Wednesday 26 April 2023



 Fyrdsidu is built around nature one of our goals is to protect and live in harmony with the natural world. Our survival on this Earth depends on not only the followers of Heathen but all mankind putting nature and the environment before own self interest's.  

To ensure our survival to protect nature we have know exactly how we are harming it. In 1820's Charles Darwin spent a summer collecting crucifix Beatles on the fens of North Cambridge. Today there are no Crucifix Beatles anywhere in the UK, they became extinct in the early 1950's due to the pesticides used at that time. Today in UK more then thirty Beatles are classified as in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and pollution from pesticides and fertilizers used on farms and emissions from our factory's and city's. 

Over the past hundred years three species of Beatle have become extinct in the UK.  A report on BBC website claimed 35 out of 283 species of  Leaf Beatles are now of concern, Natural England believes seven are in critically endangered and 3 more are on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Tansy Beatle which eats a herb called Tansy, is now only found in two spots in Britain. On the banks of the River Ouse in Yorkshire and the other on Wicken Fen in East Anglia. The stoneflies are aquatic insects that are found in fresh water, pollution in our rivers and streams means 8 of 34 species of Stonefly are already extinct and another is critically endangered. A survey of insects over 40 years across the globe, alarming conclusion was 40% of insects worldwide are now in danger of extinction within thirty years, with Butterfly's and Dung Beatles most infected. Insects are the base of our plants ecosystem the repercussions  and consequences if these insects become extinct will be catastrophic. 

Note: Heathenism is the old English  faith before Christianity came. It is built on the love of the old gods and all things English. 

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