Tuesday 16 May 2023



A few years ago in the USA, the Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump, by calling on false witnesses and relying on hear say. Neither Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation nor the house Intelligence Committee found any impeachable evidence against the President, but this didn't matter. The radical leftist in the Democratic party kept repeating the lie that he colluded with the Russian government to undermine U.S. security, this madness ended on February 5, when Senate acquitted President Trump. When this happened BBC News showed a group of protesters gathered outside the Capitol building calling for the overthrow of America's system of government. The BBC reporter called it an anti Trump demo, later that same day I spoke to a fellow Odinist in USA. He told me the demo had been organised by the group Refuse Fascism- a joint venture between the Democratic Socialists of America and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. This group only has a few hundred members, it's a Stalinist group that seeks to abolish the US constitution and create a new nation. Which made me wonder why BBC had shown them and reported it as if they were the voice of normal American's, was there a hidden agenda here. 

A few months later Black Lives Matter arrived, One thing I've learnt over the years is in politics nothing happens overnight or by accident, take the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, the South was prepared by  Marxist radicals from New York and other northern cities, for over ten years they secretly toured Black churches stirring up the Blacks about civil rights preparing the foundation and support for which they could launch the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King. I called my Odinist friend in USA asked him was there someone pushing BLM and seeking to separate the White and Black working class, create chaos. 

He told me about a  transcript that had been leaked in the USA but ignored by the media in UK, showing that the New York Times was leading a campaign to brand Trump Racist. The NYT had used its influence to push for over two years one story (Russian Collusion), the paper was now going to focus on race and division. The NYT holds worldwide influence and is the news organisation that other news and broadcasting media rely on. So when they focus on a subject like racism, we can expect this topic to dominate much of America's print, online, network news. In August the NYT launched Project 1619, to mark 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery.  It's goal to re write American history according to the times the USA was not founded in 1776 but 150 years before that when first black slaves arrived. The first essay of the 1619 project stated Americas white founders set up a undemocratic constitution that excluded native Americans, Blacks and Women. This a brief flavour of what NYT is publishing.

It's a distorted view of history written to promote an agenda. The times wanted to divide the USA on race to rewrite history for its own political purposes, they want to weaken Trump before the election so the Democrats can regain control of the White House. No accident that BLM appeared a few months later.  The NYT has been owned since 1896 by the Jewish Sulzberger family, The present publisher A.G.Sulzberger took over from his father in 2017, under his control the paper has moved further to the left. In 2020 the NYT was accused of waging a cultural war and vendetta against the UK and running a campaign of misinformation against the UK. Ever since we voted for Brexit the Times has relentlessly been critical of UK which it has labelled bigoted.

So why did I share this with you  ?, firstly so your see how papers like the NYT push agendas and seek to control us. They didn't like Brexit, they didn't like Trump winning. The Times has been fermenting racial hatred that has seen American cities burning riots and deaths. It has promoted BLM and divided the working class, It's used Black people to achieve it's aims. Make no mistake as the Heathen Movement grows in power as we challenge the destruction of the Earth, we will also come under attack our leaders will be attacked, slandered, and there will be attempts to undermine and destroy us.  We must be strong and stand by our beliefs and support each other. Most of all we  must oppose Evil and the Rich family's in New York who seek to control our World.    

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