Tuesday 22 August 2023


 Most of you I am sure have seen the Stanley Kubrick  film Spartacus for those of you who have not Kirk Douglas plays a Jewish Gladiator who leads a slave revolt against Rome. The script for the film was written by Dalton Trump an American Marxist who was blacklisted for his un-American activities. The Marxist have since the 1920's adopted the leader of the slave revolt as a symbol for their fight against the Western Nations. In 1919 a Bolshevik movement called the Spartacus League seized control of Berlin, The Spartacus league was led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht who unleashed a wave of terror, hundreds of innocent civilians were killed and arrested over a two week period. The revolt was ended when the Right-Wing Militia's re-conquered the streets and the insurgents surrendered on mass. The leaders of the Spartacist League were arrested and were questioned, later that same day as night fell the two prisoners were beaten unconscious with rifle butts shot in the head. Luxemberg's body was dumped in a dirty cannel, Karl Liebknecht body was left at the morgue.

Free-Korps men


Spartacus was a former Legionnaire who was known for his insubordination and heavy drinking, was arrested for mutiny and convicted while campaigning in Illyricum in 815. Spartacus punishment was to be stripped of his Roman Citizenship and sold to a Gladiator School. When he started the so called slave revolt most of his followers were not slaves but Saminite Nationalists who had lost every thing during the Italian war's or Lucainan veterans of the war against Rome. The army of Spartacus numbered over 100,000 men and pillaged and sacked the undefended towns of Thurii, Mentaontum and Brattium. The left portray Spartacus as a great general and yes, he did defeat two Roman Legions of raw untrained recruits, but in truth he was a rank amateur who marched his army up and down Italy with no purpose.

To deal with Spartacus, Rome sent the General Marcus Licinus Crassus who quickly defeated the slave Army. Crassus captured 6,500 prisoners to teach the slaves of Rome a lesson they would never forget, Crassus ordered a slave should be crucified every 100 yards on the main roman road called the Via- Appia. The Crucified slaves were left  hanging for 18 months until the bodies were rotten and decayed. Spartacus body was never found and the slaves of Rome never dared revolt against Rome.   

 Let the left make hero's out of the low born the criminals because such people will never feature in our Heroic Saga's. The English/Saxon folk have always been freemen. our heathen faith is built on the idea of freedom. The present moves by globalist elites to enslave us by introducing digital currency and going cashless is a huge threat to the freedom's we now enjoy and to our faith. Our gods created a caste system of Aristocracy, Karls(Freemen) and the Thralls (Servants & Slaves.) The English/Saxon's are Karl's freemen and cash is one of the ways we protect our rights. Make sure you use cash - everywhere you can, use ATM's to withdraw cash. Don't use pay apps or cards if possible. Refuse to go into businesses that don't accept cash, and support ones that do, Cash is freedom. Saxon's will never be slaves.

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