Wednesday 12 April 2023



A hundred years ago, most English family's used home remedies. They were used to control small medical problems, prevent minor ailments from developing into chronic problems. Family Doctors, would also use a variety of plant and water remedies to cure illness, Barks, Roots, Berries, Resins, Twigs and Flowers were all used by the English to cure illness for over a thousand years.

This all changed when in the years leading up to the Great War of 1914-18, Scientists discovered Petro chemicals and the ability to create all kinds of chemicals from oil. In 1907 for example they created the plastic `Bakelite', Scientists also discovered many pharmaceutical drugs could be made from oil. John D Rockefeller who was an oil magnate and Americas first Billionaire saw this as a chance not only to monopolize the oil and chemical industry but to also the medical industry. At this time Rockefeller controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the USA. His oil company Standard Oil was later broken up into several smaller companies Chevron, Exxon and Mobil. Rockefeller saw that if he could patent petrochemicals he could sell them for a huge profit. But the big problem was in USA and Europe natural / herbal medicines were popular and trusted. He solved the problem by using his wealth and influence to mock and demonise homeopathy and natural medicines, he also gave 100 million dollars, a huge amount before the Great War to colleges and hospitals to support his work. In a few years, all medical students in USA were learning that natural medicines were outdated and of no use. For this generation of doctors, medicine was all about buying Rockefeller patented drugs. Scientists received huge grans to study how plants cured diseases and find drugs that would mimic these property's in plants.

By the 1920's only the fruits of science were of any use. The English country people relinquished a thousand years of knowledge and wisdom. The result was more and more people became alienated from their English ethnic roots and lost their sense of self sufficiency and self esteem.  One hundred years on doctors across the globe know nothing about the benefits of natural cures. The old health concepts based on simple observation have vanished. The English once knew the value of being under the sun in the open air, but now they are ashamed to promote such simple values. We are now slaves to the medical companies when it comes to our health. I've wrote about living with nature this  means rediscovering the medicines in nature that the gods gave us. It means using nature to make ourselves healthy and strong.                          

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