Monday 19 June 2023



`If anyone plants at least one tree, then he will be able to stay in the heaven of Indra for thirty tho years'....From the Hindu text Matsya Purana wrote 1600 years ago

At end of the War in 45 up until 1980's there was a huge destruction of landscape in southern England, the worst destruction was done by modern agriculture and forestry followed by new urban development roads, quarrying. In 1950's the largest lake outside of the lake district was drained not one person protested. A few years ago there was a fashion amongst the people in charge of our Forests to plant conifers on ancient woodland, all across England the forestry commission started poisoning woods and destroying the native trees and replacing them with Conifers. By doing this the forestry bureaucrat's not only destroyed the native trees but also the plants, fungi and wildlife that depends on the wood lands to live. At same time in County's like Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire hundreds of acres of woodland were grubbed out to create new farmland. 

Near my home on the North downs several acres of ancient woodland was destroyed and replaced with Beech plantation which has now been totally neglected. The big problem, we have in England is professional conservation is all about getting the public taxes to fund their projects, it's all about those in charge earning money, when the money runs out the conservation work ends. Because government funding is often short lived and untrustworthy for any long term conservation project there is never a long term plan. Every time we get a new government the funding changes. The government is currently making all sorts of promises, but in two years we will have a different plan and more government clap trap. To put this simply, we cant trust the big commercial foresters the conservation bodies who are funded by these big commercial foresters or the politicians to save our planet. The prime minster and his conservation advisors are talking about planting thousands of new trees, what they mean by this is they will plant thousands of year old whips or twigs, the mortality rate among whips planted in their thousands like government wants is very high because they are often planted in wrong places at wrong time and under the wrong conditions. After their are planted they are abandoned and left to die because the big foresters who get these contracts get paid to plant them not care for them, they only care about money.   

For Heathens who follow the old faith and seek harmony with the natural world. Those who abuse our countryside those who seek to capitalise out of the Earths pain are criminals. Our English land is more important then money, its time we all stood up and said `enough.'  We need  the people of England to awake to the threat and work towards saving our ancient woodlands, if a wood near you is threatened with destruction we want to hear from you, if you own a woodland and your reaching an age where you can no longer care for it yourself but would like to see it retained as woodland and managed correctly contact us and we will help. We need to demand our elected officials stop allowing big building company's from concreating over Southern England.  

This is very simple if your English and you love this nation its time you stepped up and fought for it just like your grandfathers did in two World Wars because todays threat is a greater threat then our nation faced in both World Wars. If you don't the England we love  will die and become a huge concreate estate just so a few of the Tory party's billionaire donors can becoming even richer.       


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