different natural roles. Heathens must be bold in their beliefs and not afraid to speak out against corruption and lies by our political leaders, to try and ignore we are part of the modern world not the early medieval world as some Heathens do is madness.

Nothing good comes from hatred, our faith must be about what we do, not what others do or don't.  We believe as Heathens in the WYRD the interconnectedness of all things. We believe our thoughts and feelings actively and magically influence the surrounding world, our thoughts have the power to affirm or disrupt natural harmony. Since the gods are nature itself and harmony with nature is shaped by the thoughts of humans, we must have good thoughts and goods words for all things and avoid negative and destructive words. Those who join our ranks all speak of how the Heathen faith has given them a purpose in life, a foundation to build their lives on. How Heathens have a unique view of nature that gives them a true relationship with the gods other faiths can not provide.  

The Heathen groups span across the Northern world from Denmark and Germany to Canada and USA. As Heathen's we are united by our blood, our faith, our shared ancestors and history. I regard all fellow Heathens as family. We are a Chosen few, the seeds of the God's.    

When our lives are lived in unnatural decaying cities it smoothers humanity's creativity and ensnares it in meaningless behaviour. The heathens of England need to leave the urban centres. When we can live in harmony with our kin where the gods are present in our lives, where our people can grow and gather build a web of relationships in the community build houses with natural materials grow and plant fruit trees, keep animals create our own eco system  our faith will bloom. One area of a town, one district, one village is all we need to give us this base from which we can build a Heathen community  in. This is what we believe this is our target

Note: The Berserkr press promotes a heathen faith which is based on the lore and gods of the Anglo Saxon's before Christianity came to England. If you love England and the old ways please get in touch and help us save our unique culture. We welcome everyone.  

Sunday 21 May 2023



When Trump beat Hilary Clinton in 2016, the Democrats resorted to extreme tactics they led protests, rioted, agitated accused, confronted and screamed, they fought kicked and did whatever it took to reclaim power. The last time the left had used these tactics in the USA was in the 1960s and 1970s. During that era, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground and other radical groups used terrorist tactics to fight the U.S. government. One presidential study pointed to a crisis of violence during the first 15 months of Richard Nixon's presidency, a period that included some 41,000 bomb threats and bombings. Meanwhile radicals threatened to assassinate the president and burn down the houses of members of his cabinet. Things didn't get that bad during Trump's presidency, but we still saw 1960 style political violence return to city's like Portland. Today the two American political party's have never been so opposed.

The leaders of the Democratic party were student radicals in the 1960s, and their ideological grandchildren are the supporters of radical socialist's like Bernie Sanders. Inspired by the writings of Communist philosophers like Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse, these radicals believe that utopia can only happen via revolution. So in addition to advocating socialist economic reforms they have revolutionised views on sex, gender and race. Most of these radicals flooded into two professions community organising and academia. They brainwash young students into believing traditional European principles like personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets and limited government are racist and only way forward was socialism.                                                                   

The  hard left Democratic Socialists of America is gaining thousands of recruits each month, last year its membership grew by over twenty thousand. In addition to these official card carrying DSA      members, roughly 60 percent of Democrats now want a Socialist system in U.S.A. Socialism refers to the government taking complete control of the entire economy: Marxists consider it a transitional stage between destroying Capitalism and creating a Communist utopia.  

It's not  just on the left that American's are rejecting the current system. Over 40 percent of American's now reject democracy and 9 percent claim to have never had faith in American democracy. one third of Americans think a civil war is coming. The dissatisfaction is strongest in the white working class the descendants of the Anglo-Saxon settlers who are losing faith in government institutions, and oppose the woke views of the Democrats.  The break down of the political order in the USA has already led some Odinist's to take up arms. Robert Bowers entered a synagogue in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in October 2018 and opened fire on dozens of Jews. He murdered 11 people before police arrived to subdue him. Bowers membership of the Odinist Brotherhood was hardly mentioned by the main stream media following the attack, which was strange considering this was fourth attack by the Odinist Brotherhood on American soil in the last few years. 

While we cant support such violence it is clear, the fuel feeding this hate and violence is coming from the Democratic Party leadership. Take Senator Gillibrand who wants to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, effectively erasing the nation's border and allow immigrants to pour in, Kamala Harris who in recent years has proposed free college for households earning less then $125,000 per year and Medicare for all which would cost about $3.3 trillion per year (over 90% of a years tax revenue). Then we had Sen. Elizabeth Warren who wants to fix capitalism by taking over every U.S. business with more then $1 billion in revenue, which would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history. This shift to the hard left by the Democrat's is creating fear and backlash from some.

