Wednesday 15 March 2023

Extinction Rebellion the truth

When French President Macron said, making driving more expensive, was a price worth paying for the climate, he sparked the yellow vest protest. Under Macrons plans the Rich would of course still be able to drive, it would be the poor who suffered. What Macron, the Rothschild Banker turned politician fails to understand is the only way any action on climate will succeed is if it has public support. Like Macron, Extinction Anarchists may have the support of most environmentalists but their actions, have upset many people they need to win support from. Many environmentalists have supported Extinction and attended their protests in London, because they have mistaken them for a mainstream voice with legitimate demands. Everyone needs to understand Extinctions goal has nothing to do with stopping global warming, this Anarchist rabble true motivation is Marxist Revolution. Extinction Rebellion is a radical leftist group, who are hijacking the environmental movement and seeking to whip up environmental panic as a means to bring about a Violent Revolution that will destroy the English nation. I watched their demo in London last summer, shocked at way they had a licence to defy the law and inflict hardship on Londoners trying to get to work. Two year's ago, the two demos in London cost the Metropolitan Police (or us the taxpayers) £39 million, this figure is likely to rise, by another £5million as the cost of holiday pay to the police and hotel bills are added. The Met spokesmen claimed they cannot afford to pay for another demo. What angered me the most, was when the activists in Extinction Rebellion left the camp site they set up in marble Arch, was the photos of rubbish they left including plastic bottles and carrier bags. Their plan, to fly drones over Heathrow Airport, causing chaos and thousands to have their holidays  ruined, was another example of the groups childishness. For me instead of halting traffic in London, it would have been much better to see those thousands of people volunteer to collect plastic and rubbish on a beach or along the Thames.

Even though I am an environmentalist, I don't support the work of Extinction Rebellion, whose motives I believe are dishonest. They are demanding the Worlds governments meet carbon levels they know are impossible to meet and for Europe to open its borders to environmental refugees, which would see millions enter Europe and cause chaos. If their demands are not meet, the plan is to set up unelected citizen assembly's made up of trade union leaders, students and members of the radical left to launch Hong Kong style revolts by their young brainwashed idiots to try and overthrow the Western governments. I noticed the high level of funding this group was receiving and I've spent last few weeks seeking to find out whose funding this group. I was not surprised, to find one of the  main backers behind Extinction, whose secretly funding it, via his various front groups is Mr George Soros !  

I want to promote in this blog, a quieter, non violent approach to action needed to save the Earth. One based on living in harmony with nature of demonstrating real love and care for the Earth. I believe it's important, we all demonstrate peacefully against pollution, de-forestation and other acts of vandalism against the Earth. I also believe all demonstrations or protests must be legal and be done to win support of the public, not upset them. We can't change minds and society without the publics support.

In Medway, the Council wants to build twenty new houses in Twydall, the problem is to build the houses they have to cut down twenty five trees planted in 1977, as part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations. A group of old age lady pensioners, on the Twydall estate are opposing this and are campaigning for the houses, to be built around the trees. For me, these ladies actions are what being an environmentalist is all about, not dressing up as a carrot standing in front of a bus or gluing yourself to a electric train that produces no carbon, neither is it about, seeking the violent overthrow of England and the West.  


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