Monday 24 July 2023



Yesterday, I was browsing various sites when I came across a call to cancel Stephen Flowers and for people to not read his rune books. Seeking to label Stephen Flowers, as a Nazi is crazy. It's not true and this nasty malicious cowardly attacks need to stop. Stephen Flowers is a Rune master whose books are read and enjoyed by thousands and contain nothing hateful at all. The man behind the call John Farrell should be totally ashamed of himself.

This type of childish backbiting of fellow heathens was unknown twenty years ago, but a new type of person is entering our faith and bringing their woke liberal views with them. Declaration 127 was published in 2016, in response to a statement put out by the Asatru Folk  Assembly that AFA was an organisation that followed folkish ways put family first and didn't welcome people from LGBT community. The 127 which was taken from verse 127 of the Havamal text, was put out by Xander Folmer a very mixed up character who wrote the Huginsheathen hof blog. Xander who was living it seems a chaotic life had recently came out as a trans gender person, decided to try and cancel AFA.  By Calling them racist and bigot's the on line declaration was supported by a host of Witches, queer fairy's and members of Antifa but seemed to get more support from the Wiccan community then followers of Asatru. 

AFA supporters now active across USA

I don't really know what happened to Xander or Huginheathenhof blog ? in last few years they seem to have disappeared. Some of those who supported declaration 127 are now attacking and seeking to cancel Nordiska Asa Samfundet in Sweden for being folkish and speaking up for their own people. 

Here is what I do know, Nordiska Asa Samfundet are now biggest Asatru group in Sweden and support for them is growing every month, the biggest group in Germany by a mile is the Die artgemenschaft  they are also folkish and opposed to every thing woke. In USA, since declaration 127 was published and signed by a host of people on the fringes of Asatru; the AFA has boomed. It's membership is at record high number. It's opened not one, but four Hof's (temples.)   Stephen mcNallen (the Founder of AFA) has launched Wotan Network and this year is publishing his second book `The Spear,' I urge every one to buy a copy.
Has any one seen Xander ? is he a man a woman is he still heathen ?

When he launched his attack on AFA, Xander in 2016 he was someone recently new to the Asatru path, who clearly had a lot of problems and confusion in his life. I honestly don't know if he was a man becoming a woman or a woman becoming a man but he was not someone who should be setting themselves up as a leader and deciding who can who can't be Asatru. Once this cancel culture promoted by woke types takes hold it's like a cancer there is no end to who will be attacked or cancelled next. There's a reason why our kindreds should be led by Elders it's because they are wiser and unlikely to act in such a spiteful way as Xander.

Thankful Xander's vile attack's and smear's against AFA have failed at every level, AFA are proud of their heritage and links to the god's, that doesn't make them racist or a hate group. Loving your own is not a crime. Everyone in Asatru is free to choice how they worship all these childish calls from so called heathens  in USA to have people cancelled should be ignored. In UK there is a lot of support for AFA on social media platforms, if AFA can find the right Folk Builders support for them will explode in the UK.  Their model of building Asatru around the family unit is a winning strategy.  Hail Stephen mcNallen, Hail AFA,  Hail Thunder !

Note: The Berserkr Press & English heathen community  reject all calls for AFA to be cancelled. We believe in freedom of speech and thought, and while we follow a different spiritual path to AFA, we refuse to be bullied into signing petitions and woke statements against any body. Any body and everybody is welcome to our events if they share our love of the Gods and England. Even Xander is welcome if he/she comes with love and shows respect. Because that's what our faith is about. 

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