Tuesday 18 April 2023



This blog has a singular purpose to reconnect the people of England with the natural world and to celebrate our unique Anglo Saxon culture history and faith in the Asa gods. As a follower of the old way's, trees have always fascinated me. I spend several hours each week staring at them watching the birds and insects in them, listening to the leaves make music as the wind blows through them.

Sadly I have an embarrassing and horrifying fact, England is now one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Modern farming has had a major impact on our wildlife as has the house building taking place all over the south east. But most of the blame lies with our political class who promise to protect the earth but in reality don't. At present only 13% of UK is covered in woodland, the  government want to increase this to 19% by 2050. Sadly council's all over the country are still killing thousands of mature trees each year.     

In Kent the garden of England where I live, over 3,600 trees were felled in last three years according to official figures .In West Sussex the 2nd most wooded county 3,800 old mature trees were lost and replaced with 3,200 maiden one year old whips. In Norfolk a few years ago 7,900 trees were felled to make way for a 12 mile road north of Norwich. A county council official, tried to justified this by stating that 40,000 new trees will be planted along the side of the new road. The environment minister at the time Owen Paterson suggested you can off set the destruction of ancient woodland by planting twice as many new trees. You cant, a young sapling hosts no wild, life a mature tree does. Tree expert  Oliver Rackman had this to say to Paterson's claim `10,000 Centurion Oaks are not a substitute for one 500 year old Oak.'

Our political leaders have no concerns about the impact on our wildlife by felling so many trees each year. Why our woodlands matter, is not rocket science even small children understand things our local council's don't. Trees and woodland's are critical to help control pollution air quality, because trees take carbon out of the air. It's simple to understand when councils ignore it they show us they really don't care and only say they do, to win your support at election's. 

Each of us has an individual and collective responsibility to protect the English countryside and our trees. Heathenism all about protecting the earth for our children and grandchildren, by reaching out and protecting our mother earth who needs our love. We need to all do this because our government and councils can not be trusted to save or protect rural England. When it's a choice between money or nature, greed always wins with these people. 

We urgently need to protect our English wood's, help those wood's that have been harmed by giving them time to regenerate. The only way I believe to save our woodlands and our countryside from being destroyed and turned into housing estates or car parks is to  connect our selves back our ancient roots and the wisdom of trees through our Heathen faith. We know, if we stand up to the town hall tyrants allowing this destruction, hold them to accountant, we can make changes and stop the destruction. Are you with us ? 


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