Thursday 11 May 2023



I was going to write a post about the hundreds of children in Canada from ethnic family's  placed into homes run by the Roman Catholic Church How they were raped abused and killed, by the Catholic Priests and how the Pope is refusing to apologise. But I am going to write about a criminal trail in Italy that involves the Catholic Church, Cardinal Angelo Becciu and a host of other Catholic officials.

The core of the case is about donations from church goers to purchase 60 Sloane Avenue in Chelsea, the initial investment of 200 million euros was arranged by Raffaele Mincione who used to date Heather Mills. The property was worth £129 million, but the Vatican paid over 350 million Euro's in total ? 

The Vatican would have made a profit on it's original investment but on the advice of Gianluigi Torzi instead of waiting and selling for a profit the Vatican, paid Mincione £40 million for a full buy out. However Torzi, had hid a clause which handed full ownership to the property through voting rights to him. Torzi then demanded 15 million Euro's to give up control. The Vatican paid up. 

Torzi has now made allegations that another defendant in the trial a Vatican employee named Tirabassi offered him services of prostitutes for his work on buyout. Torzi also had death threats from another Vatican broker to give up the property or his life and his children's lives were at risk. Cardinal Becciu not only oversaw all this but had also given his brother 100,000 Euro's of Vatican money. Then there's Cecilia Marogna, a security advisor dubbed the Vatican Mata Hari who was given 575,000 Euro's to free kidnapped nuns in Africa. Marogna spent most of it shopping at Prada,, Louis Vuitton and the Italian furniture store Frau where she dropped 12,000 Euros. It gets worse Crassio the thug who threatened to have Torzi's children killed presented a bond prospectus to build a US highway for potential Vatican investment but when police searched his computer they found it involved equity stakes in three Italian companies and  the highway didn't exist. Then  Vatican staffer Tirabassi who on top of being a pimp did a deal with a Swiss bank to get commission on business he put their way, in a clear breach of interest. Then last month we had a high ranking US priest and a dozen at the Vatican using the gay hook up app grinder. The trail of these holy men takes place in October I expect most of them to walk free or get light sentences. But it exposes how corrupt, evil and Fucked up, the Catholic Church is across the World and they have been committing these crimes for two thousand years don't forget. In 6th century they destroyed our faith and culture and killed any one who opposed  this genocide against the Anglo-Saxon people.      

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