But the real problem is the lies and double standards, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist whose seen as the future of the Democratic Party, during a TV interview she was challenged over use of inaccuracies to support her political views. Cortez condemned those who challenge her " If people really blow up one figure here or one word there, I would argue that they're missing the forest for the trees. I think there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct then being morally right."

It doesn't matter if you make a few things up- what's important is being morally right. She doesn't define what makes some thing moral: Her views are "moral" regardless of the facts. She is like many in the Democratic leadership today who are less concerned with the facts then with their narrative and their "truth." 

Take another example the arrest of Roger Stone. No less then 29 heavily armed FBI agents took part in his arrest of the 66 year old former adviser to Donald Trump at 6 a.m. at his house. On charges related to in an interview he gave about Russian meddling in Trump's victory in 2016. As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put it, " is this really America when at six in the morning somebody who is not violent, has no record of violence, has armed FBI agents in full battle vests pounding on the door at 6 a.m. ? while CNN covers it? there is something despicable about what is happening in America today." This wasn't about facts? nor was it about justice ? the only reason this case was handled this way was because it supported the popular but false narrative, promoted incessantly by the media regardless of facts, of Russian collusion.  

To the Democrats it seems what matters most, more then facts ,morals, or any thing else is punishing those on the right the millions who voted for Trump, they fear Trump might win the next election.  This is causing division and violence which is going to tear the U.S.A. apart. America will erupt in violence within ten years, it will signal the start of the coming Ragnarock ! 

Thursday 18 May 2023



In the far north of Europe on the Artic archipelago of Svalbard, during the annual census of the wild Reindeer population over 200 carcasses of Deer were discovered that had died due to starvation. The head of the Census `Ashad Onvik Pedersen', believed the deaths were the consequence of the climate crisis. Which is happening twice as fast in the Artic, as the rest of the World. Changes in the climate is making it rain more, the rain when it falls on the snow forms a layer of ice and stops the Reindeer grazing. In Winter Reindeer find vegetation in snow by using their hooves to dig but alternating freezing and thawing periods can create a layer of impenetrable ice depriving the Reindeer of nourishment. When I was told this horrible story, I just wished I could force all those World Leaders Business Leaders who ignore the need for action or who make promises they have no intention of carrying out, to Svalbard make them look at the dead Reindeer carcasses ! 


Wednesday 17 May 2023



This generation more then any other is lost and confused, they sense something is wrong in the World with nature and human beings. They witness increasing cancer, degeneration, disintegration and decay. They watch as a combination of pollution and a more powerful Sun, fuel extreme weather conditions higher maximum temperatures fewer colder days drought followed by extreme rainfall the weathers gone crazy. The young understand somethings wrong and many feel something is missing in their lives. what's missing is knowledge of the  god Wodin and the old Heathen faith. Wodin was a deity closely associated with magic and the Runes and was the most powerful of the Asir the gods of Earth and Nature. He was once worshiped across England. 

Becoming a follower of the old Gods starts with us seeing the need to change and to begin learning to live by the Nine Noble Virtues of our faith.  When you adopt the Heathen code of the Nine Virtues it is a total change of mind and heart and direction in your life. It is a change to a new way of life. It is turning from the self - centred way of vanity, selfishness, greed, jealousy and unconcern for the good and welfare of your folk and Nation to the Heathen way of loyalty, kinship, love of nature and the English Soil. 

To reach the mindset that allows this change you need to pray to meditate and see yourself for what you are and what you wish to be ! 

We have to understand the importance of the Nine Virtues how they give us a framework to build our lives on. The Nine Virtues are Wodin's way of thinking, it is his perfect way of life, anything that goes against these virtues is against Wodin. 

Heathenism is about changing, it is about a complete turnaround in your life, moving forward in a new direction. Heathenism is more to do with the future then the past. Yes we should study the Ancient tales and lore of our ancestors but heathenism is more about changing the way you think and adopting a new different direction. If you want to live by Wodin's law's and separate yourself from your your former ways, you need to pray to Wodin, honour him, when you do this it will lead you to a complete separation from your former ways. Let his Spear cut deeply.



