Wednesday 24 May 2023



The Oxford dictionary defines dehumanization as the process of depriving a person or group of positive human qualities. It means ignoring a people's natural rights, thoughts, emotions to consider them no better then animals.

Deprive a foe of his status as a human and it becomes easier to persecute him, history shows that dehumanization is often the first step towards violence against your foes. In the UK today there is a growing tendency to dehumanize people, this is evident in the vile statements put out on social media. For many today politics today is no longer about challenging your opponent's arguments, but about destroying your opponent, politically, financially, socially. The goal is no longer to win a argument but to crush your opponent. Several of our political leaders especially those on the left, now generally believe any one on the right is evil.  British celebrity's on TV panel shows, daily deploy language of hatred and violence against those on the right. If this spirit of hatred remains unchecked, it is hard not see it ending in violence. The left's growing hatred of any one on the right will grow,  the demonization of Nigel Farage and UKIP during Brexit and the attacks on the actor Lawrence Fox both demonstrate this hatred. The vile remarks made by some of our music stars against English football supporters who opposed Black Live Matter demo's was also another example of this growing hatred. The vile language of the left needs to stop they have no respect for the law of our nation, no respect for anyone who disagrees with their woke world view. It is not a exaggeration to say that they have contempt for any group or person who promote patriotism or hold a different  political stance to them. They also have a contempt for any one who holds a faith especially those who follow Wodin and don't conform to their values. To save England from the radical left, to protect those being dehumanized we must turn a bright spotlight on the people using social media to attack our friends family's and fellow citizens or it will end in a bad way. It's important we all take a stand against any group or individual who abuses anyone because of their faith or beliefs. 

Note: This blog promotes the Anglo Saxon heathen faith, which is built on our love of the gods and our English nation and people. Those who hate the Anglo Saxon's and blame us for everything wrong in the world please note our love is stronger then your hate.   

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