Monday 1 May 2023



 was watching Sky News a few weeks ago and the female Bishop of Dover was being interviewed. During the long and boring interview, she made a very strange comment for a Church of England Bishop. She started off moaning and whinging about history in our schools being taught from an English perspective, then said she would like to see history taught from other sides view. 

So I was confused does that mean English kids are to be taught the Nazi view of the War or the Islamic State side of the War in Iraq, or did she mean the history wrote by the left and Black Lives Matter in which the English are the bad guys. For me it highlighted how the Church of England now hate the culture and traditions of the English People. History taught in English Schools should be taught from the English view point and encourage pride in our nation not twisted to be politically correct. I've also noticed how the Church and other arms of the State now love to speak about how any one who disagrees with their view's need to be educated. What they really mean is brainwashing, forcing their views into your minds, Forcing you to see things their way. If you don't - making you feel guilty like a criminal.

The main problem amongst our youth today is confusion caused by  lack of knowledge on who they are, they don't need to become more confused by being taught the history of other Nations. To be blunt the Bishop is playing a sly underhanded game on behalf of hidden powers. She knows if you control the past you control the future. This is why the Church has always sought to control what our children are taught. To build a successful life or Nation you must build it on strong foundations. Yet English children are taught nothing about the Anglo Saxon foundation of our nation , nothing about their own English Gods only the Gods of the Middle East or Asia. If English children are ignorant of the English Gods, mythology and beliefs of their ancestors they are rootless. When a young life is built without a strong foundation and understanding of their identity,  it can  causes problems in their lives which lack any cultural depth . Many spend years seeking answers to this in foreign ideas or from illegal drugs. The Bishop wants your children taught the history of Africa and Asia but doesn't want you or your children gaining knowledge of the old English Gods because it will threaten their power.

Note: The Berserkr Press & blog aim is to bring knowledge of heathenism, the old ways and faith of England to all Englishmen. There are many in the establishment and in violent leftist groups who hate England and seek to destroy and twist our message. We call on everyone who loves this country to support us in any way they can.               

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