Thursday 25 May 2023



 Our Planet is experiencing a increase in wild fires, Canada, California and Oregon have just had worst fires in living memory. In UK wildfires are getting worse each year. 2017 was a dark year a record 1.2 million hectares went up in flames in Europe, 800,000 in Portugal, Italy and Spain alone. In Australia 2020 wildfires destroyed a area larger then Syria and killed over a billion insects animals and birds. In Siberia a fire caused a smoke cloud larger then all EU countries combined, remember Siberia is a one of coldest places on earth. even Artic fires were raging in 2019 .

So what's causing these wildfires, according to our western leaders and the current political and scientific dogma, the wildfires are the result of human activities. They totally ignore the fact that  since the sun shifted to a higher position in the magnetic field it's strength has more then doubled, worryingly as the sun continues to spiralling up it's strength will increase. The increase in cosmic rays as a result of the changing Sun is what causes wild fires. cosmic rays trigger lighting in thunderstorms especially dry thunderstorms and lighting in thunderstorms ignites wildfires.

Lighting is an unsolved mystery that physics can not explain, lighting flashes on earth over a hundred times a second but what trigger lighting in thunderstorms is not understood. Research into electric fields within the thunderclouds has established they don't have the power to spark a lighting bolt and left Science unable to answer what causes lighting. Each year lighting strikes are increasing across the Globe, in 2019 when dozens of lighting strikes hit the north pole scientists were puzzled, I don't know why because the cosmic rays bombarding the earths surface is always strongest at the poles. Since 2019 lighting strikes have increased six fold. in New Zealand on one day there were 300,000 lighting strikes in one day, 872,000 over one weekend in December. the increase has nothing to do with human made climate changes, the increased power of the sun is causing the lighting which is igniting our planet. Many scientists are now acknowledging most wildfires are caused by lighting but will still not acknowledge lighting is caused by cosmic rays from the sun. I hope every one especially the Odinist who read this will look at the facts and agree the Sun is a power we still do not understand but the burning Earth is another sign of Ragnaroks approach.     

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