The path to Wodin's Hall in Asgard will bring joy into your life, following the Nine Noble Virtues will simplify your life.  There will be days you stumble and fail, even a child when it learns to walk often falls down. But the child doesn't get discouraged and give up he gets up and starts again. You too must never feel discouraged let your faith lift you up and continue to over come. The pleasure of living by the Nine Virtues of our faith is one of the blessings of our faith.

Tuesday 16 May 2023



A few years ago in the USA, the Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump, by calling on false witnesses and relying on hear say. Neither Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation nor the house Intelligence Committee found any impeachable evidence against the President, but this didn't matter. The radical leftist in the Democratic party kept repeating the lie that he colluded with the Russian government to undermine U.S. security, this madness ended on February 5, when Senate acquitted President Trump. When this happened BBC News showed a group of protesters gathered outside the Capitol building calling for the overthrow of America's system of government. The BBC reporter called it an anti Trump demo, later that same day I spoke to a fellow Odinist in USA. He told me the demo had been organised by the group Refuse Fascism- a joint venture between the Democratic Socialists of America and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. This group only has a few hundred members, it's a Stalinist group that seeks to abolish the US constitution and create a new nation. Which made me wonder why BBC had shown them and reported it as if they were the voice of normal American's, was there a hidden agenda here. 

A few months later Black Lives Matter arrived, One thing I've learnt over the years is in politics nothing happens overnight or by accident, take the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, the South was prepared by  Marxist radicals from New York and other northern cities, for over ten years they secretly toured Black churches stirring up the Blacks about civil rights preparing the foundation and support for which they could launch the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King. I called my Odinist friend in USA asked him was there someone pushing BLM and seeking to separate the White and Black working class, create chaos. 

He told me about a  transcript that had been leaked in the USA but ignored by the media in UK, showing that the New York Times was leading a campaign to brand Trump Racist. The NYT had used its influence to push for over two years one story (Russian Collusion), the paper was now going to focus on race and division. The NYT holds worldwide influence and is the news organisation that other news and broadcasting media rely on. So when they focus on a subject like racism, we can expect this topic to dominate much of America's print, online, network news. In August the NYT launched Project 1619, to mark 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery.  It's goal to re write American history according to the times the USA was not founded in 1776 but 150 years before that when first black slaves arrived. The first essay of the 1619 project stated Americas white founders set up a undemocratic constitution that excluded native Americans, Blacks and Women. This a brief flavour of what NYT is publishing.

It's a distorted view of history written to promote an agenda. The times wanted to divide the USA on race to rewrite history for its own political purposes, they want to weaken Trump before the election so the Democrats can regain control of the White House. No accident that BLM appeared a few months later.  The NYT has been owned since 1896 by the Jewish Sulzberger family, The present publisher A.G.Sulzberger took over from his father in 2017, under his control the paper has moved further to the left. In 2020 the NYT was accused of waging a cultural war and vendetta against the UK and running a campaign of misinformation against the UK. Ever since we voted for Brexit the Times has relentlessly been critical of UK which it has labelled bigoted.

So why did I share this with you  ?, firstly so your see how papers like the NYT push agendas and seek to control us. They didn't like Brexit, they didn't like Trump winning. The Times has been fermenting racial hatred that has seen American cities burning riots and deaths. It has promoted BLM and divided the working class, It's used Black people to achieve it's aims. Make no mistake as the Heathen Movement grows in power as we challenge the destruction of the Earth, we will also come under attack our leaders will be attacked, slandered, and there will be attempts to undermine and destroy us.  We must be strong and stand by our beliefs and support each other. Most of all we  must oppose Evil and the Rich family's in New York who seek to control our World.    

Monday 15 May 2023



Our faith is rooted in our history our link to those times, without a pride in our ancestors, our history and culture we don't have a faith. we don't have a foundation upon which our faith can be built. Our English origins are coloured with legends but the Anglo Saxon Chronicles and Ynglinga saga attest that 22 generations before the birth of King Alfred our people lived near the Tanais on the North shore of the Black Sea, these men came from the Seed of the Gods themselves it's what makes our people great and unique. Something we should be proud of.    

