Monday 6 March 2023


The present neo-liberal system is killing us. It destroys nature, it destroys the atmosphere, it's destroying the planet. Under this system people don't matter, profit is all that concerns the Global Liberal Elite. They pay lip service to our concerns about the Planet, they claim to be eco-friendly but really the Global Elites that control our lives are the enemies of the Planet whose greed has caused the present emergency. It's clear to me that we can't carry on living as we have been, we need to change the way we live, so our lives are in harmony with nature. Such change will only be possible if we reject Globalism, reject the politics of the left and right wing, reject the values of greed. We need to return to our roots, rebuild our culture a new, around nature and the yearly circles. For me that means the old Heathen faith of the English must be foundation stone upon which we build a new society.   

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Those in control have no interest in an individual's privacy or free will, the Globalist believe we have no right to individual autonomy...