Wednesday 17 May 2023



This generation more then any other is lost and confused, they sense something is wrong in the World with nature and human beings. They witness increasing cancer, degeneration, disintegration and decay. They watch as a combination of pollution and a more powerful Sun, fuel extreme weather conditions higher maximum temperatures fewer colder days drought followed by extreme rainfall the weathers gone crazy. The young understand somethings wrong and many feel something is missing in their lives. what's missing is knowledge of the  god Wodin and the old Heathen faith. Wodin was a deity closely associated with magic and the Runes and was the most powerful of the Asir the gods of Earth and Nature. He was once worshiped across England. 

Becoming a follower of the old Gods starts with us seeing the need to change and to begin learning to live by the Nine Noble Virtues of our faith.  When you adopt the Heathen code of the Nine Virtues it is a total change of mind and heart and direction in your life. It is a change to a new way of life. It is turning from the self - centred way of vanity, selfishness, greed, jealousy and unconcern for the good and welfare of your folk and Nation to the Heathen way of loyalty, kinship, love of nature and the English Soil. 

To reach the mindset that allows this change you need to pray to meditate and see yourself for what you are and what you wish to be ! 

We have to understand the importance of the Nine Virtues how they give us a framework to build our lives on. The Nine Virtues are Wodin's way of thinking, it is his perfect way of life, anything that goes against these virtues is against Wodin. 

Heathenism is about changing, it is about a complete turnaround in your life, moving forward in a new direction. Heathenism is more to do with the future then the past. Yes we should study the Ancient tales and lore of our ancestors but heathenism is more about changing the way you think and adopting a new different direction. If you want to live by Wodin's law's and separate yourself from your your former ways, you need to pray to Wodin, honour him, when you do this it will lead you to a complete separation from your former ways. Let his Spear cut deeply.



The path to Wodin's Hall in Asgard will bring joy into your life, following the Nine Noble Virtues will simplify your life.  There will be days you stumble and fail, even a child when it learns to walk often falls down. But the child doesn't get discouraged and give up he gets up and starts again. You too must never feel discouraged let your faith lift you up and continue to over come. The pleasure of living by the Nine Virtues of our faith is one of the blessings of our faith.

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