 We are living through a pandemic, a pandemic of corruption, disinformation and outright lies. finding the truth has never been more elusive. While the internet has made it so easy to acquire knowledge it has also made it easy to acquire wrong knowledge. For corrupt politician's and leaders of the established faiths to lie. most of people in England today don't like the truth because it is often embarrassing and hurtful, fantasy is more pleasant then the truth. that's why politicians lie they know if they told the truth they would never get elected, so they lie. By embracing and indulging in lies we have become enslaved. As Heathen's, we need to free ourselves from deception and disinformation, we need the truth !  we need freedom that can only come from knowing the truth. 

The purpose of  the Berserkr blog, is to be different from other Asatru/Odinist blogs; which concentrate on the legends of the Viking hero's and Edda's. Ours is a living faith, based on the lore of our Anglo Saxon ancestors, but we also need to show why Heathenism is relevant to the modern world, put forward our ideas, views and opinions on things that are happening today and how they link to our faith and the Edda's. We need to put a spotlight on the corruption and lies of those who run the system so people see how corrupt and unfit they are for leadership.  Our entire economic system is built on encouraging people to buy what they cant afford and to ensnare themselves in debt. The present system encourages our children to use drugs and fill their minds with warped ideas about marriage and family. The present system is corrupt at every level, it's on the brink of crashing. There is no soundness in it nothing we can do to save it. Christianity is a false religion forced upon us, it serves the rich and ignores the poor. The church of England seems to hate the English people and never defends the English people or nation on any issue. We have flawed political system, corrupt judges, and an economic system content to use that corruption to make money. The only solution for us and our nation, is an entirely new society and system built on our faith in the Asir gods, the gods of England. To achieve this we have got to open thousands of peoples eyes and minds by telling them truths they would rather not hear.

Sunday 14 May 2023



 `The Church is this city of destruction`   F. Neitzche 1864

I always felt sorry for Pakistan, once the land of Aryan where the Hindu Vedas were composed, yet the culture traditions and lore of the people in Northern India was destroyed by the Mughal's who invaded and conquered India. The Mughals made the Hindu's convert to Islam or face death. The result was the people there have a culture and tradition which belongs to the Arabs not their ancestors. The people have no knowledge of their true faith or culture.

It was four years ago I was having a bit of banter in the local shop owned by a man from Pakistan during the banter I said to him by adopting Islam you have lost your culture and Indian roots replaced it with a faith and culture of the Arabs. He stunned me by replying so have you, when you became  Christian nation. It hurt  me because I had never thought of Christianity being a foreign culture. To admit that English culture today is based on Christianity just as modern Pakistan is built on Islam is not nice, the people of both nation's were forced to convert and had their true heritage hidden.    

The real culture of the English was destroyed and replaced with Christianity. For a thousand years now our children have been given Hebrew names like Mark, John, Stephen, Peter, Paul, David, Mary, Elizabeth etc. Our link to nature and old ways was destroyed our holy sites and festivals like Easter and Yule stolen by the Christians, if you objected or refused to adopt the Christian faith you were burnt alive or hung. The Christian faith is a lie, a Middle Eastern fable, that has caused the deaths of millions due to it's hatred and greed the sooner it's leaves England the better.


Saturday 13 May 2023



The modern world has given us many technological advantages but its also disconnected us from nature and thus ourselves. Modern man is programmed to see the world as a dead realm, while followers of old faith of heathenism  understand everything on Earth is alive, that we live in a Web that connects us to each other, to plants, trees, animals of this world. In the Heathen faith, we believe all parts of nature are alive, intelligent, aware and connected to us. For years this belief was laughed at but slowly science is discovering  our beliefs are right. Christianity has brainwashed the people of England into believing only man has a mind and soul, this belief underpins their faith.  Now, this Christian Anti-Nature propaganda is being blown apart. It's smashing one of the foundation stones upon which Christianity is built. Plants, Trees and Animals like Humans have their own intelligence. The Science and religious leaders who reject this truth are liars, it is their lies which have led us to the brink of social economic and environmental disaster. However by acknowledging the old faith is right, they have been wrong for two thousand years they undermine their whole Hebrew mythology .

There is increasing evidence that Trees have their own unique  intelligence that modern science has not  understood until recently, but has been taught by those who follow the heathen Faith for decades. Scientific experiments are proving what we always knew that Plants and Trees are able to retain sensory information and respond to changes in their environment. Peter Wohlleben's wonderful book, `The Hidden Life of Trees' explained to the World, how Trees communicate to each other via complex network of fungi. 

