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Anglo Saxon Heathenry is a religion that believes in the ancient Germanic gods of Fertility, Earth and Water. It was officially recreated in the late 1970's, but it's roots go back thousands of years to the creation of Europe. In the UK we call the old faith Heathenism or Odinism, but Asatru is the name most commonly used now in Northern Europe. The name Asatru was first used by Edvard Grieg in his 1870 Opera`Olaf Tragvason' and comes from two old Norse words ASA = the northern Gods and TRU= faith, thus Asatru means religion of the ASA. The ASA are the Nature gods of the Germanic nations, which includes England. Asatru is built on the Viking culture and saga's, and is great for those in the Norse nations or America. We are English our culture and heathen traditions are just as rich and powerful as those of our Norse brothers & sisters. Anglo Saxon Heathenry honour's the old gods and is built around the yearly circle of life and the festivals that celebrate nature throughout the year.    

I use the image of the Tiw Rune on this blog, because it represents not only strength and power but also re-birth. The Rune  belongs to the Germanic war god Tiw, the great god of the Teutonic tribes, a god of magic and mystery, a god of the Sky. Tiw fathered the first man Mann-asc. One of the beliefs English Heathen's, is that the  Anglo-Saxon's are descendant's of Mann-asc and his seeds the race of Ingve, and therefore the god Tiw. This bloodline makes the English a sacred people. In the same way the Jewish people claim to be a chosen race of their desert god. if you 're English and have never heard this before you should question why this knowledge or belief about your inheritance has been hidden from you by the Christian church for their own purposes. Anglo Saxon Heathenry is a faith full of mystery and wonder which helps connect people to nature like no other faith. We believe nature is the reflection of how things should be, therefore the purpose of following the Heathen lifestyle and faith, is to create harmony between mankind and the gods, harmony with nature, because the gods are nature.

Spring provides us with a great insight into nature and the power of rebirth, if you listened to some environmentalists its all doom, no future, no one should every fly or have children again. When  Spring arrives it provides us with a different view of nature, the rebirth and natures strength and hope for the future. For me heathenism is all about rebirth of our faith ,of our nation and of the world around us. It's a faith of hope and our future. 

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