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Chalk streams are streams that flow through chalk hills towards the sea. They are typically wide and shallow, due to the filtering effect of chalk the waters are Alkaline and very clear. Sadly the chalk streams across the southern counties are in a shocking state, because the environmental agency has allowed greedy water companies to over abstract water. Causing a low flow and in some cases streams to completely dry up. Feargal Sharkey the Undertones frontman, summed up my beliefs perfectly recently, when he told The Times " What hypocrisy that, as this country is chastising Brazil over forest fires in the Amazonian rainforest and criticising Indonesia about deforestation the British Government is destroying a globally rare resource in their own backyard". For me Fergal is 100% spot on, the chalk streams are England's version, of the rainforest and need protecting from the water company's. The chalk streams are home to Brown Trout, Water Voles, king Fishers and a rich variety of invertebrate life, 85% of the habitat found in the chalk streams only occurs in England.  This fact surprised me there are now only, 210 chalk streams left in the whole world, 160 of these streams are in England.

One of my, favorite walks in May is along the Nailbourne chalk stream. Which bubbles up under Saint Ethelburgha's Well in the centre of Lyminage village and flows out of the village through the Elham valley to Little Bourne where it becomes the Little Stour. According to local legends in the valley it was St Augustine who performed a miracle to bring the water to the Elham valley. When theres a drought and the stream runs dry, it is because of Woden and Thunor who were worshipped here before Augustine came and are displeased with his work.

Lyminage is in East Kent and lies five miles from Folkestone, it was once the Royal centre of Kingdom of Kent. In 1953 workmen discovered 44 Jutish heathen graves in Lyminage, full of high status jewellery and weapons such as swords spear heads and shields. sixty years later the foundations of the Royal feasting hall were discovered under the village green, I guess our Jutish ancestors would have feasted in that hall and around the fires told the same stories of Wodin and Thunor that we tell today. When you walk through the villages of the valley you feel your in an England that is unchanged in many ways over the last thousand years. But the Nailbourne like many of our other Chalk streams is under threat with a local water treatment company, seeking to pump sewage into the Nailbourne.

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