Sunday 14 May 2023



 `The Church is this city of destruction`   F. Neitzche 1864

I always felt sorry for Pakistan, once the land of Aryan where the Hindu Vedas were composed, yet the culture traditions and lore of the people in Northern India was destroyed by the Mughal's who invaded and conquered India. The Mughals made the Hindu's convert to Islam or face death. The result was the people there have a culture and tradition which belongs to the Arabs not their ancestors. The people have no knowledge of their true faith or culture.

It was four years ago I was having a bit of banter in the local shop owned by a man from Pakistan during the banter I said to him by adopting Islam you have lost your culture and Indian roots replaced it with a faith and culture of the Arabs. He stunned me by replying so have you, when you became  Christian nation. It hurt  me because I had never thought of Christianity being a foreign culture. To admit that English culture today is based on Christianity just as modern Pakistan is built on Islam is not nice, the people of both nation's were forced to convert and had their true heritage hidden.    

The real culture of the English was destroyed and replaced with Christianity. For a thousand years now our children have been given Hebrew names like Mark, John, Stephen, Peter, Paul, David, Mary, Elizabeth etc. Our link to nature and old ways was destroyed our holy sites and festivals like Easter and Yule stolen by the Christians, if you objected or refused to adopt the Christian faith you were burnt alive or hung. The Christian faith is a lie, a Middle Eastern fable, that has caused the deaths of millions due to it's hatred and greed the sooner it's leaves England the better.


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