Tuesday 29 August 2023


 St Mary's Redcliffe church in Bristol England, removed its old stained glass window, replacing it with one featuring Jesus  in multiple ethnicity and refugees in a boat. The window also showed some people, who took part in the Bristol bus boycott campaign. The Bristol Bus boycott of 1963, arose from the Bristol Omnibus company refusing to employ black bus drivers in the city. For me the new window demonstrated the church is promoting woke politics and siding with the left on every issue.

Nick Griffin with his fellow Templars  

I don't understand, how any one who is not liberal can support the Christian faith. On every issue all the Christian cults go against our national interests. I've wrote in previous posts about the way the church sought to destroy our Saxon faith and culture.  The Catholic church used it's military orders to destroy the culture of our ancestors and after the way these knights murdered thousands of our ancestors who refused to accept Jesus and the Hebrew faith. It is amazing anyone should support or defend them.

However there are still idiots on the far right who believe in the Hebrew god and reject our Saxon gods. One such person is Nick Griffin the former leader of the BNP. His membership of the Catholic body responsible for crimes against the heathen faith, demonstrates he is no friend of England and our Saxon folk and faith. If you reject your nations roots and support those who sought to destroy our links to our ancestors. Are you worthy of any loyalty from people in England ? I don't think you are and if I ever have the misfortune to bump into Griffin I shall inform him of that fact.     

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