Thursday 23 March 2023



Everyone who works with the soil for a living or hobby, grows to love the old nature gods of England once they are introduced to them. The Asir gods, command the sunshine and rain that allows our crops and gardens to grow, for us nature is like a holy experience where we meet and understand our gods. The more you connect to the Heathen faith of England, the greater your love of England becomes. So I was very sad when I read, a high court judge had ruled the biggest destruction of old Wessex can go ahead. Justice Jonathan Swift, ruled that there was no legal basis to overturn council approved permission to build 750 homes and business park in an area of outstanding beauty near Bridport in West Dorset. This was another sign, of a lack of respect by the planning authority's for area's designated A.O.N.B.

This destruction of England's, green fields and farmlands will grow as the population increases, unless we act. The English countryside is just as important as the rain forests of the world and must be protected. I have tried to highlight how corrupt our leaders are in my previous posts, why we can't trust them. If anyone reading this blog, is trying to stop housing or roads being built near them, please contact me. If we unite against the destruction of our countryside we can stop it, peacefully and legally

Note:This blog promotes the Anglo Saxon Heathen faith whose core belief is a love of England

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