Thursday 13 April 2023


I am not against the Russian people nor against Russia's culture. I have how ever took a strong stance and supported Ukraine in the war. My biggest reason for this stance is Putin and his billionaire cronies are parasites who have stole billions from the Russian people. We can all see this corruption has left the army with out of date field rations, malfunctioning weapons and a lack of drones. London has for years been full of Russians, spending and hiding the money they have stolen from the Russian people. The details of Russian war crimes is broadcast weekly on on our TV stations. I will welcome the day the Russians overthrow the parasites and are led by true Russian patriots. 

There's a very simple reason why Russia is committing rape and murder in Ukraine city's, and it goes back to 1945. British historian Anthony Beevor in his book on fall of Stalingrad detailed how two million German women were raped by Red Army in final few weeks of the war. Many later killed themselves. Stalin murdered millions of his own people during the war , yet at end of war the corrupt Marxist leaders of  Russia were not held to accountant for these crimes the west ignored them. The Nuremberg War trails were never about justice they were about revenge on German nationalist leaders. No one can argue the Nuremberg trails were about justice when Russia's war crimes were ignored. It's because our Western leaders turned a blind eye to Russia,  committing rapes murder and looting in 1945 that it doesn't fear doing the same crimes in the Ukraine today. When I was 18, I read a book called `The Gruesome Harvest' about Russia's atrocities during 1945, it is not a pleasant read but one all Anti Communists should read. 

I first saw the corruption one sided justice and political bias of the international  courts and justice, at Hague and Brussels back in 1990's. After the break up of Yugoslavia, when the Bosnian Serbs fought to defend their homeland from a Islamic jihad. If you go to Bosnia today your soon see its on a knifes edge again, adverts and street signs are no longer written in Latin but in Cyrillic as support for Russia grows. To the Bosnian Serbs, Russia is seen as protector of Serbian culture. 

Following the war in Bosnia, the West arrested dozens of  Serb's, for war crimes. including Serbian leader Milosevic who died while on trial at the Hague. Karadzic and Mladic are still serving life for war crimes and genocide. their convictions did not bring peace. In Banja Luka, home to the parliament of Srpska Republic (the Bosnian Serb majority territory )  there's anger at how Muslims guilty of rape and murder of children have remained free yet their leaders were dragged to the Hague in cuffs and put on trial by the Americans. Ratko Mladic head of the Bosnian Serb army, is still a hero to the people and T-shirts with Mladic are openly sold, on the bridge over the river in Banja Luka are portraits painted of Mladic. American sanctions on the Bosnian Serb's have not worked and there is a hatred of America. Milorad Dodik a Serb nationalist has had sanctions placed on him by the Biden administration for saying the Truce was forced on his people by the Americans at Dayton Ohio, Dodik has vowed to take over the judiciary and armed forces in the Serb controlled areas due to  the corruption and crimes of those who worked with the west. 

More and more evidence is coming to light that casts doubt on the Wests claims that in 1995, 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica were massacred. Dodik claims the evidence was fabricated, a myth. The Muslims  were killed in battle and their bones and bodies were moved there to justify the war on the Serbs. I've read some of the evidence put forward by Dodik and there is now a big question mark about what happened in Srebrenica. Lets all remember, when people seek to cancel or stop an opposing argument there is usually a reason why ? it's usually because there's truth in the counter argument.

Most Heathens are open minded and are able to view World events on facts not propaganda from the swamp of Westminster. We the heathen community in England are proud to stand up for truth in this world no matter who it offends. 

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