Thursday 18 May 2023



In the far north of Europe on the Artic archipelago of Svalbard, during the annual census of the wild Reindeer population over 200 carcasses of Deer were discovered that had died due to starvation. The head of the Census `Ashad Onvik Pedersen', believed the deaths were the consequence of the climate crisis. Which is happening twice as fast in the Artic, as the rest of the World. Changes in the climate is making it rain more, the rain when it falls on the snow forms a layer of ice and stops the Reindeer grazing. In Winter Reindeer find vegetation in snow by using their hooves to dig but alternating freezing and thawing periods can create a layer of impenetrable ice depriving the Reindeer of nourishment. When I was told this horrible story, I just wished I could force all those World Leaders Business Leaders who ignore the need for action or who make promises they have no intention of carrying out, to Svalbard make them look at the dead Reindeer carcasses ! 


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