Tuesday 20 June 2023



The English people can no longer trust our police, the courts, the politicians. The English Church no longer cares for the common people, who have lost all faith in the myth of Jesus, its now just another part of the liberal establishment which has failed us all. V.E. DAY has just gone while many celebrated, I think many felt what did those young men die for ? the greatest generation Boris Johnson called the people born between 1930 and 1955. While I admire the courage of those who fought in the war and the Londoners who went through the blitz,  the politicians church leaders business leaders who led this greatest generation are the same people who watched the Londoners who went through the blitz be pushed out of the city, who have allowed the drug problem to fester and grow each year, who have allowed our forests to be cut down, our farm land be raped, our rivers become polluted, our wildlife to be driven to the edge of extinction, and our children to be  poisoned with pesticides and chemicals. Should a generation whose leaders are responsible for such horrific crimes against the English nation be called great ?  or as people who betrayed the men who died in the war by allowing such things to occur.

I wrote about this in earlier posts that to survive our nation has to change and those that have led and caused these problems, promises and  words can not be trusted their lack of morals make them unworthy of respect .This is why, I urge you to join our Heathen Revolution to bring order back to our nation. Heathenism is a faith of wisdom and cosmic order, it's a religion of the English spirit, soul and mind. It's England's true faith and path, one every Englishmen needs to follow.   

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