Sunday 7 May 2023



In the UK we are brainwashed into believing only the state can take care of us. They pay us when we're unemployed, we are looked after by the NHS when we get ill and they bail out the banks every few years to keep the country a float. In return we pay hefty taxes, over 40%.

The high amount of tax we pay make it hard to save and make us feel entitled to government handouts when times get hard. The trouble is Britain can't afford even with the colossal income it receives from our taxes to fund these handouts. To survive   the 2008 financial crisis the UK borrowed heavily, to bail out the banks by dong so it committed itself to similar measures in all future emergency's, the  recent bail out paying for the furlong and grants to self employed etc has all been financed by debt. Britain now has it's highest ever level of debt, which is now over two trillion pounds and it is still borrowing. As the Government continual to borrow too much, creditors could get anxious about the governments ability to repay, that fear could destroy the economy so the government has turned to another source to fund the debt the printing press.

The 2008 financial crisis began a great experiment by the Bank of England quantitative easing. The big banks were allowed to create money from nothing. In march this year the Bank of England printed 236 billion pounds which the government has given away. This printing of money and spending it can be catastrophic and lead to hyper inflation that renders a currency basically worthless. No one yet knows how much this current crisis will cost or how long it will last. But we do know that debt based economies naturally experience cycles of boom and bust. On average, recessions occur every 10 years, so this system will sooner or later collapse under debt. We need to develop a new society based on green principles that will free us from the slavery of debt. We need to reject the current political system and take the path of Wodin and the old gods, the path of prosperity. 

In a community run by Heathen Elders and the Nine noble truths of our faith, every man and his family shall have fruit trees, there will be universal property ownership, no indebted mortgages. Our nation can produce enough food to feed us, all men will prosper gather and sing at the holy sites to the goodness of the Asir.  Every day someone joins our ranks and we grow stronger which means every day our Heathen community moves closer to becoming reality. Hail Thunder !... Hail Thunor !

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