Wednesday 3 May 2023



If you don't save for the future, you will starve. This is a truth that people learned from early in human history. It is an ancient principle put into practice long before the creation of money, credit and inventory management. Saving for the future is what the English people used to believe in. Today England is trillions of pounds in debt. We have no savings. There is no emergency fund. We have already spent the taxes on future earnings of our grandchildren and their children. But if you believe our financial experts everything will be fine because none of this matters anymore. The fat cats in the City of London and people who run our country believe in a new economic theory. Politicians love it, because it makes saving for the future obsolete, it theorizes that deficits and debts are actually good because their main aim is to stimulate the economy. It theorizes that we wont ever really have to pay back borrowed money because the Bank of England can create money out of nothing at push of button. the theory has a name: Modern Monetary Theory. Believers view it as a modern monetary miracle, a way to push economic problems into the future forever.
Can you borrow money and spend it without ever having to pay it back ? can you print massive amounts of money out of thin air without destroying its value and making everything More expensive. In England we are going to find out.

Lean years are coming . We will learn the hard way that the theories, systems and institutions of the Western nation's  are flawed to their foundations. But  Heathen faith gives us hope for the years that follow, when the people of England will return to the true Gods  and build a new nation built on hard work, saving, self-discipline, wise spending and growth of wealth and character. A Heathen nation where famine, starvation and poverty will be eliminated. there will be no poverty no slum housing. there will only be prosperity. Even if your friends and family ignore my warnings of what's coming, you shouldn't. Open your hearts to Wodin and your minds to the truth, build your life on the wisdom of the old faith and its links to your English ancestors by Joining  us in the heathen community. 

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