Wednesday 22 March 2023



As a Heathen and someone who works in conservation, I find it weird that the very mega-corporations and billionaires, behind the globalisation of the worlds economy in recent decades, whose greed has caused so much damage to our environment in both Europe and the third world nations, are now leading backers of environmental protests from Sweden Germany and USA . I think its important we all us understand and question who is promoting the climate protests and if they have a sinister agenda to financialise the environment.

In December 2015 the Bank of International Settlements and Financial Stability Board (FSB) chaired by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England created, the task force on climate relief and financial disclosure  (TCFD), to advise investors lenders and insurance about climate related risk. When I read this I thought it was  a bizarre move for the big bankers.

The following year, the real motive behind this became clear to me. When the TCFD, along with the City of London corporation and the UK government, initiated the green finance initiative, with the aim of channelling trillions of dollars to `Green' investments. The central bankers of the FSB nominated 31 people to form the TCFD. The TCFD was chaired by Michael Bloomberg the New York billionaire he was joined by bankers from J.P Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, China's ICBC bank and key men from Dow Chemical, Tata steel,  the oil Company ENI, mining giant BHP, Black Rock the worlds biggest asset managers with almost seven trillion dollars. Also on the list was ex- Goldman Sachs banker and partner of Al Gore, David Blood. So Billionaires, bankers from HSBC, who have been fined several times for helping drug lords and corrupt politicians launder money, mining and oil company directors, these are the people behind the TFCD, the people whose real agenda is to reorganise the worlds economy in their favour and create trillions of dollars of new wealth for those at the head of the global banks and financial giants using the climate change to convince us

In September 26th 2018, at a `One Planet' summit, the EU  agreed with the World Bank and Bloomberg foundation and World Economic Forum to spend a quartier of EU budget each year on action to mitigate climate change. The following month the EU signed a memorandum of understanding with `Break Through Energy Europe`, being given preferential access to any funds. So who are the people to be given preferential access to billions of Euros, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, George Soros. The corruption, lies, greed really makes me sick, a man who steals a car goes to prison, a man who gets on a train with out a ticket gets a fine, yet these people never face justice, their crimes against the planet are huge. These EU agreements have nothing to do with the environment, it just another scheme to make the rich even richer, at our expense and nothing to do with saving the Earth or climate change.

Greta Thunberg whose being professionally marketed and used by financial giants, behind the current climate agenda. Thunberg is a youth advisor and trustee of Swedish NGO `we don't have time', founded by Ingmar Rentzhog, `we don't have time' is a partner of Al Gores `climate reality project'. One of leaders of `climate change project' is Rentzhog. therefore, Rentzhog and Thunberg are working for Al Gore the wealthy climate profiteer whose partner David Blood is a member of TCFD. I hope this highlights how these groups are linked and controlled by the bankers out to profit from the climate chaos, their greed created. It is important you understand this because they want to control and direct all protests to their benefit. There is a real need for deep change in the structure of our present society and how we are governed. This change will not come from bankers or those they finance. The Anglo Saxon Heathenry offers you a new path.  A way of life that will heal the world if enough of you take it up.

Note;Our Anglo Saxon heathen faith seeks harmony with nature and rejects the present corrupt system

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