Monday 3 April 2023


 In past two years the Met Police under Mayor Khans leadership have suffered one scandal after another, few weeks ago the Casey report was published. the report found the Met was institutional racist and systematic racism existed at all levels. I was surprised at the findings, while I do believe the Met needs better leadership then offered by Mayor Khan. I don't believe it's racist like it was thirty years ago.  
The Police in 1980's were a totally different body,  a lot of off duty officers who were stationed in East London would attend BNP meetings. I can still remember years ago a house in New Cross going up in a blaze and a dozen young men all black being burned alive. There was a lot of publicity over it at the time. The rumour at the time amongst the far right was it was caused by a skinhead in the BM who fired a small flare through the window. I don't know if the police ever looked into this or not ? The BM skinheads drank in a pub on same road owned by a former wrestler in Deptford. He later bought the Albany pub just around corner in Deptford and allowed BM to hold music concerts there. I was told one of skinheads aunt Jackie was part of investigating team and had covered up the skinheads involvement. Now, I don't know if that was true but everyone in far right believed it because the police supported the right wing and allowed us a lot of freedom. Today that is no longer the truth police are very much opposed and bias against all Nationalists and not as openly racist as they once were.  

Most Police forces regard Nationalism as illegal and use the terrorist label to outlaw, ban and stop Nationalism. Dozens of Nationalist's are serving time in this crackdown which is really no different to how the governments of China and Russia deal with dissidents. Yet strangely the `racist right wing police,'  in no part of England have arrested any left wingers activists, no left wing groups are banned or denied a right to protest. Which clearly demonstrates how  wrong the Casey report is. The Met, like any other big organisation no doubt has members who are racist but it's clear police forces across the nation are led by woke liberal chief constables and most of its recruits are now from university's and educated to be woke liberal's and anti-white.     

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