Tuesday 7 November 2023


England is finished some one said to me in the pub few nights ago, No it's not. there are 24 million Saxon's in the UK , we are a huge community when we get organised we will be the power in this country again. I promote the worship of the goddess frieg on this blog and every thing she represents love, peace wisdom healing and  but its also about building a foundation upon which we can build our community (it's more a culture then a faith) its about our culture our heritage it's about fighting for our rights.

If you agree with my belief and agree (please read my post `Voice of the Asier on earth') that we need to identify as a separate people and build a Saxon community. we need to demand our political leaders listen to our concerns our beliefs or face our wrath at the polls
This is not going to be easy to do to change thousands of peoples view of themselves. But as Anglo Saxon culture and our worship of our gods will only survive if, we are united as a group and stand up for ourselves just as every other ethnic group in this world does.

We don't need a political party or any populist who seeks to use us. We need a community built around our faith and worship of frieg the mother of our people. This is only blog that promotes that, so please engage by leaving your ideas views in comment box's every one of you has something to say that we will all be able to learn and grow from. This blog is trying to do something unique it will only succeed if you support it in numbers. please post links up to the different post's on your twitter feeds , support this blog and log on as a follower, visit the blog each week to keep up dated. Any form you are asked to fill out identify as a Saxon not British, as a Heathen not Pagan. 

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