Sunday 15 January 2023



I was sitting at home a few months ago thinking about starting a blog, when a huge Thunder storm hit the South of England; an estimated 45,000 lighting bolts filled the Southern sky. It was the craziest storm I had ever witnessed; but for me it was like  old  Thunor was telling me to start a blog. Thunor was the war god of our ancestors, and the blog aim is to promote the old  faith and the martial spirit of the English. To promote courage and honour which men once lived by, but is now attacked by our modern political class in the swamps of Brussel's and Westminster who seek to eradicate strong men. So welcome to The Berserkr blog.


In this age of incredible technology and quality information readily available, air travel and advanced scientific understanding a war is being waged. A war of propaganda to turn our young men into weak and effeminate creatures. To be ruled by women and laws that chain them from achieving greatness. The poison of Marxism is being injected into our young men's brains daily to make them ashamed of their history culture and ancestor's. To convince them right is wrong and wrong is right.  The Berserkr blog as part of Berserkr Press, will fight back and use the wisdom of the old faith of the English as an antidote to the Poison pumped into our young men, by championing the truth and reminding our young men of their martial heritage and their warrior DNA. To open peoples eyes to the lies, black propaganda and the hidden agendas of those spreading the falsehoods.  

Berserkr Press

While the main aim of the blog, is to promote the old faith of England  and the martial culture of the North. The Berserkr Press has been established to specialise in publishing books and  merchandise on the ancient mystery's of Northern Europe. In the coming years we aim to offer our followers information on the strangest topics imaginable fantastic claims and ideas that until now have been hidden by the Worlds governments theory's on nature and the ancient religion of the Anglo Saxon folk that have been ignored and scorned by the Christian establishment. We will seek to uncover the truth of England's true origins and the word of the ASIR Gods. We will seek to advance freedom of thought and offer the curious the chance to study and discuss beliefs and practices that were for centuries forbidden; the fact something is taboo or not politically correct should not deter the independent mind. 

Most of Europe is dissatisfied with the current political system and with what they see as a lack of morals and principles among the political and religious leaders. The Berserkr blog will act as a sign post to a new spiritual path. To explore even the most incredible ideas is vital if you wish to advance your knowledge, our blog will allow you to make up your own minds on revolutionary ideas without any bias by giving you information not propaganda. We are inspired that the berserkr blog, will help people gain independent minds and offer them an intellectual adventure. We believe the destiny of England will be decided by alternative ideas that are ignored and scorned today because they threaten the power structure of the organised religions only The Berserkr blog & Berserkr Press will offer you the freedom to study these ideas.

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