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In the Holy Edda's, we are told about the greed of the giant wolf Fenrir, which knew no bounds and how Tiw, lost his hand as part of a deal with the monstrous wolf. The story in brief starts with the demon Loki and the giantess Angrboda, who sired three monstrous offspring the most terrible was the wolf Fenrir. When the gods heard about Fenrir it filled them with alarm, so they brought him to their home Asgard. Where they could keep a watch on him, at first he was no different from any other wolf but each day he grew larger. The Aesir observed the growing size of the young Fenrir with horror, he became so menacing as he grew that the Gods wanted him bound, because they had been warned that he would continue to grow and would eventually cause havoc on the world  Successive attempts to bind him with a chain all failed. So Wodin made a journey to  the under world and sought the help of the magical dwarf smith's, who were weapon makers to the Hero's and gods, to forge a unbreakable chain. The dwarfs guided by Wodin's magic created a magical rope to bind the wolf, made from six magical ingredients the sound of a cats foot fall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, a bears sinews, a fish's breath and birds spittle. When the dwarfs finished the rope they named it Gleipnir.

The gods challenged Fenrir to be bound with the rope, to test if he could break free and promised if he couldn't they would release him. Fenrir viewed the rope with suspicion and at first refused to be bound by the rope. Fenrir probably believed he would escape the rope as he had the other chains and finally agreed to allow himself to be bound by the magical rope, but only if one of the Asir would place their right hand in his mouth as surety that he would be freed. Tiw known for his courage volunteered and put his hand in the Wolfs mouth. After the gods, had bound Fenrir with the rope and he found he could not escape, the gods all laughed at how they had tricked him, but Tiw lost his hand which Fenrir bit off . Tiw sacrificing his hand to save the world, was an act of true courage.

This ancient tale is of great importance today, Fenrir is like the big corporations and banks who are monsters growing so large that they will destroy the earth. every time we try to stop or limit their growth with laws and regulations they escape like Fenrir did from his chains and carry on with their destruction in the name of profit. like the Asier, we will need to bind them to stop their growth, stop their greed. If we don't, they will like Fenrir cause havoc and destroy the world. To achieve this we will need the courage of Tiw and be willing to make sacrifices  that will allow us to contain those whose greed is harming Mother Earth. I think the lesson of the story is when things get too powerful or large they cause an unbalance.  

Note: This blog promotes heathenism the old faith of the English, I call on all English  patriots to honour your English gods and culture by supporting this blog.   


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