Tuesday 14 March 2023


A few years ago, Emmanuel  Macron the French President and former Rothschild banker, tweeted `Our house is on Fire', during the G-7 meeting at Biarritz. Over the weekend the worlds leaders called for action and announced they would help Brazil. The seven richest countries in the world agreed to act on the fires and offered Brazil, twenty million dollars (Jim Carey got same amount for the Cable Guy film twenty years ago). I think the small amount offered shows how much our politicians really care. 

Brazil, is not a poor country, while the left and some political leaders at the G-7 played politics blaming Bolsonaro, and focusing the worlds eyes on the Amazon. Angola and the DRC between them suffered 6,902 fires compared to the 2,127 fires in the Amazon, while the G-7 met. The Congo Basin is equally as important as the Amazon, yet African nations who need financial help are ignored by the G-7. Because, certain European corporations and financial institutions, want to constrain Africa's  economic growth. The world's rainforests must be protected not only from effects of global warming but also from those with a hidden agenda, who seek to steal the natural wealth of Africa and Brazil.

The Amazon and the rain forests in Africa need protection the rich countries should pay for it. They need to pay for the reforestation of the Amazon and Congo Basin. They need to align their environmental and trade polices, currently they don't. For example, the UK spends a few million a year on overseas conservation, most of which is wasted by management and bureaucracy of the NGO who receive most of this money. At the same time the Tory government, promotes billions of pounds worth of trade in Beef, Soy and Timber all the products that undermine, the Amazon's protection efforts. While the British Government, lectures Brazil and African nations about their forests, it is planning to destroy hundreds of acres of ancient woodland in England to make way for HS2 train line which will be the biggest destruction of ancient trees ever in England. which I guess highlights how little the Tory party really cares about the environment.

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