More people are opening their eyes and minds and accepting the truth of what we believe, It's a truth that allows men to to perceive Trees and Plants in a different way. Our faith allows people to formulate a new way of living in harmony with natural world and avoid the path to environmental self destruction so many walk today. 

England is a unique country with a unique culture and a unique identity, but today saying or holding this belief is seen as racist. England fifty years ago was still a Anglo-Saxon nation, mass immigration has threatened this, many people who argue or support mass immigration are people with a political agenda to change our unique culture, identity and traditions. Our English or Anglo - Saxon values are things we should be proud of freedom of assembly, freedom of trade, equality of all men, rule of law and limited government all had their genesis in our heathen roots. The foundation of England in the 5th Century was a dark time violent and unchronicled but from our ancestors of this period came the ideas that transformed mankind. The idea of collective decisions being made by a representative who are answerable to the community as a whole has its roots in our ancient tribal moots. The conception of law that both King and poor were bound by comes from our tribal ancestors, the property rights of all men comes from our Heathen faith not Christianity who always supported the rich and privileged.  These Anglo-Saxon Heathen values were carried to the New World, Thomas Jefferson wanted to have an image of Hengist and Horsa on one side of the great seal of the United States because he understood the importance of their laws and values. When radical leftists and liberal dim wits attack our culture when they seek to blot out our traditions and ancient faith through vicious bigoted political attacks, they are not really attacking racism nor defending equal opportunity, liberty or justice. They are attacking England, the English people the reality of England and her ancient roots they are attacking our faith itself in the Gods of  Asagard. 

Thursday 11 May 2023



I was going to write a post about the hundreds of children in Canada from ethnic family's  placed into homes run by the Roman Catholic Church How they were raped abused and killed, by the Catholic Priests and how the Pope is refusing to apologise. But I am going to write about a criminal trail in Italy that involves the Catholic Church, Cardinal Angelo Becciu and a host of other Catholic officials.

The core of the case is about donations from church goers to purchase 60 Sloane Avenue in Chelsea, the initial investment of 200 million euros was arranged by Raffaele Mincione who used to date Heather Mills. The property was worth £129 million, but the Vatican paid over 350 million Euro's in total ? 

The Vatican would have made a profit on it's original investment but on the advice of Gianluigi Torzi instead of waiting and selling for a profit the Vatican, paid Mincione £40 million for a full buy out. However Torzi, had hid a clause which handed full ownership to the property through voting rights to him. Torzi then demanded 15 million Euro's to give up control. The Vatican paid up. 

Torzi has now made allegations that another defendant in the trial a Vatican employee named Tirabassi offered him services of prostitutes for his work on buyout. Torzi also had death threats from another Vatican broker to give up the property or his life and his children's lives were at risk. Cardinal Becciu not only oversaw all this but had also given his brother 100,000 Euro's of Vatican money. Then there's Cecilia Marogna, a security advisor dubbed the Vatican Mata Hari who was given 575,000 Euro's to free kidnapped nuns in Africa. Marogna spent most of it shopping at Prada,, Louis Vuitton and the Italian furniture store Frau where she dropped 12,000 Euros. It gets worse Crassio the thug who threatened to have Torzi's children killed presented a bond prospectus to build a US highway for potential Vatican investment but when police searched his computer they found it involved equity stakes in three Italian companies and  the highway didn't exist. Then  Vatican staffer Tirabassi who on top of being a pimp did a deal with a Swiss bank to get commission on business he put their way, in a clear breach of interest. Then last month we had a high ranking US priest and a dozen at the Vatican using the gay hook up app grinder. The trail of these holy men takes place in October I expect most of them to walk free or get light sentences. But it exposes how corrupt, evil and Fucked up, the Catholic Church is across the World and they have been committing these crimes for two thousand years don't forget. In 6th century they destroyed our faith and culture and killed any one who opposed  this genocide against the Anglo-Saxon people.      

Sunday 7 May 2023



In the UK we are brainwashed into believing only the state can take care of us. They pay us when we're unemployed, we are looked after by the NHS when we get ill and they bail out the banks every few years to keep the country a float. In return we pay hefty taxes, over 40%.

