Wednesday 19 April 2023



Last year the school kids in England, organised a day of green protest, it was covered on all major news channels. While it was great to see children showing how much they cared about the Earth, the protests were hijacked by elements of the extreme left. At every rally the main speeches were made by Trade Union officials linked to extremist groups or teachers active in Labour Party's hard left. Most of the speeches were attacks on the Tory Party or Trump, had very little about stopping the damage being done to the Earth. The Extinction protests last year were  another example of the hard left seeking to win support by  hijacking protests and setting a Marxist agenda. When I wrote a post about this several weeks ago some claimed Extinction were non political. In recent years both Telegraph & Times have published articles on how Marxists are dictating the Extinction agenda. 

Last month Extinction attacked a Sainsburys super market, stole food which they then gave away to shoppers, while the Police looked on. The following day, Extinction announced they were now a Political Party and would be standing in London Elections.  I can predict now that once the public understand the truth about Extinction and people start looking at whose backing them, support will fade very quickly. The battle to save the Earth shouldn't be a left or right argument, to win the battle, we need everyone to put aside differences, we need to organise demonstrations were everyone whose concerned about the planet can attend and feel welcome. This is impossible when the Extremists are in control and seek to divide people into groups who they like or dislike, and who seek to silence people who expose those funding and seeking to exploit the protests.   

Young Communist League 2020

The main Marxist grouping within Extinction come from the Young Communist League, the violent extremists who also organise ANTIFA in UK. In 2020 the Young Communists had infiltrated Extinction at every level and were controlling the group.  

Note: The heathen community in England reject all calls for violence and is opposed to those who seek to create division and hatred. Our ways are based on the love we have for our gods, England  and our Anglo Saxon people. Marxism has no love for our gods our ways or England only hatred.   

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