Monday 26 June 2023


 We live in a world of same sex marriages and transgender toilets, our modern political leaders have challenged and castigated and changed virtually everything that has defined manhood through out human history. In Europe today the strong loving father who provides financially and morally for his family is almost extinct. Families are fragmenting and society is morally and spiritually disintegrating. The relationship between males and females that has existed for virtually all of human history broken. Men today have no purpose, yet few Europeans are upset about it; many even argue that society is better off with the diminishing role of white men in the world.

This devastating revolution has been a disaster for society, we witness every day Politician's who act like children and rule like women. we see our sports stars and role models who are immature, effeminate and worse ? Our world cries out for real men of strong character, untarnished fidelity and decisive leadership. Society needs men with spines.

In the English heathen community, a strong man is seen as a blessing to his wife and family. He provides security, attentive engagement, successful leadership, firm guidance, emotional stability and real love. Our belief in true men is unpopular and makes us targets for attacks but as heathens we live our lives built around our faith. To be a good man a strong man you need to eschew the pastimes that weaken men. we must avoid the addictions that eat away at men's minds, blackens their consciences and destroys their confidence. A heathen man must seek to stoke the flames of ambition in his life, he must aim high and equip himself to become an able leader of our faith and his family.  He must become a builder of our faith, family and society.

Note: The heathen community in England is built on folk, faith and family.  

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