Saturday 15 July 2023


 From the adoption of Christianity by Constantine  in the 4th century, the church waged a war to destroy our old faith and culture. The war lasted until the 13th century when the Church finally crushed the resistance to it's rule in the Baltic. Over this thousand year period the Church not only destroyed our faith, culture, history and sacred sites it also killed hundreds of thousands of north European people.

Earlier this month I learnt that  church schools in the Diocese of Coventry, were teaching their pupils that White privilege had allowed the English pupils to benefit from the systematic oppression of people of colour through racism. I was shocked that the church was promoting this loathsome creed imported from the USA to poison the minds of young children in their care. I later heard, that the church of England had issued guidance to teachers at the 87 church schools in the Diocese of Edmundsbury and Ipswich. That English children should learn to amplify the voices of people of colour and confront racial injustices. It is clear the church are seeking to brainwash children into viewing England as a racist country and that they should be ashamed of  being white English. 
We must remember, this is a church led by Justin Welby who has attacked Brexit and told English people they must accept mass immigration and be ashamed of their white history. Who during the BLM protests in 2020, allowed several church's to install pro-BLM displays including Salisbury Cathedral who depicted Jesus as black . By promote this twisted anti white racism based on critical race theory, Welby and the church of England are continuing the war on the northern folk of Europe, they destroyed our faith and culture now it seems they are out to destroy the morals of our children, hoping by doing so it will break the link between our folk and the soil. If you break a generations link and destroy their love for their country and their ancestors it's hard to re-build. 

Heathenism is the old faith of Anglo Saxon England, we follow the old ways and oppose the attacks on the English people by Welby and his Bishops. We reject the lies they teach and call on them to stop the hate attacks on our Anglo Saxon Culture and our people. Remember our love for our gods and the old ways is stronger then their hate. 

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