Wednesday 8 March 2023



Greta Thunberg loves to tell us all, science supports her view. It's a lie ! It's fake news ! little Greta is a puppet, programmed to push the agenda of big business. Science shows that the Sun is the biggest factor regarding climate change not CO-2. Sadly, corporate and military interests have hijacked science research, they drip feed think tanks and select educational institutions with cherry picked data to fit their agendas, none of which have our welfare or the planets in mind. Watch how little Greta and other puppets working for Al Gore and George Soros think tanks declare ` All scientists agree on climate change' when they don't ..It's a lie.   

Climate forecasting is done on data, as is the impact on the climate of CO-2 caused by humans. Yet the data before 1980 is untrustworthy, because it was only after this date that the world was observed by satellites  before 1980 only a small part of the world could be observed in detail. The data used, covers too short a time span to be of any value. The present system used to look at changes in the climate, also ignores  the Sun or claims the Suns power remains the same which is absurd. We simply don't know if the incoming solar energy will grow weaker or stronger in the coming decades. 

Put your faith in the Gods and the custom's of England, live your life correctly, show kindness to your family and friends, respect all nature. Don't seek richness in material goods, but in the friendship and love of those close to you. This is the way to heal the planet and our broken nation, by our own lives and behaviour being an example to others on how to live the right way.

Note: Anglo Saxon Heathenism is the old faith or old way  of the English  

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