The high amount of tax we pay make it hard to save and make us feel entitled to government handouts when times get hard. The trouble is Britain can't afford even with the colossal income it receives from our taxes to fund these handouts. To survive   the 2008 financial crisis the UK borrowed heavily, to bail out the banks by dong so it committed itself to similar measures in all future emergency's, the  recent bail out paying for the furlong and grants to self employed etc has all been financed by debt. Britain now has it's highest ever level of debt, which is now over two trillion pounds and it is still borrowing. As the Government continual to borrow too much, creditors could get anxious about the governments ability to repay, that fear could destroy the economy so the government has turned to another source to fund the debt the printing press.

The 2008 financial crisis began a great experiment by the Bank of England quantitative easing. The big banks were allowed to create money from nothing. In march this year the Bank of England printed 236 billion pounds which the government has given away. This printing of money and spending it can be catastrophic and lead to hyper inflation that renders a currency basically worthless. No one yet knows how much this current crisis will cost or how long it will last. But we do know that debt based economies naturally experience cycles of boom and bust. On average, recessions occur every 10 years, so this system will sooner or later collapse under debt. We need to develop a new society based on green principles that will free us from the slavery of debt. We need to reject the current political system and take the path of Wodin and the old gods, the path of prosperity. 

In a community run by Heathen Elders and the Nine noble truths of our faith, every man and his family shall have fruit trees, there will be universal property ownership, no indebted mortgages. Our nation can produce enough food to feed us, all men will prosper gather and sing at the holy sites to the goodness of the Asir.  Every day someone joins our ranks and we grow stronger which means every day our Heathen community moves closer to becoming reality. Hail Thunder !... Hail Thunor !

Thursday 4 May 2023

Real Friendship


A Survey of over 3,000 British adults commissioned by the French beverage company Pernod Ricard found that social media addiction, makes it harder to make new friends and keep old ones. In the survey 55 percent of respondents agreed that spending time on social media has made their friendships more superficial. The survey found that the average Briton has `12' real friends but could only trust `4' of them, the survey also found the average respondent had drifted away from seven friends and blamed social media for that. 

The modern World and social media is creating a world where people have hundreds of Facebook friends but few real ones. Heathenism offers you an alternative way, a life based on real friendship and Kinship.

 Note: Heathenism is the old faith of the Anglo Saxon tribes. It is England's true faith.

Wednesday 3 May 2023



If you don't save for the future, you will starve. This is a truth that people learned from early in human history. It is an ancient principle put into practice long before the creation of money, credit and inventory management. Saving for the future is what the English people used to believe in. Today England is trillions of pounds in debt. We have no savings. There is no emergency fund. We have already spent the taxes on future earnings of our grandchildren and their children. But if you believe our financial experts everything will be fine because none of this matters anymore. The fat cats in the City of London and people who run our country believe in a new economic theory. Politicians love it, because it makes saving for the future obsolete, it theorizes that deficits and debts are actually good because their main aim is to stimulate the economy. It theorizes that we wont ever really have to pay back borrowed money because the Bank of England can create money out of nothing at push of button. the theory has a name: Modern Monetary Theory. Believers view it as a modern monetary miracle, a way to push economic problems into the future forever.
Can you borrow money and spend it without ever having to pay it back ? can you print massive amounts of money out of thin air without destroying its value and making everything More expensive. In England we are going to find out.

Lean years are coming . We will learn the hard way that the theories, systems and institutions of the Western nation's  are flawed to their foundations. But  Heathen faith gives us hope for the years that follow, when the people of England will return to the true Gods  and build a new nation built on hard work, saving, self-discipline, wise spending and growth of wealth and character. A Heathen nation where famine, starvation and poverty will be eliminated. there will be no poverty no slum housing. there will only be prosperity. Even if your friends and family ignore my warnings of what's coming, you shouldn't. Open your hearts to Wodin and your minds to the truth, build your life on the wisdom of the old faith and its links to your English ancestors by Joining  us in the heathen community. 

Tuesday 2 May 2023



Christianity makes a thousand promises but keeps none"   Neitzche

It's over a year now that the  independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, set up by Theresa May in 2014 following the Jimmy Savile scandal finally published its report. The report made shameful reading, the report spoke of the Church of England failure to take abuse of children seriously and created a culture were abusers were allowed to hide. the day before the report was made public the vile Archbishops of York and Canterbury both made apology's for church's  shameful failures to act on allegations of child sex abuse. The head of the inquiry team how ever was scathing about the Bishops statements claiming they say right things but still take no action. The inquiry team also highlighted how the Church had placed barriers in front of victims which were impossible to overcome to cover up their complaints  Even during the inquiry abuses continued with 449 complaints of sexual abuse against children in 2018, one church insider has claimed in 2019 there were 600 complaints including several rapes which are being covered up. The Anglican Church in Wales who refused to open its records to the inquiry, was for me a clear example of how the church is still refusing to face up to it's crimes.

