Monday 15 May 2023



Our faith is rooted in our history our link to those times, without a pride in our ancestors, our history and culture we don't have a faith. we don't have a foundation upon which our faith can be built. Our English origins are coloured with legends but the Anglo Saxon Chronicles and Ynglinga saga attest that 22 generations before the birth of King Alfred our people lived near the Tanais on the North shore of the Black Sea, these men came from the Seed of the Gods themselves it's what makes our people great and unique. Something we should be proud of.    

 We are living through a pandemic, a pandemic of corruption, disinformation and outright lies. finding the truth has never been more elusive. While the internet has made it so easy to acquire knowledge it has also made it easy to acquire wrong knowledge. For corrupt politician's and leaders of the established faiths to lie. most of people in England today don't like the truth because it is often embarrassing and hurtful, fantasy is more pleasant then the truth. that's why politicians lie they know if they told the truth they would never get elected, so they lie. By embracing and indulging in lies we have become enslaved. As Heathen's, we need to free ourselves from deception and disinformation, we need the truth !  we need freedom that can only come from knowing the truth. 

The purpose of  the Berserkr blog, is to be different from other Asatru/Odinist blogs; which concentrate on the legends of the Viking hero's and Edda's. Ours is a living faith, based on the lore of our Anglo Saxon ancestors, but we also need to show why Heathenism is relevant to the modern world, put forward our ideas, views and opinions on things that are happening today and how they link to our faith and the Edda's. We need to put a spotlight on the corruption and lies of those who run the system so people see how corrupt and unfit they are for leadership.  Our entire economic system is built on encouraging people to buy what they cant afford and to ensnare themselves in debt. The present system encourages our children to use drugs and fill their minds with warped ideas about marriage and family. The present system is corrupt at every level, it's on the brink of crashing. There is no soundness in it nothing we can do to save it. Christianity is a false religion forced upon us, it serves the rich and ignores the poor. The church of England seems to hate the English people and never defends the English people or nation on any issue. We have flawed political system, corrupt judges, and an economic system content to use that corruption to make money. The only solution for us and our nation, is an entirely new society and system built on our faith in the Asir gods, the gods of England. To achieve this we have got to open thousands of peoples eyes and minds by telling them truths they would rather not hear.

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