Sunday 16 April 2023



No one can control or direct nature, if the world's to survive, we all need to make sacrifices in the way we live our lives. We need to seek a different way to organise our society's. our's is a heathen path of peace and love that offers us all the chance to do this, by following traditional values and respecting nature. The wisdom of our faith stretches back to the Vedic age, and teaches us about the interconnectedness of all beings. This belief allows us to put great emphasises on the moral responsibility of  each one of us towards the surrounding world. We learn via our holy texts that human thoughts, feelings and activity magically influence the world around us. Therefore we all have the power to affirm or disrupt natural harmony. When a man is full of love he is radiant and full of good energy, this energy reflects into the people around him into plants trees it creates life and growth. If a man is full of anger and hatred his radiance is dark. It will not penetrate into nature but will fester and bring destruction. Each day try to be  happy and full of love seek to show kindness to your friends family and honour the traditions of England and our Gods and your notice the world seems a better place.

Note:The Berserkr blog promotes love and rejects the woke politics of disunity and hatred of the present political system

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