Thursday 30 March 2023



 Every year we spend 850 million pounds to fight terrorism in the UK. In past twenty years less then 200 people have died in terrorist incidents, in contrast between 3,500 and 4,000 people are killed by Heroin every year. Most of these deaths are from overdoses accidental and deliberate but many  victims of Heroin are addicts whose bodies simply succumb to years of abuse. Then there is the collateral damage the victims of countless muggings robbery's committed so the junkies can get their next fix. In London we also have over 200 murders a year by members of black drug gangs, who kill as many in one year, as terrorism does in twenty years. There are 15 times more women killed in domestic violence each year, then are killed by terrorists. Many of these women are attacked because of partners using drugs. Thirty tons of heroin sold on the streets of Britain every year, which wreaks far more damage then any terrorist plot or attack. Yet, our elected officials accept it, they have no real desire to deal with the drug lords and deaths they cause. The threat of terrorism is played up to make sure MI5 and Scotland Yard get their funding raised. While funding to help the victims of domestic violence is cut, help for addicts trying to break their habit is cut. The political leadership of our country have no answers to the crimes caused by drugs or domestic violence. They can't deal with any of the present problems caused by unlawful behaviour, for two reasons. The leadership is hampered by political correct thinking and it has no moral standards which means it has no understanding of the difference between right and wrong.   

Our country is broken, Heathenism offers a path that will solve these problems, save our country. It's time to return to our roots and the old wisdom.           

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