Monday 22 May 2023



 `Odinism is a warrior religion that will spread across England like a fire unless it's extinguished.' 

quote from Benny Goldman Anti Nationalist Campaigner

The daft Benny Goldman quote above, shows the left wing don't understand our faith or what we believe. So I felt I should briefly in this post explain what real Heathens like me believe. To cross the rainbow bridge or shinning path that leads to Asgard and the truth you need to understand and follow a true Heathen life style. I say this because the truth can not be reached without knowing the physical reality of our cosmos and re-connecting with the spiritual flow of nature.  

Ours is not the same heathen faith practised by our ancestors, It's a new faith built on old wisdom that is still evolving still growing. We no longer wage war with swords or spears, war gods were needed in those brutal days, now we live in a world where the wisdom and courage of the nature gods is more important. I try to promote in this blog non violence towards all things, To be truly in harmony with nature, we should protect our Trees, Rivers and Oceans from pollution and abuse. I like many other Heathens, in order to be respectful to all forms of life have adopted a vegetarian diet. I seek to promote traditional values not wrong values of modern western lifestyle, this means I believe Males and Females are different and should be raised differently according to their different natural roles. Heathens must be bold in their beliefs and not afraid to speak out against corruption and lies by our political leaders, to try and ignore we are part of the modern world not the early medieval world as some Heathens do is madness.

Nothing good comes from hatred, our faith must be about what we do, not what others do or don't.  We believe as Heathens in the WYRD the interconnectedness of all things. We believe our thoughts and feelings actively and magically influence the surrounding world, our thoughts have the power to affirm or disrupt natural harmony. Since the gods are nature itself and harmony with nature is shaped by the thoughts of humans, we must have good thoughts and goods words for all things and avoid negative and destructive words. Those who join our ranks all speak of how the Heathen faith has given them a purpose in life, a foundation to build their lives on. How Heathens have a unique view of nature that gives them a true relationship with the gods other faiths can not provide.  

The Heathen groups span across the Northern world from Denmark and Germany to Canada and USA. As Heathen's we are united by our blood, our faith, our shared ancestors and history. I regard all fellow Heathens as family. We are a Chosen few, the seeds of the God's.    

When our lives are lived in unnatural decaying cities it smoothers humanity's creativity and ensnares it in meaningless behaviour. The heathens of England need to leave the urban centres. When we can live in harmony with our kin where the gods are present in our lives, where our people can grow and gather build a web of relationships in the community build houses with natural materials grow and plant fruit trees, keep animals create our own eco system  our faith will bloom. One area of a town, one district, one village is all we need to give us this base from which we can build a Heathen community  in. This is what we believe this is our target

Note: The Berserkr press promotes a heathen faith which is based on the lore and gods of the Anglo Saxon's before Christianity came to England. If you love England and the old ways please get in touch and help us save our unique culture. We welcome everyone.  

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