The report told how between 1940 to 2018, 390 members of Church of England clergy or people in positions of trust with in the church were convicted of sexual offences against children. These included the Bishop Peter Ball a close friend of the Prince of Wales who was jailed in 2015 for 32 months for abuse of boys. The Church turned a blind eye to his crimes  and allowed him for over three decades to abuse boys even when in 1993 he was caught abusing a boy he was allowed to carry because he was a friend of the Archbishop  of Canterbury Carey. The Rev Robert Waddington who was dean of Manchester Cathedral  in 1980's and 1990's was responsible for hundreds of sexual acts against boys for over 5 decades , yet his crimes were covered up at highest level. In 2014 Rev Ian Hughes was convicted of having 8,000 indecent images of children on his laptop, but was still supported by his Archbishop Peter Forster.  Tom Story a church youth leader caught abusing boys but allowed to carry on working with children, because a Bishop said he had expressed remorse ! in 2016 he was convicted of rape and given 15 years. These few story's are just a tip of the iceberg of the abuse of our children that's been going on for decades within the Church of England.

It is very clear to any one who reads the report that alleged perpetrators were given more support then victims, church was to ready to forgive and protect paedophiles, in an attempt to cover up the abuse and protect the Church's reputation. I would like to write here that some of these Bishops who failed to protect children from sexual abuse had resigned but not one has. I don't think they understand by harbouring and protecting paedophiles for decades they have undermined the moral purpose and trust the church once held. The Church's are empty because the public no longer trust them or believe in their fairy tales. The English people don't trust their promises to stop further abuse occurring. While the number of Clergy in Church of England convicted of sexual abuse against children is high, there are possibly five times that number who have had their crimes hidden or who died before they were brought to justice. One last point I would like to make is this report was only on the church of England we know the Catholic church has a much bigger problem and many of Protestant sect have also had a history of covering up abuse to protect their reputations.

Monday 1 May 2023



 was watching Sky News a few weeks ago and the female Bishop of Dover was being interviewed. During the long and boring interview, she made a very strange comment for a Church of England Bishop. She started off moaning and whinging about history in our schools being taught from an English perspective, then said she would like to see history taught from other sides view. 

So I was confused does that mean English kids are to be taught the Nazi view of the War or the Islamic State side of the War in Iraq, or did she mean the history wrote by the left and Black Lives Matter in which the English are the bad guys. For me it highlighted how the Church of England now hate the culture and traditions of the English People. History taught in English Schools should be taught from the English view point and encourage pride in our nation not twisted to be politically correct. I've also noticed how the Church and other arms of the State now love to speak about how any one who disagrees with their view's need to be educated. What they really mean is brainwashing, forcing their views into your minds, Forcing you to see things their way. If you don't - making you feel guilty like a criminal.

The main problem amongst our youth today is confusion caused by  lack of knowledge on who they are, they don't need to become more confused by being taught the history of other Nations. To be blunt the Bishop is playing a sly underhanded game on behalf of hidden powers. She knows if you control the past you control the future. This is why the Church has always sought to control what our children are taught. To build a successful life or Nation you must build it on strong foundations. Yet English children are taught nothing about the Anglo Saxon foundation of our nation , nothing about their own English Gods only the Gods of the Middle East or Asia. If English children are ignorant of the English Gods, mythology and beliefs of their ancestors they are rootless. When a young life is built without a strong foundation and understanding of their identity,  it can  causes problems in their lives which lack any cultural depth . Many spend years seeking answers to this in foreign ideas or from illegal drugs. The Bishop wants your children taught the history of Africa and Asia but doesn't want you or your children gaining knowledge of the old English Gods because it will threaten their power.

Note: The Berserkr Press & blog aim is to bring knowledge of heathenism, the old ways and faith of England to all Englishmen. There are many in the establishment and in violent leftist groups who hate England and seek to destroy and twist our message. We call on everyone who loves this country to support us in any way they can.               

When the tribe is strong

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