Monday 6 March 2023


 When it comes to global warming, I don't trust the scientists whose views are often motivated by gaining more funds, nor do I trust anything our British politicians say, nor do I trust the reporting independence of our National news papers and TV channels like the BBC; but I do trust what my own eyes are seeing. In Kent where I live plants are flowering sooner, the birds are nesting earlier, temperatures are changing. The Winter has lost it's bite, the Springs arriving earlier, the Autumn coming later. In other parts of England droughts, flooding and fires on the moors are all more extreme; so there's little doubt in my mind that carbon emissions released by big industry; agriculture; cars and planes are helping to change the climate of England. However I also believe the Sun is growing stronger and this is main reason behind the extreme weather, yet it's ignored by science and our political leaders who use global warming to enrich themselves and control the people. 

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